United Hindu Identity United Hindu Cooperation By Stephen Knapp

United Hindu Identity
United Hindu Cooperation
By Stephen Knapp
(Sri Nandanandana dasa)
(Written for the 2nd World Hindu Congress in Chicago, September 7-9, 2018, for the souvenir magazine)

As we look at Hinduus today, we have so many organizations that work for the sake of the Dharma traditions. We have such institutions as the RSS, HSS, VHP, HSC, HMEC, Kalyana Ashrama, or Swadhyaya, Iskcon, Gaudiya Math, the World Vaishnava Association, Rama Krishna Mission, Chinmayananda Mission, Vedanta Society, Self-Realization Fellowship, and many others. And I am happy to say that I have worked with many of them or still have friends in them. But some of these groups seem to be more exclusive than others. They may work hard for their own interests, yet these are often similar to the work and goals of other institutions. So, what if we were more united, more cooperative with each other? We know that there is strength in numbers. So how much stronger could we be if we could cooperate in a single force, at least when needed?
It seems that right now we cannot easily unite and become a strong federation, a powerful force that can determine the fate or future of India and the preservation of its Vedic culture. If anything, so many of these associations in India still fight with or are indifferent to one another and, thus, weaken each other to the point of becoming incapable of performing any worthwhile actions that will make a real difference for the unity and future of India and its traditions. More divisions mean more disunity. This means the less unity we will have for defending our culture.
This was the same sort of weakness of the past 1000 years when invaders came into India, sometimes few in numbers, but conquered and took over parts of the country without much resistance. It was this lack of unity amongst the princely states, and their inability to support each other or come to the aid of another, that allowed for such a poor defense system in which they could not repel their invaders. So, we have to ask ourselves, are we going to continue the same pattern? Are we going to sit back and criticize others and what they have or have not done while we have yet to do anything of real significance? If we do, then there is no doubt that we, Hinduus in general, are already finished. It is only a matter of time when we and the Vedic system will become so diminished that it will fade from the world, like other cultures that have been reduced to mere museum pieces. We have to rise above that.
So, it seems we still do not have a unified identity in which we can all work together. I was the president of the Vedic Friends Association for 15 years in which we are still trying to create such a united force here in America. Nonetheless, in my view, one of the greatest attempts to do this in India was the Acharya Sabha as organized by Swami Dayananda Sarasvati, which joined together over 200 spiritual leaders of the major paramparas and spiritual lineages to discuss the common issues that affected all of them, and then make plans on how to deal with such concerns.
So, in this regard we need to reach a singleness of purpose in which we feel that if any part of the Vedic tradition or any group is under attack or being challenged by outside forces, then we are all under attack, and we all must be ready to stand up for the cause. We should be willing to be a united force to be reckoned with, the kind that makes people think twice before persecuting or attacking any Hinduus or any part of the Vedic tradition. But this is a call to be active. And many Hinduus are not.
Once while giving a talk at a Krishna temple in Mumbai, I began discussing the need to be protective of our culture and try to elect those politicians who are pro-Hindu, or show why they should be pro-Hindu. So, I asked the audience of over 1200 people how many had participated in the last election. Not one hand went up. This is why some people ask whether Hinduism is destined to become extinct. I hope not, but that depends on what we do. Which means we all have to be pro-active.
If we were a stronger and unified force, politicians would know that they need to get our approval. They would take the needs of Hinduus more seriously if they want our vote. They would not simply be concerned with vote bank politics that often cater to non-Hinduus. Such strength would also mean there would not be the persecution of Hinduus that often seems to be sanctioned by politicians in states such as Kerala or West Bengal, or love jihad as found in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere. They would know that Hinduus will react and defend themselves, or even go after the politicians who neglect them or even work against them.
Some say that Sanatana-dharma means that it is eternal, so there is no need to worry. But that means they do not even know that Lord Krishna said in Bhagavad-gita (4.1-3, 7-8) that one of His purposes was to re-establish the Vedic traditions that had become lost. This lack of familiarity is a sign of such fading away of knowledge of the Dharmic culture, and the importance of understanding the part we need to play. Arjuna also had to fight for Dharma, so why should we not think that we also need to do something to protect Vedic Dharma?
India must remain the homeland of a thriving and dynamic Vedic tradition. This is essentially based on the universal spiritual truths and knowledge that can be applied by any person at anytime, anywhere in the universe, so they can reach their highest potentials. That is Sanatana-Dharma. If Hinduus, Dharmists or Sanatanis, whatever name you want to use, can stand united, there is no threat we cannot handle. History has shown that. But history has also shown that when we are fragmented, then bits and pieces of our culture and even our Mother India get chopped off and taken away from us like creation of Pakistan. This cannot go on.
Therefore, the need of the hour is to find the means wherein we can stand together for the cause of Sanatana-Dharma, the basis of our Hindu culture.
If we can do this, the youth would also be moreproud of being a part of something in which reasoning is sound, stable, and in which the participants, such as their parents, are not shy about sharing it or defending it. Nonetheless, the children have to be guided by proper training and association, and proper observance of Vedic traditions. This also is part of forming the proper samskaras in the minds of the children. And isn’t this what we are meant to do anyway? But for this to happen, the parents must also be educated in our Dharmic traditions.
We also need to realize that America is a prime location where we can work together for cultivating as well as protecting and preserving the Vedic tradition. Why? Because there is less emphasis amongst Indian Hinduus on local ethnicity or caste. In other words, it is easier to simply be an Indian Hindu or American Hindu rather than a Rajasthani Hindu, Maharashtrian Hindu, or Tamil brahmin, and so on, which thereafter can bring out so many distinctions. If we are going to become united, our identity should first start with being a Hindu, Dharmist or Sanatani: a follower of Sanatana-Dharma. Anything else can be added after that, no matter whether we are Indian, Nepali, Malaysian, Fijian, or from Mauritius, Bali, or America. We are first Hinduus or Dharmists. In order to create greater cooperation and a powerful association, we need to have and accept a more unified identity. Then in that light, we can work together and assist each other for the Vedic cause, and form a united federation that can more powerfully take on any threats to our future. There is no reason why we cannot do that if we actually live by the spiritual principles of Sanatana-Dharma, and, thus, Think Collectively, Act Valiantly.
Stephen Knapp
(Sri Nandanandana dasa)
Author of over 40 books on different aspects of the Vedic tradition, including “Crimes Against India: And the Need to Protect its Vedic Traditions—1000 Years of Attacks Against Hinduism and What to do About It.” (
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We the millions of Hinduus displaced from Pakistan, are a betrayed lot. They were neither given justice by the post partitioned hindu India nor by any of the international forums like UN ICJ UNHCR etc. This is evident the world stands with the mighty, the strong & powerful. No one supports the weak. Gandhi & Jinnah betrayed us Successive leadership betrayed us.
कहीं देश का हिन्दू एक न हो जाए? – पवन सिन्हा, गुरु जी
Importance of Unity amongst Hinduus

