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Although in terms of history partition took place a split second ago, in terms of human life it is more than a whole generation away. Those born in 1947 have already retired at the age of 65 in 2012!

Hence reflections based on personal experience or direct memory of those few who can still recall and re-live those days are worth all the gold on earth and should be sought, cherished and recorded for posterity. It is our national heritage.
Nehru Dynasty and their corrupt Congress Party (of “Italy & Islam”) have “played hell” with Truth and Reality about that bogus Partition whose only aim was to weaken the country through fragmentation, and demoralise the natives of the land by empowering and strengthening the enemies of Hindus, Secularism and Bharat.

Hence the onus is upon genuine patriots and the senior citizens to do maximum input in the stock of knowledge of the ignorant masses- kept ignorant by State design.

Since the prophets mould the belief of their followers and leaders determine the course of history of countries let us look at Bharat’s “Father of Nation”, MK Gandhi, who was assassinated by a patriot on 30th. January 1948.
Logic dictated that Gandhi should have been deleted from public memory like Hitler and Mussolini but our Hindu nation did the OPPOSITE. They took the corpse (dead body) of Gandhi to their bosom and adored and praised him day and night despite the stink that rose from it.

Why are the Indians so different from the patriotic Germans and the honourable Italians who have discarded Hitler and Mussolini in perpetuity? Because the Indians are among the MOST ignorant (stupid) people on earth!
Further to the previous posting earlier today, “WHERE ON EARTH DO THEY CALL A COWARD A NATIONAL HERO?”, we submit SEVEN more reasons for demoting Gandhi immediately and giving a fresh start to the much betrayed and wounded Hindu nation, facing extinction in Partitioned India.

1. Some Hindus, seeing All-India MUSLIM League invited to discuss the fate of post-British India, wanted All-India HINDU Mahasabha, too, invited to those talks. Gandhi nipped the idea in the bud, saying, “No need at all, since my Congress Party speaks for the Hindus, too.”

2. When Mr Jinnah passed the Pakistan Resolution at Lahore on March 23, 1940, Gandhi could have demonstrated his loyalty towards Akhand (United) Bharat by condemning him in public for High Treason. He could have warned Jinnah by saying, “We shall force every Muslim to move to Pakistan.” In the event Gandhi told Jinnah, “Even if you bite me a hundred times like the drowning scorpion, I will still save you from drowning in the river. I shall make sure that not one Muslim is forced to leave India even if all the Hindus are massacred in your Pakistan.”

3. Gandhi was neither a Punjabi, nor a Bengali, Sindhi, Baloch or Pathan, and nor even a Kashmiri. So he felt absolutely no remorse, regret or shame when he saw Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP “gone”, and Kashmir, Punjab and Bengal partitioned, bleeding and AFLAME, going through history’s worst ever BLOODBATH and human migration.

And yet he is hailed by the Hindus with the awareness of the cattle, as the “Bravest man on earth who snatched our Independence from the British!”

4. Leaders must FORESEE the consequences of their words and deeds. Gandhi could not foresee the constitutional status of the Muslims in PARTITIONED India nor the effects of dividing the Indian Muslims into two (eventually THREE) countries!

5. Gandhi had no clue, like a cow grazing in the field, to the future plight of the Hindus in an Islamic State (Pakistan) under SHARIA LAW. Had he never heard of the Muslim invaders like Mahmud of Ghazni and Babur who proceeded against the temples, or of Emperor Aurangzeb who ordered the BEHEADING of Guru Tegh Bahadur? WHY did the “intellectual mouse” and moral coward not foresee the REPEAT of the Holocaust of Hindus in Noakhali before going SILENT over “Partition” a year later?

6. Flying in the face of reality Gandhi condemned the use of arms to defend oneself and one’s country. Only after desperate pleas by the Parliament of India did he finally acquiesced in sending troops to save SRINAGAR when the invaders were a few miles away, having overrun North Kashmir! All our heroes, who FOUGHT with arms, or commended WAR, to submission & surrender, including Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singhji, met with his disapproval! His advice for Sri Ram was, “Don’t go to war against Ravan for one woman!” and to fellow Indians in 1942 was, Better lie down in front of the advancing Japanese tanks instead of offering resistance,” and to his fellow Hindus in 1947 was, “Accept Partition. Avoid Civil War!”

7. All great men know their finest hour: Jesus Christ on Cross, Guru Tegh Bahadur under the Mogul’s sword and the brave Rajput girls and women when they jumped into fire to save their dignity while Gandhi did NOTHING to save the dignity and integrity of our Hindusthan but watched the death of Hindus and the mutilation of Bharat.
He had NO character, courage or honesty to say to Bharat Mata and to his fellow Hindus, while dying, “PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I HAVE BETRAYED YOU!”


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