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Hindus are not meeting the conditions that ensure their survival in PARTITIONED India in South Asia. If THEY are gone, as they did with the speed of lightening from East Bengal and West Punjab in 1947, the tallest statue in the world, that of Sardar Patel, will go, too. Therefore, is the question not relevant: “What will ensure its longevity?”
First condition is to identify the ideological enemy since they are permanently around, and upon, us .
Our enemy prides himself in being a committed “but (“u” as in put)– shikann”! Our enemies are die-hard ICONOCLASTS. The Hindu nation has still to re-make and re-install all the thousands of statues they have smashed to smithereens across Bharat! And those very tall ones of Buddha, standing proudly and majestically in Bamyan, Afghanistan, had NO defender left alive in 2001.
Second condition is to bear arms for self defence and national defence. When our top leaders surrendered Lahore, Multan and East Bengal, the armed forces proved (damn) useless.
HINDUS, who were under attack, had to rise and RETALIATE. Unfortunately, the Hindus at that time had the awareness of the cattle. They put blind faith in MK Gandhi who believed in prompt surrender before Evil but not fight or resist.
One third of Bharat vanished from the maps overnight and none missed it apart from the millions of refugees fleeing Pakistan! One did not relate to the other. In fact, according to an eye witness, the residents of Delhi openly abused & cursed the Hindu refugees for spoiling their landscape!
Third condition is to love “dharti” that we call “mata” (mother). Had we regarded LAND as the dearest thing in life there would have been NO Pakistan since the Hindus, being the majority community, could have lynched Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who raised the flag of separation, on the spot.
The fourth condition is unity. A divided nation is the easiest thing to perish. That is what happened to the divided Hindu nation in 712. 1192 and 1947 AD. Our counterparts are only the donkeys who NEVER learn a lesson!
The fifth condition is to recall, remember and commemorate the defeats as we do with victories. Without recalling “Partition” day and night, there is no chance for the Hindus of surviving much longer.
We know the enemy well and the world has also seen “Nine Eleven”, the equivalent of Pearl Harbour attack, and the fate of the Yazidi community in 2015. And the world saw our “performance” in 1947- not a sigh of regret over the shameful frontier at Wagah!
Who will raise the awareness of the Hindus who still adore and worship Gandhi? And a 64-dollar question, “How long will the tall statue of Sardar Patel stand in the defeated land where the “but-shikann” have the last say?
We asked this question a Hindu from Noakhali, one from Lahore, another from Multan and yet another from Srinagar. Their answers were at complete odds with that from Modiji. They all gave the statue 40 to 70 years while Shri Modi said, “As long as the sun rises!”
Now YOU decide.

It is Time to Reclaim Indian History

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Biggest contribution of S Patel, would have been AKHAND BHARAT today, that NONE ELSE could safeguard. But those who covered themselves in eternal SHAME are glorified sky high, telling us that Gandhi (mentality) still rules supreme while Bharat, is seen “begging before her Islam”, unable to remove Article 370, build the Temple in Ayodhya, or take the frontier back from Wagah to Khyber, leave aside “sorting out” Kashmir by altering demography, or “taming” the Muslim minority . 

Rerence between the two integrations, one for real while the other still remains a mirage thanks to different handlers. Nehru demanded and got J&K for his exclusive management . 

Fortunately there was a time when Sardar Patel was free to act in integrating Hyderabad into India. Nehru went to London to attend some Common Wealth Gathering, an useless outfit, but a good excuse for him to meet friends, Gandhi who wanted to ‘ experiment with truth’ in case of Hyderabad too just like he did with regards to ‘granting of independence to India’ through bloody route of partition, passed away in January 1948.

Patel was deputy Prime Minister, became acting Prime Minister in September 1948. Act he did. Made all the plans . Rajagopalachari was Gov General of India who took the place of  Viceroy Mountbatten who left India finally even after granting independence due to entreaties of his amigo Nehru while Jinnah became head of state of Pakistan.  M A Jinnah  died on September 11, 1948.  
  Well aware of plans of Patel , Gov Gen Rajaji requested that the planned ‘police action’ on Hyderabad be postponed as a good will gesture to Pakistan which was in mourning then.   Also Nizam sent series of questions to New Delhi much like what Pakistan has done later after attacking Mumbai in Nov 2008, but Patel was of different mettle  rather than silly putty malleable 2 G led administration in Delhi in 2008 which like a school boy answered faithfully all the queries Islamabad demanded.  So after burning midnight oil, when bureaucrats took the pages of the answers they drafted to questions of Nizam, for Patel’s approval, the inimitable Sardar replied, “nothing can be done, our troops are already in Hyderabad” !
     From Wikepedia                                          
Operation Polo
Hyderabad state from the Imperial Gazetteer of India, 1909.jpg
The State of Hyderabad in 1909 (excluding Berar).
Date 13–18 September 1948
Location Hyderabad State, (parts of South and Western India)
17°00′N 78°50′E
Decisive Indian victory
  • Annexation of Hyderabad to Union of India
 Dominion of India  Hyderabad
Commanders and leaders
Dominion of India Sardar Patel
Dominion of India Roy Bucher
Dominion of India Joyanto Nath Chaudhuri
Hyderabad State S.A. El Edroos Surrendered
Hyderabad State Qasim Razvi Surrendered
35,000 Indian Armed Forces 22,000 Hyderabad State Forces
est. 200,000 Razakars (Irregular forces)[citation needed]
Casualties and losses
32 killed[1] Hyderabad State Forces: 807 killed
unknown wounded
1,647 POWs[2]
1,373 killed 
1,911 captured[2]

