Why is India Corrupt ?

“India is growing”

Does it mean   “Rich keeps on  getting richer and the poor getting poorer”.

The poor form majority of India’s population. During end 2011, there was a controversy who should be considered rich in Indian conditions  & as per planning commission any one earning  Rs. 32  per day may be considered rich and this was further stressed by the Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia, who  said that “it is not at all that ridiculous” in Indian conditions to define poverty line.. The  arrogance here is appalling.  I feel all over world, people have concern for the poor law-abiding God-fearing citizens of India. The rich have transformed this nation into a dirty toilet full of feces. I wish people who say India is growing,  must try living on 32 rupees a day, and then talk about “India growing.”The life of poor is full of problems.

In offices, some corrupt people, demand money and other people give them to get their work done quickly.  People just want to have their work completed and don’t care that the means they’re choosing are right or wrong.

We never ever elect good political leaders. We do not know what is the value of our  votes. And what can someone expect from corrupted government. Only good government and people’s awareness can stop this. But from where we  import good people.

Recently there was kejriwal Phenomenon. The Phenomenon  is again believed to be created by another corrupt rich class with vested interests. Else imagine, how can a person of senior rank & status, who spent more then two decades of his service life, in income tax department of India & who had not even got a chance to catch a single bad fish could suddenly become the most honest leader capable of taking charge of the corrupt. This individual was suddenly, not only projected as the most honest person in indian political system,  but also as the one who is capable of taking charge of entire corrupt system ie entire lot of corrupt people of india.

India used to be a rich country and was called the “Golden Sparrow”. Moguls robbed it for 200 years followed by  British. British were cruel and cunning and they divided the people turning them against each other. Had Sikhism  not formed by Guru Gobind Singh, India would have been  a Muslim country. And if the freedom fighters of India had not given their lives to force British out of the country then Indians would still be doing slavery under the British. And now again she is being robbed by its own people.

God gifted India with several resources ie gas, coal, gold mines etc etc etc but the entire income from these resources had gone to a very few blue eyed boys of the people in governance. Average indian is hard working but the rich have turned them to slaves who spent their entire lives serving their masters

Over population, lack of education and lack of resources for a poor man are the reasons for the present state of affairs.

India is not a poor country but people here have been made poor by those who have smuggled India’s wealth out side India



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