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1947 – Surrender

1947 Partition or 1947 Surrender.

Partition means judicious division of something, into two parts.  Partition is done, consequent to negotiations by both the parties, and mutual consensus is arrived at, before partition is implemented & accomplished. Partition is a peaceful process and is being mutually decided, or agreed upon.
Both parties get satisfied, consequent to partition, if it is done fairly, no ill feelings remain and both sides get satisfied.
Wonder 1947 was a partition or a surrender. Was it a consequence of defeat.
Should we call it 1947 partition or 1947 surrender.
Surrender appears to be an appropriate word, because such partition, is forced by the victorious (stronger) side upon the defeated (weaker) side, by violence, or the threat of violence, coercion, blackmail, bullying, fraud & deception.
After every surrender the losers are left bitter and humiliated. They resolve, consciously or unconsciously, to retaliate to recover the territory, or “pay back in the same coin”, or react in some other way. Surrender creates enemies for ever. The humiliated side remains resentful and bitter, and wishes to redeem their pride and honour.
1947 surrender was the most ignominious and humiliating defeat in the entire human history that was forced upon the mute hindu majority, by Gandhi and Nehru following the threat of civil war or bloodshed by the leader of All-India Muslim League, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, consequent to his 1946 direct action call.
This surrender of our territory was done without any referendum, without charging any price and without safeguards for the Hindu/Sikh minority that was trapped under the hostile islamic Constitution that divided the population into “momins and kafirs”, making the Hindus and Sikhs second rate citizens under the Sharia Law.
During this surrender Gandhi, had meekly submitted to the terms of Jinnah. The then leadership had sold its
conscience in order to appease Mr. Jinnah by surrendering Hindusthan
Thereafter both Gandhi and Nehru washed their hands off any guilt or responsibility after the surrender by calling it “A Partition”, and did not reach out to the millions of trapped Hindus and Sikhs, who were fleeing in utmost panic and terror, having lost all possessions and many members of their families, including daughters, to the killers, abductors, looters and the rapists.
India definitely needs a new Constitution which should be different from every other Constitution on this planet, because India is the only country in the whole world, and throughout history, where the enemy is as well settled within the country as outside the country.
India must recover all it’s ruined ancient temples, & should also recover all sacred territories, surrendered unconditionally to the Indian Muslims in 1947.  The challenge for all the defeated Hindus in Partitioned India is to become brave and not submit to aggression like a “mouse”  Hindu civilization must have guts, muscle and spirit to dominate Arab civilization in Hindu part of partitioned India.
A new breed of fiery hindu leaders, is the need of  the hour, who inspire the demoralised hindu nation that holds world record in centuries of slavery, not to plead for compromises with evil.
It is a recipe for doom, that is, second Partition. The enemy is constantly on the look out for spotting weaknesses in our leaders.
A loud & clear message need to be delivered to those muslims in doubt, who snatched a separate sovereign homeland (Pakistan) from our nation and still remained back in Bharat as equal citizens, defying the rest. 
The congressmen & leftists get annoyed, when they hear the word partition and say it is part of our history or a few call it independence, while it was unconditional territorial surrender.
Of-course it is just a blood soaked leaf, kept in the history books of India, which may become history for future generations. However anything, which is in “living memory” is not history. There are many eye witnesses still alive, who remember every detail of Partition/Surrender, from beginning to end. So, if they are not “history” then how can 1947 partition be a “history”?
First World War is history, but Second World War is not, history.
Destruction of Temples in Ayodhya, Varanasi, Mathura and Somnath and the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadurji is history, but the attack on World Trade Centre towers and the destruction of tall Buddha statues in Afghanistan, is not history.
Zoroastrians living in Iran and the Buddhists living in Afghanistan is history, but the Hindus and Sikhs living in West Punjab and the Hindus living in East Bengal and the Hindus and Sikhs living in North Kashmir, who were killed, raped, converted or chased out of their homes, is not history.
They say, “we need to focus on the reasons of weaknesses in hindu society, rather than the weakness of Gandhi and Nehru, as they are history.
Gandhi and Nehru are not history. Their statues and road names still exist. So does their fear and the state policy of muslim appeasement.
The traitor, who brought about partition is not “history” just because some people do not show guts and courage to mention the words unethical & illegal partition.
They feared that every time someone mentions this word “partition” people would see him as the “traitor of millennium”
Is not it a matter of surprise that no leader including Gandhi, warned Jinnah to stop the carnage, loot and destruction of Hindu properties and places of worship, abduction, rape and conversion of captive Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan, and no one condemned the barbarities of Islamists, taking place in the newly established Pakistan, and even did not force atleast some treacherous Jinnahites to go out of Hindu part of Partitioned India,
They did not ask Pakistan, to provide escorts or police protection to the fleeing Hindus. They did not issue guns for self defence to the hindus trapped in the murderous Islamic Pakistan, instead muslims of Pakistan were armed to commit crimes against hindus. They didn’t approach ICJ or UN
with a request to prevail upon the devil, to stop this dance of death.
Is not it a matter of shame that the leadership of hindu part of Partitioned India, did not set up any memorial to honour the memory of the million Hindus and Sikhs, (with names as well as their tragic stories) slaughtered during 1947, and did not designate one day in a year to commemorate the historic “defeat and territorial surrenders” of India in 1947.

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