Thus Patel put a fullstop to Razakar led carnage in Hyderabad in just a matter of few days, less than a week, Sept 13 to Sep 18, 1948.  
As you know, alas this is still not the case with Kashmir, one impediment there is that article 370 which is said to ‘temporary’.  As a result it is still a burning issue decades later much like Ravana’s funeral pyre which is said to be burning still per  a colloquial legend. 
In contrast there was no ceasefire nor UN intervention in case of Hyderabad. 
Interestingly similar feat was performed in Junagadh earlier by the same team, Sardar Patel and his secretary V P Menon. Junagadh is where famous Somanath temple remained, then in 1947 in dilapidated state being used as a mosque . Like in Hyderabad, there was a Nawab who ruled over vast Hindu majority population. Z A Bhutto’s father was its Diwan and ZA Bhutto who later became PM of Pakistan , remained Indian citizen till 1957. 
While we are on the subject of great service rendered to India by Sardar Patel, may be it is worth recalling the story of annexation of Junagadh,its history as well. 
During the period spanning the independence and partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, the 562 princely states that had existed outside British India under British suzerainty were given a choice of acceding to either India or Pakistan or remaining outside them. Although the states were theoretically free to choose, Earl Mountbatten stated that “geographic compulsions” meant that most of them would choose India. Mountbatten took the position that only states that shared a common border with Pakistan should choose to accede to it, but he had no power to impose this point of view on the states.
  • 15 Aug 1947 Accedes to Pakistan.
  • 15 Sep 1947 Accession to Pakistan accepted.
  • 9 Nov 1947 Occupied by India.
  • 10 Nov 1947 Rescinds accession to Pakistan, accedes to India
  • 24 Feb 1948 Referendum approves accession to India.
  • 25 Feb 1948 Accession to India in effect.
On September 15, 1947, Nawab Mohammad Mahabat Khanji III of Junagadh, a princely state located on the south-western end of Gujarat and having no common border with Pakistan, chose to accede to Pakistan ignoring Mountbatten’s views, arguing that Junagadh could access Pakistan by sea. The rulers of two states that were subject to the suzerainty of Junagadh — Mangrol and Babariawad — reacted by declaring their independence from Junagadh and acceding to India. In response, the nawab of Junagadh militarily occupied the two states. Rulers of the other neighbouring states reacted angrily, sending troops to the Junagadh frontier, and appealed to the Government of India for assistance. A group of Junagadhi people, led by Samaldas Gandhi, formed a government-in-exile, the Aarzi Hukumat (“temporary government”).[18]
India asserted that Junagadh was not contiguous to Pakistan and believed that if Junagadh was permitted to accede to Pakistan, communal tension already simmering in Gujarat would worsen, and refused to accept the Nawab’s choice of accession. The government pointed out that the state was 96% Hindu, and called for a plebiscite to decide the question of accession. India cut off supplies of fuel and coal to Junagadh, severed air and postal links, sent troops to the frontier, and occupied the principalities of Mangrol and Babariawad that had acceded to India.[19]
Pakistan agreed to discuss a plebiscite, subject to the withdrawal of Indian troops, a condition India rejected. On 26 October, the Nawab and his family fled to Pakistan following clashes with Indian troops.
On 7 November, Junagadh’s court, facing collapse, invited the Government of India to take over the State’s administration. The Dewan of Junagadh, Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto, the father of the more famous Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, decided to invite the Government of India to intervene and wrote a letter to Mr. Buch, the Regional Commissioner of Saurashtra in the Government of India to this effect.[20]
The government of India rejected the protests of Pakistan and accepted the invitation of the Dewan to intervene.[21] A plebiscite was conducted in February 1948, but it was not internationally monitored and Pakistan claims was not based on the plebiscite but on the logic of Kashmir Annexation, which went almost unanimously in favour of accession to India.[22] Junagadh became a part of the Indian state of Saurashtra until 1 November 1956, when Saurashtra became part of Bombay state. In 1960, Bombay state was split into the linguistic states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, in which Junagadh was located.

Time periods of various rulers[edit]

Various Rulers Time Period[23]
Maurya Dynasty ruled over Junagadh in 319 BC
Kalinga Dynasty ruled over Junagadh in 185 BC
Greeks ruled over Junagadh in 73-70 BC
Shaka (Scythians) ruled over Junagadh 100-275 AD
Kshatrapa ruled over Junagadh 276-455 AD
Gupta ruled over Junagadh 456-770 AD
The Chinese Traveller Hu-en-Tsang visited Junagadh 640 AD
Chudasama ruled over Junagadh 875-1472 AD
Turkic Rulers Mohammed BegadaKhalil Khan 1472-1572 AD
Mughals ruled over Junagadh 1573-1730 AD
Nawabs of Junagadh Khanji (Babi Pathan) ruled over 1730-1949
In this case also, determined, no-nonsense approach of Sardar Patel was well manifest. Mountbatten was viceroy , recommended plebiscite in Junagadh. It became convoluted. However annexation went through under strict and forceful demands , the nawab signed on dotted line. Some one then asked Patel as to what happened to plebiscite suggested by Mountbatten . Patel calmly replied, it went with him to London !
Let us also remember it was that Sardar Patel who was elected to become India’s first Prime Minister , but democracy was not a strong point with Congress party  leaders then,later or even at present. 
Again thanks for forwarding the enclosed, yes it is time, high time in fact to reclaim our history. It is already happening despite deleterious so called secularism or composite culture, Hopefully it happens in full measure soon.
By the way one other action is worth recalling as well. One of first actions after independence of India besides integration of princely states into Indian Union, Patel along with K M Munshi took was rebuilding Somanath temple in Junagadh , at Prabhas Teerth. The mosque there was moved to some other place, and a magnificent temple got rebuilt.  All this was done not with a rupee from  Govt of India but through voluntary contributions of people of India. India’s first President, Rajendra Prasad inaugurated it , spoke very memorable words, maybe we can recall some other time. 

Somanath temple in Saurashtra, Gujarat, home of Jyotirlinga. 
Satyameva Jayathe,               Best wishes,                            G V Chelvapilla
It is Time to Reclaim Indian History
On October 31st, India bows its head in deference to the great Sardar Patel. One can only hope that the tallest statue in the world can serve as a permanent reminder to our citizenry about the importance of reclaiming Sardar’s legacy.
By Sharanya Shetty    October 31, 2018
Those interested may read the attached ebook “The Integration of Princely States” by Shri V. P. Menon

