Ultimate Aim of Life by Alok Mohan

Ultimate Aim of Life


 Our life should not go waste. Life has taught us lessons and the greatest lesson is that we must develop a vision and develop our abilities to peep into future and this vision shall give us confidence and insight. Developing vision is must for each of us as this is the only quality which shall strengthen our survival instincts which shall help us during future man made or natural disasters. Therefore Concentrate all your thoughts on your present task at hand as the sun’s rays do not burn until we bring them to a focus.. Life means struggle and  that is the Aim of life.

Now it is you, who enjoy this or you want to run away from this struggle. This is your  choice.

I have noticed that those who have had a too comfortable childhood and fairly effortless entry into adulthood responsibilities and privileges, mostly turn out to be highly self-oriented and quite unaware and apathetic to the alternate realities of life, a sure formula to kill compassion. Struggle brings humility and humility is the mother of compassion!! Ego comes, when the time is running good. Bad times makes us to be compassionate.

Struggle can make us tough enough…. struggle makes our  life better.

Bad time is like hell, when it comes, our Shadow also leaves  us alone.

We cant even survive for our self and that’s what makes us a nice person.

“Be good”

if any one needs water and he is in bad condition, please give him water and Be blessed by God

The most important thing in life is, to learn that you are not a body. This will give you  freedom from pain and from sufferings. Not that sufferings will disappear, not that there will not be any pain, they will be there, but you will not be identified with them. You will be just a watcher. And if you can watch your own body as if it is somebody else’s body, you have attained something of tremendous importance.

Your life has not been in vain. You have learnt the lesson, the greatest lesson that is possible for any human being. One may feel it as a passion, but  the most important virtue is Vision. This gives us ability to peep into future. Vision gives us confidence. It gives us insight.

Vision strengthens our survival instinct. After second world war, psychologists  made analysis of all those,who survived horrendous tortures and atrocities in concentration camps. They made analysis of the most important reason due to which these inmates survived. You will be surprised to know that rather than physical strength , vigour , psychological strength, the single most important virtue which made them survive was their Vision. This vision kept on reinforcing in them a desire to live. It gave them assurance that one day this stupidity would end and logic and senses would prevail in this world.

 Life is a like a long road. Life is like an endless corridor with Hundreds of doors, each beholding a different opportunity. Our minds are as different as our finger prints.No two persons are identical. Every human is unique. Not only do our  organs differ, but our personalities differ. Each human develops different goals, and has special traits or feelings which differ in a million different ways from others.

Every person is unique and has an intrinsic worth.

 life is a process of  continual development and transformation

We must  try to live our life   fully …. As if today is our  last day. We must enjoy every minute, every moment of today. We must enjoy each ray of sun that touches us!  We must remain hopeful and waiting for the dawning of a new day to be reborn ….  If we  want  sea, we must behold it, open our hands in the water and the whole sea will be ours. Because if we  close our hands to hold, it will remain empty.

If we want the wind, we must spread our arms, open our hands and all the wind will be ours, Enjoy it! Because if we  hold, we  will have nothing.

If we want to enjoy the sun light ie enjoy the wonderful light, we must open our eyes and contemplate … because if we  close our eyes to hold the light that we  have already achieved then we  will stay in darkness.

We   will enjoy life without knowing that we have already possessed it, and retained it.


“In this life we must die several times and then reborn therefore Change the world and the world will change with us  …..” 

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