Once Hinduu religion was prevalent in whole world and the boundaries of Bhaarat was spread to far off places. Due to various aggression and traitorous activities of Hinduus themselves aggressors were able to control Bhaarat.
Hinduus treat guest as God, so when aggressors came with evil design we Hinduus treated them as guests and provided them facilities. Some pundits having poor knowledge of Hinduu religion also said and did some acts which helped Muslims enormously like in Kashmir and Bengal. It is for this Bhaarat keep losing its territory
The other reasons are after being slaves of Muslims & later English, for more than 500 yrs, Hindus have developed a new mutant gene – Slavery gene. Result, we have not produced any leader worth the name – other than Netaji and before that Tilak & Vivekananda. Worse, these exceptional leaders, either died young or few Hindus followed them. Netaji had to form INA from Indians living in S’pore & Malaysia!
Our fate is also sealed by Rahu & Ketu (Gandhi & Nehru) by their ill-fated moreish decisions, at critical juncture. Our fate is now sealed by Christians as tyrant invaders are doing the same with the help of traitorous Hinduus
महात्मा गाँधी पर वो सच जिसे दिखाने की हिम्मत आज तक किसी ने नहीं की–rv3og
महात्मा गाँधी पर वो जिसे सच दिखाने की हिम्मत आज तक किसी ने नहीं की आजादी का असली नायक कौन १८ मिनट में पर्दाफाश सबूत के साथ आप मानने को मजबूर हो जायेगे
DNA: What tactics are Christians using to convince Hinduus to convert to Christianity?
Conversion by Fraud
Persecution of Hindu Gurus Who Challenge Hinduphobia
WE stated that 10,000year old HINDU CIVILISATION is now dying (vanishing) in South Asia. A very serious, even scaremongering, statement!
What are the indications? What is the proof? What are the nails in its coffin?
On Saturday, September 1, 2018,; wrote:
1. Mohammed Bin Qasim was not chased back to Mecca in 712 A.D.
2. The next invader in 1192 was not chased back to Turkey.
3. Ayodhya Temple has not been re-built since 1526 AD. National Will is nil.
4. None of the MUSLIM (Mogul) emperors were assassinated by a Hindu patriot though some of them were extremely cruel and brutal. One even demanded that virgin Rajput princesses be delivered to his harem one every six months! Never did their escort, brother or father, pull out the dagger and kill the lecher “His Majesty”!
5. No retaliation took place to avenge the massacres in Malabar (1920’s) and Noakhali (1946).
6. Partition, naked aggression, was not opposed tooth and nail.
7. No serious objection was raised to Nehru’s Constitution that erased the word “Hindu” and substituted it with “SECULAR”!
8. Regarding that “cease fire” in Kashmir as permanent border is another nail in the coffin of Hindu civilisation.
9. Tolerating new ridiculous, illogical, degrading and provocative borders, slicing through Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab.
10. Keeping the MUSLIMS (“indigestible Second nation”) back in Partitioned India despite conceding ISLAMIC Pakistan to them!
11. The most shameful and despicable fact that MORE Hinduus (natives) show loyalty and love to ITALIAN BORN Sonia Maino Gandhi that to Gita and Granth.
12. Weak and “dying” Hinduusthan could not assure safety to the Indians living in UGANDA and FIJI, nor even in SRI LANKA where Tamils of INDIAN origin were wiped out by the Sri Lankan government with “dying” Hinduusthan merely watching.
13. Hinduus have denied all respect and power to their own SHANKARACHARYAS while envying the might and hold of the POPE over his followers.
14. Hinduus were forced to ACCEPT Partition and then “KILLED”. There is not even the slightest wish or idea to take the frontier back to KHYBER.
15. The Hindu nation has tolerated an anti-national Constitution that equates the FOE with the FRIEND (“Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai”) despite the UNRESOLVED Partition and the ongoing illegal and immoral occupation of vast territories by the hostile “Second Nation”.
16. The Sikhs, once a mighty powerful FORCE to reckon with, never passed a Resolution, or approached the Government of ISLAMIC Pakistan to declare Sri Nankana Sahib an independent City State like The Vatican. They are SHAMELESSLY reconciled to its downgraded status while “Khanda Chakra”, Christian Cross, Star of David or Swastika on Bhagwa flying over Mecca is beyond the whole world’s imagination.
17. Partition, the unconditional surrender of ONE THIRD of India, the massacres of some TWO MILLION Hinduus in 1947 alone and the FORCED exodus of 15 million Hinduus and Sikhs is a NON- EVENT for the ruling establishment in India.
18. There has never been a post mortem of Partition to examine the role of Gandhi and Nehru played as our top spokespersons at those Partition Talks. They went to negotiate Independence but shamelessly returned with PARTITION, and yet never taken to task. Reason: Hindu civilisation is dying!
19. The unconditional surrender of India was accepted in toto WITHOUT REFERENDUM and without any CONDITION- something only a DEAD CIVILISATION would do!
20. There is NO memorial to the millions massacred as the price paid by our treacherous leaders, nor one to honour the memory of thousands of women and girls abducted and raped at Partition. If we were to feel ASHAMED over the brutal treatment of all the women and girls abducted and raped since the arrival of Islam in India, the number will run into MILLIONS. Yet no memorial to honour their memory anywhere!
21. Hinduus, the majority community, FEAR for life and daughters all over Bharat, especially in Kashmir, West Bengal and Kerala.
22. Many terrified Hinduus actually OPPOSE the construction of the grand national temple in Ayodhya as well as the new Constitution for “HINDUU RASHTRA” to ensure their very survival on earth.
Surely many patriots are still alive with long memory and can add a few more “NAILS TO THE COFFIN OF HINDU CIVILISATION” and encourage and motivate us to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED in order to rejuvenate the dying Hinduu civilisation. Otherwise our children or grandchildren will see its funeral pyres while we ourselves continue to be a defeated nation.
Rajput – 2 Sep; 2018