The Nizam of Hyderabad, with folded hands and a bent back, receiving a firm and tall Sardar Patel at the Begumpet airport.
V.P. Menon wrote his book “The story of the integration of the Indian States” in 1961, narrating the story of how modern India was crafted. The magnum opus of a retired civil servant, which spoke about the merger of 565 princely states into the Indian Union. Inexplicably, for many decades, it was difficult to find this book in bookstores across the country.
In no other nation would a stalwart be relegated to the past in this manner. One would imagine that a book that lauds an unmatchable hero like Sardar Patel and his superhuman effort to craft the map as it stands today would be read by every Indian. Instead, as India walked on the path of altering-history soon after the Independence, Menon’s book became more and more difficult to find. This changed only in the last two decades, as electronic copies of the book surfaced and were widely circulated (See attachment).
There is no better time to review what Sardar Patel achieved for India than on his birth anniversary, creating a modern nation from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Junagadh to Assam. The unification of Hyderabad remains the most glorious of these hundreds of stories, which Sardar Patel helmed. 
The unification of Hyderabad with the Republic of India was so glorious; it continues to hurt the modern day political considerations.
Hyderabad state, ruled by the Nizam, preferred to stay independent. As India started taking shaping up, with princely states signing the Instrument of Accession, the Nizam instead appointed diplomats to European countries. Nizam tried to persuade the Portuguese to sell him the Goa region, then controlled by the Portuguese. This would have given naval access to the Nizam.
Hyderabad was not an insignificant state. With an area of over 82,000 square miles, it was home to more than 17 million Indians. An overwhelming 87% of them were Hindus, though the state was ruled by Nizam Osman Ali Khan, and seen as close to Pakistan. Sardar Patel knew Hyderabad was non-negotiable – it was the link between North and the South, between what was known as Hindustan and Deccan in the centuries gone by.
Nizam found support in Razakars– a ragtag ‘army’ of locals, owing allegiance to the Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen. This militia plundered the state as voices in the run-up to the unification with India started to rise. From 1946 to September 1948, when Hyderabad finally acceded, the Razakars continued to commit unthinkable atrocities in the Nizam’s territory against an unhappy citizenry.
This is the militia that Sardar Patel destroyed as part of Operation Polo, which resulted in Hyderabad becoming an integral part of India. Between September 13 and September 17 in 1948, Indian Army fought with the Razakars, a battle which culminated in the Nizam receiving a firm and tall Sardar Patel with folded hands and a bent back at the airport. Unfortunately, thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the ensuing battles, before Sardar Patel got his job done in Hyderabad.
V.P. Menon has described these events candidly and vividly. The modern-day Hyderabad, however, does not celebrate September 17 as the Telangana Liberation Day. There are two reasons.
·        Firstly, any such celebration would bring forth the glory of Sardar Patel, and match him in the official historical pantheon of exclusive heroes of Indian Independence – Gandhi and Nehru.
·        Secondly, the All India Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen (AIMIM) is now a political force to reckon with in Telangana, especially in Hyderabad. The party has controlled the Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat uninterrupted since 1984.
No government in Telangana or in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh wants to upset either the Nehru-Gandhi clan or the Owaisis of the All India Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen. This is also true of the current Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government.
On October 31st, India bows its head in deference to the great Sardar Patel. As the nation unveils the Statue of Unity, one can only hope that the tallest statue in the world is not mere symbolism, but will serve as a permanent reminder to all Indians about the importance of reclaiming Sardar Patel’s real legacy and of celebrating his courage, patriotism and heroism, especially in Hyderabad. 
Attached: Ebook by V. P. Menon
<V.P.Menon – Integration of Princely States.pdf>


Jagan Mohan

हर राह हर मन्जिल

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हर राह हर मन्जिल ने हमे जलील कर दिया
खूबसूरत वक्त को कूडे मे तबदील कर दिया
आसमान से जब जब की हमने शिकायत तब
तब तुफान ने हवाओ को भी अश्लील कर दिया _मोहन आलोक


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If Mr Mohammed Ali Jinnah was a typical Muslim citizen in a civilized democratic, secular and tolerant country then what impression did he convey to the whole world regarding a MUSLIM’S patriotism and LOYALTY TO HIS OWN COUNTRY OF BIRTH when he demanded “SEPARATIST ISLAMIC PAKISTAN” AND “DEATH” TO SECULAR, TOLERANT, CIVILIZED & MULTI-CULTURAL UNITED INDIA?

MK Gandhi remained a mere spectator to the whole process of “Death to United India” that began with the Pakistan Resolution of Lahore on March 23, 1940.

ONE DOES NOT FIND WORDS TO CONDEMN GANDHI’S COWARDICE & TOTAL LACK OF PATRIOTISM. Had he consistently CRIED OUT against that Resolution, even called Partition “an act of TREASON”, there would have been NO Pakistan today, nor the terrorism in South Kashmir and nor, indeed, the frontier at WAGAH instead of Khyber Pass.

What is one to conclude about the Hindus’ “DEATH WISH”, that is, lack of Will to survive in the “REST” of India if Gandhi (NOT Netaji, NOT Shivaji and NOT Guru Gobind Singhji) is still the “guiding light” of Prime Minister, Shri N. Modi, while the Muslim NUMBERS are rapidly increasing in Partitioned India – and fast approaching the critical limit after which even Delhi will be lost like LAHORE?

No wonder the government of India neither utters the word “Partition”, nor is prepared to put up a Memorial to the TWO MILLION DEAD at “Partition”! There is total DENIAL of Partition. What are the IMPLICATIONS for the future of “Broken” Bharat?

The Hindus (original natives in Bharat like the native Americans) are losing power and authority fast if Rohingya MUSLIMS can settle down among the Dogras in SOUTH Kashmir while a Hindu from Bihar, Gujerat or Maharashtra cannot buy even an inch of immovable property (land) there?

The collective Hindu “SHAKTI” is unable to remove Article 370 in Constitution that makes J & K State very special and perennially different (separatist) State. Other States like West Bengal, Assam, Kerala and East Punjab must seem green with envy!

13 Oct 18


After hearing Gen Shah’s utterings, he looks like a Paki Spy planted in AMU by the UPA leaders like Ahmed Patel.



Amit ji,
Thanks for this posting, exposing the views of Gen Shah.
Governments of India, particularly Nehru and his “dirty” Dynasty, have done incalculable harm to the country by totally ignoring Partition. Hence hardly anyone will recall today, least of all Gen Shah, that just before Partition the students of Aligarh Muslim University went out, or were sent out, to all parts of India to mobilise Muslim opinion in favour of Partition (Pakistan). The result was big noisy pro Pakistan processions and demonstrations taken out in large towns and cities in favour of Pakistan. Hindus, even in Delhi, remained mere spectators and inactive, unable to gather for counter demonstrations or even in support of Akhand Bharat!

The pre-Partition generation of Hindus must know this act of treachery by Aligarh Muslim University. Gen Shah and ex VC Mr Ansari ought to tender an apology to the nation for that misdeed (High Treason) of AMU and tell the world as to what the University IN PARTICULAR, and the Muslims in Partitioned India, IN GENERAL, have done since 1947 to “dissolve” the rebellious separatist intolerant Islamic Pakistan where the Hindus were ethnically cleansed, that is, reduced from 50% at places (75% in Lahore!) to ZERO per cent within weeks.

Please note the pre Partition Hindu populations in Noakhali and Lahore in 1946 and the Muslim populations in Delhi and Mumbai, also in 1946. Now COMPARE the two today! Why do we find Hindus/Sikhs in the former places close to zero, while the LATTER (Muslims) in the latter places more than double that number today? What do we learn and what are the implications for the future?

5 Oct 18

It appears, this Ex-Lt. Gen. Shah of the Indian Army is more for Paki than for India. How safe India is under such Muslim Generals/Officers.


Disclaimer: This Email may not be to your liking and may carry nationalistic and patriotic political views, so if you do not wish to receive any further Emails from me, then please reply with the word UNSUBSCRIBE.
Amit Bhadhuri, Ex-CISF

Now the latest on that Granadoise selfish “naked fakir”
(Winston Churchill’s best moment) – with 99% dark traits
like being a sadist (condemned Bhagat Singh, Rajguru
and their partner), Maciavellian (ensured Netaji leaves
India!) and spiteful towards Sardar Patel and many more
dark deeds, is finally treated as he deserved it: Ike

Jinnah Row: Pak founder’s portrait placed next to Gandhiji’s at AMU
(Aligarh Muslim Uni)

I commend (from Multan) for his excellent and authentic write-up below.
It is important to replace Gandhi in the nation’s psyche by any other renowned patriot of courage who could have ensured the integrity of Bharat, under whose watch India would have emerged as a free and sovereign country as a CORRUPTION & (Dynastic) NEPOTISM FREE land of genuine democracy, secularism and world civilisation.
Couldn’t we find or suggest even ONE name to replace Gandhi? What a shameful, despicable and disgusting VACUUM of patriotism and courage in our Hindusthan!
Instead, we had the one who used to sleep between two virgins, who “eliminated” Netaji Bose, called Bhagat Singh a “terrorist” and Guru Gobind Singhji a “misguided patriot”, and who then (shamelessly) “went along” (like a sheep towards abattoir), that is, towards Partition without protest, threat of retaliation, condition, referendum, not even ensuring the transfer of population, or going on fast for one day in protest!
The result? Equally shameful, despicable and disgusting MAP OF BHARAT that emerged with frontier at Wagah and “disputed” Kashmir under Article 370 with tens of millions of Hindus (and Sikhs) betrayed to the “BUTCHERS” in East and West!
4 Oct 18

Gandhi was indeed a curse and an ugly omen for India.

Alas!, any Godsae would have taken him to task,
before when he arrived at the Old Delhi Railway Station
to woo the Mew Muslims and p-ead them to stay in truncated

What a tragedy that this evil could not be nipped into the bud,
when he “implicitly” rubber stamped and affirmed illegitimate
Pakistan as a legitimate entity and threatened fast unto death,
if urgent funds were not released to it. These funds Jinna used for attacking us in Kashmir.

He was a junx, which eclipsed Lal Bahadur Shastri, who shared the same
birthdate as Gandhi and hardly any politician has time to remember him
or pay any homage to him, who turned out to be not a KAPOOT or
traitor like Gandhi.



Om Shakti.

An outstanding write-up by foreign language linguist Ex-Army Major R S Rajput. Every word is 100% worth reading.

Jai Shree Krishna,


Disclaimer: This Email may not be to your liking and may carry nationalistic and patriotic political views, so if you do not wish to receive any further Emails from me, then please reply with the word UNSUBSCRIBE.
Amit Bhadhuri, Ex-CISF