History’s biggest “CONMAN EVER MK GANDHI”, who was a British, American and West planted SCROOGE and still promoted by our Fake Chaiwala PM Modi and the gullible nation. Please read the worthy write-up below by noted journalist Soutik Biswas.
Bloody Scoundrel Gandhi needs the same treatment in India as Stalin got in Russia.
Indian leaders must come out of Gandhism and Gandhigiri only then India will stand on its feet otherwise would need support to even walk as Gandhi was not able to walk on his own. India would have been far better off without Gandhis and Nehrus because most of the problems we have to day is due these two spineless leaders.
Did Gandhi really said “Hey Ram” before his death, NO

Hinduus must unite
Hinduus are confused and least united. We first alienated the Buddhists, because they believe in “Buddham Saranam Gacchami”. Adi Shankara came about 1,300 years after Lord Buddha. When he (Adi Shankara, who taught the message of the upanishads) saw that there were Buddhist sects who deviated from Lord Buddha’s upanishad-based teachings he debated and defeated them, and the teachers like Ramanujacharya (who were born after Adi Shankata) called Adi Shankara as Pracchanna Buddha (i.e., concealed Buddha). Hinduus are ready to fight with the own people over petty matters when there is no great reason to fight, but they shrink when and where there is real reason and need to fight. May be, everybody is waiting for the Kalki Avatara to come and solve the problem of the Hinduus. No wonder the struggle for Hindus’ emancipation will be long since burden of changing our destiny is upon so few shoulders. Most Hinduus will not make efforts to solve problems themselves.

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