———- Forwarded message ———
Today most brainless, gutless Hindus in “Broken” Bharat will be paying profuse homage (“Shardhanjli) to a “sarkari” Mahatma who was servant of Britain and slave of Islam. The President and Peon alike in PARTITIONED India will celebrate Gandhi’s birthday today, 2nd October 2018.
His wish to compromise with Evil became his submission to Devil. His patriotism (attachment to TERRITORY, “dharti maata”) was weaker than the attachment of a sheep to its pasture.
A man is known by the LAST deed, or misdeed, of his life. President Nixon was “dumped” by his nation after “Watergate”. Harvey Weinstein was “dumped” after his sex scandals were revealed. Their FINAL act ruined them despite their illustrious successful past.
We also have examples where the FINAL act brought praises and highest appreciation. Guru Tegh Bahadur, also a Mahatma, did not compromise with his Belief to embrace Islam but accepted his beheading. Guru Gobind Singhji’s two little sons, both under 10, accepted death to submission before the Emperor of Hindusthan.
Jesus Christ ennobled himself by refusing to give up his Belief & Conviction. For his LAST act of death-defying courage he is followed by a BILLION humans on earth even today, 2,018 years later. Had he appeased! Had he apologised! Had he submitted! Had he saved his own skin! Had he compromised! HAD HE LET DOWN HIS OWN FOLLOWERS!
Then we have a “sarkari” Mahatma who watched his country mutilated and millions of innocent Hindus (and Sikhs) massacred, abducted, raped and forced out of their homes, yet did NOTHING except sulking and sealing his lips.
In a second MKG bestowed legitimacy upon the illegal, undemocratic, separatist and “Hindu killer” ISLAMIC Pakistan and insisted on the transfer of 35 crore rupees to the ENEMY when the raiders had crossed into J & K State, killing, burning and raping the population like the barbarians of Daesh (I.S.) in Syria today.
When Mohammed Ali Jinnah, born in INDIA, demanded Partition, MK Gandhi, the top Hindu leader, did not point out that it was High Treason. He did not warn Jinnah of the REPRISALS against the Muslims in Bharat, nor did he threaten to go on “fast till death”!
Worst of all, Gandhi did not advise his protégé, Jawaharlal Nehru, to insist on “POPULATION TRANSFER” should the British impose Partition on the natives on the basis of HINDUS on one side and the MUSLIMS on the other!
Gandhi declared, “Muslims are our brothers & sisters. Hence no Muslim will be asked to leave Bharat despite Partition!” It was TOO MUCH for the Hindus (and Sikhs) who were about to be “locked up” like the sheep in the Islamic “ABATTOIR” called “Pakistan”.
Here is a rare EYE WITNESS account of Gandhi behaving like the SLAVE OF ISLAM.
Shri BK Chaudhari was a small boy who had just arrived in Delhi with parents from MULTAN, the sacred city of Bhagat Prahlad. While he was standing on Platform No. 6 of DELHI Railway Station, he witnessed a group of restive Muslims waiting for train to LAHORE, Pakistan.
It seems the word reached Gandhi and the “father of nation” came with indecent haste & alacrity as if a calamity was about to befall Bharat Mata. Gandhi spoke to them like a servant to his masters. The unquestioned leader of 400 million Hindus humbled himself before the Muslims whose preferred destination was Islamic Pakistan.
Gandhi pleaded, “This is as much your land of birth as mine, it is your own country and you have every right to live here. My India will make sure that none of you comes to any harm. Your safety and well-being will be our first concern,” and so on.
Mr Chaudhari felt disgust when he saw a train arriving from Lahore at another platform full of grieving widows, injured men and crying orphans. Gandhi did not even look at them. But there is one patriot who did “look” at Gandhi. He was Patriot Nathu Ram Godse.
Godse knew Muslims’ submission to Allah and Gandhi’s submission to Muslims and he also recalled Gandhi’s “gift” to Bharat Mata: Hindu blood that flowed in NOAKHALI and the Sikh blood that flowed in LAHORE, LYALLPUR & RAWALPINDI, and the “death” of Secularism across Pakistan – all because Nehru became the enemy of Hindus and Gandhi became the friend of Muslims.
In that hour of trial India needed Churchill, who had declared years EARLIER, “We will FIGHT on land and sea and in the air till we crush the enemy, but never surrender an inch of our territory!” GANDHI (and Nehru) surrendered ONE THIRD OF INDIA unconditionally, to the enemy and lived to celebrate “Independence”!
The historic defeat and territorial surrender by India under Gandhi’s leadership brought eternal SHAME to the ancient Land of Wisdom, Divinity & (Vedic) Dharma. The frontier fell down to WAGAH from KHYBER Pass.
Nathu Ram Godse ACTED and taught the defeated Hindus the meaning of Patriotism. One day ALL those statues of Gandhi and the road, park, Nagar and Marg names after Gandhi will be named after Godse. Only then will the world see an INDEPENDENT Bharat.
TO SUM UP: Gandhi was neither a patriot nor a warrior. His WEAKNESS encouraged the Islamic AGGRESSION that splintered (fragmented) our UNITED India into three territorial zones, that gave immense POWER to the Indian Muslims to deliver the coup de grace eventually to the ”Rest” of defeated, demoralised and disunited Bharat sometime in the future.
Partition under Gandhi’s watch confused and alienated the Muslims, too, who remained in “Hindu” Bharat. It destroyed the cherished principle of Secularism and it laid the foundation of “Kashmir dispute” that will finally end with the death of either Pakistan or Hindusthan!
The clever world smiles at the Hindus for praising Gandhi while NONE of them will have the like of Gandhi in their own country.
We know the fate of India “led” by Gandhi. Would anyone recommend Gandhi to the State of Israel?
Finally, let us own up honestly. Would we have seen the frontier of India passing through WAGAH had Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose replaced Gandhi in 1945? And would Kashmir have been on “fire” had Gandhi really put his foot down and prevented Partition?
Enslaved Hindu nation cried and wept when Emperor Aurangzeb died on 3rd Mar 1707, and our brainwashed servile Hindu nation cried and wept when “Bapu” Gandhi died on 30 Jan 1948. It is time to confine Gandhi to history’s cupboard of skeletons and celebrate the birth of heroes and warriors, instead. Let Bharat

United Hindu Identity United Hindu Cooperation By Stephen Knapp

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United Hindu Identity
United Hindu Cooperation
By Stephen Knapp
(Sri Nandanandana dasa)
(Written for the 2nd World Hindu Congress in Chicago, September 7-9, 2018, for the souvenir magazine)

As we look at Hinduus today, we have so many organizations that work for the sake of the Dharma traditions. We have such institutions as the RSS, HSS, VHP, HSC, HMEC, Kalyana Ashrama, or Swadhyaya, Iskcon, Gaudiya Math, the World Vaishnava Association, Rama Krishna Mission, Chinmayananda Mission, Vedanta Society, Self-Realization Fellowship, and many others. And I am happy to say that I have worked with many of them or still have friends in them. But some of these groups seem to be more exclusive than others. They may work hard for their own interests, yet these are often similar to the work and goals of other institutions. So, what if we were more united, more cooperative with each other? We know that there is strength in numbers. So how much stronger could we be if we could cooperate in a single force, at least when needed?
It seems that right now we cannot easily unite and become a strong federation, a powerful force that can determine the fate or future of India and the preservation of its Vedic culture. If anything, so many of these associations in India still fight with or are indifferent to one another and, thus, weaken each other to the point of becoming incapable of performing any worthwhile actions that will make a real difference for the unity and future of India and its traditions. More divisions mean more disunity. This means the less unity we will have for defending our culture.
This was the same sort of weakness of the past 1000 years when invaders came into India, sometimes few in numbers, but conquered and took over parts of the country without much resistance. It was this lack of unity amongst the princely states, and their inability to support each other or come to the aid of another, that allowed for such a poor defense system in which they could not repel their invaders. So, we have to ask ourselves, are we going to continue the same pattern? Are we going to sit back and criticize others and what they have or have not done while we have yet to do anything of real significance? If we do, then there is no doubt that we, Hinduus in general, are already finished. It is only a matter of time when we and the Vedic system will become so diminished that it will fade from the world, like other cultures that have been reduced to mere museum pieces. We have to rise above that.
So, it seems we still do not have a unified identity in which we can all work together. I was the president of the Vedic Friends Association for 15 years in which we are still trying to create such a united force here in America. Nonetheless, in my view, one of the greatest attempts to do this in India was the Acharya Sabha as organized by Swami Dayananda Sarasvati, which joined together over 200 spiritual leaders of the major paramparas and spiritual lineages to discuss the common issues that affected all of them, and then make plans on how to deal with such concerns.
So, in this regard we need to reach a singleness of purpose in which we feel that if any part of the Vedic tradition or any group is under attack or being challenged by outside forces, then we are all under attack, and we all must be ready to stand up for the cause. We should be willing to be a united force to be reckoned with, the kind that makes people think twice before persecuting or attacking any Hinduus or any part of the Vedic tradition. But this is a call to be active. And many Hinduus are not.
Once while giving a talk at a Krishna temple in Mumbai, I began discussing the need to be protective of our culture and try to elect those politicians who are pro-Hindu, or show why they should be pro-Hindu. So, I asked the audience of over 1200 people how many had participated in the last election. Not one hand went up. This is why some people ask whether Hinduism is destined to become extinct. I hope not, but that depends on what we do. Which means we all have to be pro-active.
If we were a stronger and unified force, politicians would know that they need to get our approval. They would take the needs of Hinduus more seriously if they want our vote. They would not simply be concerned with vote bank politics that often cater to non-Hinduus. Such strength would also mean there would not be the persecution of Hinduus that often seems to be sanctioned by politicians in states such as Kerala or West Bengal, or love jihad as found in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere. They would know that Hinduus will react and defend themselves, or even go after the politicians who neglect them or even work against them.
Some say that Sanatana-dharma means that it is eternal, so there is no need to worry. But that means they do not even know that Lord Krishna said in Bhagavad-gita (4.1-3, 7-8) that one of His purposes was to re-establish the Vedic traditions that had become lost. This lack of familiarity is a sign of such fading away of knowledge of the Dharmic culture, and the importance of understanding the part we need to play. Arjuna also had to fight for Dharma, so why should we not think that we also need to do something to protect Vedic Dharma?
India must remain the homeland of a thriving and dynamic Vedic tradition. This is essentially based on the universal spiritual truths and knowledge that can be applied by any person at anytime, anywhere in the universe, so they can reach their highest potentials. That is Sanatana-Dharma. If Hinduus, Dharmists or Sanatanis, whatever name you want to use, can stand united, there is no threat we cannot handle. History has shown that. But history has also shown that when we are fragmented, then bits and pieces of our culture and even our Mother India get chopped off and taken away from us like creation of Pakistan. This cannot go on.
Therefore, the need of the hour is to find the means wherein we can stand together for the cause of Sanatana-Dharma, the basis of our Hindu culture.
If we can do this, the youth would also be moreproud of being a part of something in which reasoning is sound, stable, and in which the participants, such as their parents, are not shy about sharing it or defending it. Nonetheless, the children have to be guided by proper training and association, and proper observance of Vedic traditions. This also is part of forming the proper samskaras in the minds of the children. And isn’t this what we are meant to do anyway? But for this to happen, the parents must also be educated in our Dharmic traditions.
We also need to realize that America is a prime location where we can work together for cultivating as well as protecting and preserving the Vedic tradition. Why? Because there is less emphasis amongst Indian Hinduus on local ethnicity or caste. In other words, it is easier to simply be an Indian Hindu or American Hindu rather than a Rajasthani Hindu, Maharashtrian Hindu, or Tamil brahmin, and so on, which thereafter can bring out so many distinctions. If we are going to become united, our identity should first start with being a Hindu, Dharmist or Sanatani: a follower of Sanatana-Dharma. Anything else can be added after that, no matter whether we are Indian, Nepali, Malaysian, Fijian, or from Mauritius, Bali, or America. We are first Hinduus or Dharmists. In order to create greater cooperation and a powerful association, we need to have and accept a more unified identity. Then in that light, we can work together and assist each other for the Vedic cause, and form a united federation that can more powerfully take on any threats to our future. There is no reason why we cannot do that if we actually live by the spiritual principles of Sanatana-Dharma, and, thus, Think Collectively, Act Valiantly.
Stephen Knapp
(Sri Nandanandana dasa)
Author of over 40 books on different aspects of the Vedic tradition, including “Crimes Against India: And the Need to Protect its Vedic Traditions—1000 Years of Attacks Against Hinduism and What to do About It.” (
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We the millions of Hinduus displaced from Pakistan, are a betrayed lot. They were neither given justice by the post partitioned hindu India nor by any of the international forums like UN ICJ UNHCR etc. This is evident the world stands with the mighty, the strong & powerful. No one supports the weak. Gandhi & Jinnah betrayed us Successive leadership betrayed us.
कहीं देश का हिन्दू एक न हो जाए? – पवन सिन्हा, गुरु जी
Importance of Unity amongst Hinduus

Once Hinduu religion was prevalent in whole world and the boundaries of Bhaarat was spread to far off places. Due to various aggression and traitorous activities of Hinduus themselves aggressors were able to control Bhaarat.
Hinduus treat guest as God, so when aggressors came with evil design we Hinduus treated them as guests and provided them facilities. Some pundits having poor knowledge of Hinduu religion also said and did some acts which helped Muslims enormously like in Kashmir and Bengal. It is for this Bhaarat keep losing its territory
The other reasons are after being slaves of Muslims & later English, for more than 500 yrs, Hindus have developed a new mutant gene – Slavery gene. Result, we have not produced any leader worth the name – other than Netaji and before that Tilak & Vivekananda. Worse, these exceptional leaders, either died young or few Hindus followed them. Netaji had to form INA from Indians living in S’pore & Malaysia!
Our fate is also sealed by Rahu & Ketu (Gandhi & Nehru) by their ill-fated moreish decisions, at critical juncture. Our fate is now sealed by Christians as tyrant invaders are doing the same with the help of traitorous Hinduus
महात्मा गाँधी पर वो सच जिसे दिखाने की हिम्मत आज तक किसी ने नहीं की–rv3og
महात्मा गाँधी पर वो जिसे सच दिखाने की हिम्मत आज तक किसी ने नहीं की आजादी का असली नायक कौन १८ मिनट में पर्दाफाश सबूत के साथ आप मानने को मजबूर हो जायेगे
DNA: What tactics are Christians using to convince Hinduus to convert to Christianity?
Conversion by Fraud
Persecution of Hindu Gurus Who Challenge Hinduphobia
WE stated that 10,000year old HINDU CIVILISATION is now dying (vanishing) in South Asia. A very serious, even scaremongering, statement!
What are the indications? What is the proof? What are the nails in its coffin?
On Saturday, September 1, 2018,; wrote:
1. Mohammed Bin Qasim was not chased back to Mecca in 712 A.D.
2. The next invader in 1192 was not chased back to Turkey.
3. Ayodhya Temple has not been re-built since 1526 AD. National Will is nil.
4. None of the MUSLIM (Mogul) emperors were assassinated by a Hindu patriot though some of them were extremely cruel and brutal. One even demanded that virgin Rajput princesses be delivered to his harem one every six months! Never did their escort, brother or father, pull out the dagger and kill the lecher “His Majesty”!
5. No retaliation took place to avenge the massacres in Malabar (1920’s) and Noakhali (1946).
6. Partition, naked aggression, was not opposed tooth and nail.
7. No serious objection was raised to Nehru’s Constitution that erased the word “Hindu” and substituted it with “SECULAR”!
8. Regarding that “cease fire” in Kashmir as permanent border is another nail in the coffin of Hindu civilisation.
9. Tolerating new ridiculous, illogical, degrading and provocative borders, slicing through Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab.
10. Keeping the MUSLIMS (“indigestible Second nation”) back in Partitioned India despite conceding ISLAMIC Pakistan to them!
11. The most shameful and despicable fact that MORE Hinduus (natives) show loyalty and love to ITALIAN BORN Sonia Maino Gandhi that to Gita and Granth.
12. Weak and “dying” Hinduusthan could not assure safety to the Indians living in UGANDA and FIJI, nor even in SRI LANKA where Tamils of INDIAN origin were wiped out by the Sri Lankan government with “dying” Hinduusthan merely watching.
13. Hinduus have denied all respect and power to their own SHANKARACHARYAS while envying the might and hold of the POPE over his followers.
14. Hinduus were forced to ACCEPT Partition and then “KILLED”. There is not even the slightest wish or idea to take the frontier back to KHYBER.
15. The Hindu nation has tolerated an anti-national Constitution that equates the FOE with the FRIEND (“Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai”) despite the UNRESOLVED Partition and the ongoing illegal and immoral occupation of vast territories by the hostile “Second Nation”.
16. The Sikhs, once a mighty powerful FORCE to reckon with, never passed a Resolution, or approached the Government of ISLAMIC Pakistan to declare Sri Nankana Sahib an independent City State like The Vatican. They are SHAMELESSLY reconciled to its downgraded status while “Khanda Chakra”, Christian Cross, Star of David or Swastika on Bhagwa flying over Mecca is beyond the whole world’s imagination.
17. Partition, the unconditional surrender of ONE THIRD of India, the massacres of some TWO MILLION Hinduus in 1947 alone and the FORCED exodus of 15 million Hinduus and Sikhs is a NON- EVENT for the ruling establishment in India.
18. There has never been a post mortem of Partition to examine the role of Gandhi and Nehru played as our top spokespersons at those Partition Talks. They went to negotiate Independence but shamelessly returned with PARTITION, and yet never taken to task. Reason: Hindu civilisation is dying!
19. The unconditional surrender of India was accepted in toto WITHOUT REFERENDUM and without any CONDITION- something only a DEAD CIVILISATION would do!
20. There is NO memorial to the millions massacred as the price paid by our treacherous leaders, nor one to honour the memory of thousands of women and girls abducted and raped at Partition. If we were to feel ASHAMED over the brutal treatment of all the women and girls abducted and raped since the arrival of Islam in India, the number will run into MILLIONS. Yet no memorial to honour their memory anywhere!
21. Hinduus, the majority community, FEAR for life and daughters all over Bharat, especially in Kashmir, West Bengal and Kerala.
22. Many terrified Hinduus actually OPPOSE the construction of the grand national temple in Ayodhya as well as the new Constitution for “HINDUU RASHTRA” to ensure their very survival on earth.
Surely many patriots are still alive with long memory and can add a few more “NAILS TO THE COFFIN OF HINDU CIVILISATION” and encourage and motivate us to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED in order to rejuvenate the dying Hinduu civilisation. Otherwise our children or grandchildren will see its funeral pyres while we ourselves continue to be a defeated nation.
Rajput – 2 Sep; 2018

History’s biggest “CONMAN EVER MK GANDHI”, who was a British, American and West planted SCROOGE and still promoted by our Fake Chaiwala PM Modi and the gullible nation. Please read the worthy write-up below by noted journalist Soutik Biswas.
Bloody Scoundrel Gandhi needs the same treatment in India as Stalin got in Russia.
Indian leaders must come out of Gandhism and Gandhigiri only then India will stand on its feet otherwise would need support to even walk as Gandhi was not able to walk on his own. India would have been far better off without Gandhis and Nehrus because most of the problems we have to day is due these two spineless leaders.
Did Gandhi really said “Hey Ram” before his death, NO

Hinduus must unite
Hinduus are confused and least united. We first alienated the Buddhists, because they believe in “Buddham Saranam Gacchami”. Adi Shankara came about 1,300 years after Lord Buddha. When he (Adi Shankara, who taught the message of the upanishads) saw that there were Buddhist sects who deviated from Lord Buddha’s upanishad-based teachings he debated and defeated them, and the teachers like Ramanujacharya (who were born after Adi Shankata) called Adi Shankara as Pracchanna Buddha (i.e., concealed Buddha). Hinduus are ready to fight with the own people over petty matters when there is no great reason to fight, but they shrink when and where there is real reason and need to fight. May be, everybody is waiting for the Kalki Avatara to come and solve the problem of the Hinduus. No wonder the struggle for Hindus’ emancipation will be long since burden of changing our destiny is upon so few shoulders. Most Hinduus will not make efforts to solve problems themselves.

West Punjab

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To me the PUNJABI Muslims (Indians in BROWN skin) mourning for Hassan and Hussian, the two ARABS who were killed during usual Arab feuds in distant IRAK, appeared brainwashed “Zombis”.

The processions, ALL MEN, beating their chests and crying “Ya Haasan, Ya Hussain!” made me feel very uneasy. Their ancestors were HINDU who were converted by FORCE to Islam by the ruthless invaders from the North West, namely, Arabia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan.

West Punjab was in secular and civilised INDIA till 1947 when the Indian Muslims captured it in a sudden devastating strike from their own land of birth (India) and made it part of ISLAMIC Pakistan. Within weeks the followers of Mohammed of Mecca showed their love of peace by slaughtering two million Non Muslims, abducting and raping thousands of girls and women while NONE thought that they were like THEIR OWN daughters, wives and sisters. They were high on frenzy of victory (Jehad) and turned West Punjab practically 100 % monotonous Mohammedan “jungle” within days. Secularism, tolerance and peace flew away on the rainbow of multicultural civilisation.

Culturally, West Punjab became a wilderness with the well educated HINDUS, producers of wealth and taking care of economy, and the warrior SIKHS, providers of soldiers and producers of agricultural products on their farms, were all wiped out within weeks, or forced to flee to Partitioned India- East of Wagah.

While these PUNJABI Muslims of INDIAN origin, race & ethnicity, and HINDU ancestry, were wailing and crying today (September 21, 2018) for the two Arabs who were killed in Irak, I thought of the BEHEADING of Guru Tegh Bahadur in DELHI by orders of Mohammedan Emperor Aurangzeb, and the entombing of the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji.

The manner of their brutal MURDER ought to make even the ARABS of KARBALA and MECCA wail and weep over the barbarity of followers of Mohammed upon the NATIVES of Hindusthan where not just these three but TENS OF MILLIONS of natives (Hindus, labelled “KAFIR” or “INFIDELS”) were put to sword and their girls and women abducted and raped by the followers of Mohammed who himself was rather cruel towards the very RELIGION that his own parents followed and the TEMPLE in Mecca where his grandparents used to pray.

Will the day ever come when the ARABIAN ideological sand will be washed away and all these so-called Muslims in West Punjab discover the divinity at home, that is, Guru Nanak Dev, and then REJECT the religion brought by the INVADERS to India, in order to follow the PROPHET OF PEACE who was born in their own country?

On that day the present inhabitants of West Punjab will look decent, civilised, strong, self assured, free and sovereign, and will earn the respect of the entire civilised world. They will also find eternal peace after they are back within their genuine MOTHER INDIA.


21 Sep 2018

When Trump cut aid to pakistan & palstine

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When India was partitioned the Muslims, our fellow citizens, in their newly created Pakistan thought they had the Divine Right to exterminate all the Kafirs from their PAK. i.e., HOLY land.

They did history’s worst ever, most brutal and thorough “ethnic cleansing” of the Non Muslims by murder, rape and forcible eviction of millions from their homes, thereby creating millions of REFUGEES.

We salute the Jewish LEADERS who inspired their followers to take on the hostile Arab countries in 1948 to defend the TERRITORY of Israel. In our case our own LEADERS became traitors overnight and let the enemy capture ONE THIRD OF INDIA easily.

Drawing on an historical parallel from the great epic MAHABHARATA, our top leaders “Mahatma” Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal NEHRU, both barristers-at-law, went over to the “KAURAVAS” instead of staying with the PANDAVAS to inspire them to fight and defend their territory. Nowhere do we read that they both opposed the break up of India tooth and nail, threatened the Muslim leaders to EXPEL all the Muslims after Partition or even laid down a SINGLE condition, e.g., ensuring safety of Hindus and Sikhs who were BETRAYED by them to Islamic Pakistan. Gandhi and Nehru proved to be even more callous towards their own people and country than the Muslims!

But the important point is this: Some FIFTEEN MILLION Hindus and Sikhs were forced to flee their ancestral homes and arrived in Partitioned India as REFUGEES for safety from their Muslim KILLERS. Yes, 15 MILLION refugees. But where are they today?

71 years ago our brave mothers said to their newly ORPHANED children (fathers killed by Muslims), “We are PROUD people and the term “refugee” is an INSULT for us. We will NOT look towards the USA or the UNO to feed us. Go and study. Work hard, and live as normal citizens. Cast off the label “refugee” immediately.” WE DID!

Within a few months after Partition (that is, unconditional surrender of one third of India to the indigenous Muslims), a Government circular ABOLISHED the term “refugee” and asked all not to look towards the government or relief agencies for help but to stand up on our own feet, fight the battle for survival with courage and with our own means and resources, and lead NORMAL lives.

So, to me, once a refugee child from Pakistan in 1947, it is beyond comprehension that the Palestinians still live in refugee camps in Gaza instead of helping themselves to acquire education, seek jobs and independence, in order to live as NORMAL citizens just like the 15 million Hindu/Sikh refugees in Partitioned India in 1947.


वक्त ने सागर को उसकी ओकात दिखा दी

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वक्त ने सागर को उसकी ओकात दिखा दी !
आने वाले कल से उसकी मुलाकात करवा दी !!

मत कर गुमान तुम अपनी गहराई का
मामूली सा तुफान तुम्हे हिला देगा
ककंर पत्थर की कोई ओकात नही
मै बदला तो तेरे सीने मे आग लगा दूगा

आज मैने किस्मत की लकीर जो तेरे हाथ बना दी

वक्त ने सागर को उस की ओकात दिखा दी !
आने वाले कल से उसकी मुलाकात करवा दी !!

कभी चादं सितारो पर भी घमन्ढी सागर थे
गहरीईया बडाते पानी से भरे बादल थे
मै जब बदला सबकी सही जात बता दी

वक्त ने सागर को उस की ओकात दिखा दी !
आने वाले कल से उसकी मुलाकात करवा दी !!

-मोहन आलोक

My Career Profile

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My Career Profile


                                                                       Curriculum Vitae

                                                                     CDR ALOK MOHAN


901 Sector, 15 A, FARIDABAD

Mobile: 9871702724,  Email:

35+ Years of Accomplished Experience in  Facility Management, Vendor Management, Infrastructure & Asset Management, QA & QC ,  Marketing,  Security, Training,  Liaison  & Operations

                                           Academic Qualification 

  • BSC Engineering Mechanical From Regional Engineering College Now NIT Kurukshetra
  • M Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Production Engineering Specialization
  • Aeronautical Engineering Specialization Course (Two years duration)
  • Marine Engineering Specialization Course (Two years duration)

Professional Courses


  • Zed Assessor Course (A prestigious course on Zed Ranking System)
  • Zed Master Trainer Course
  • Quality Management Course DGQA( DIQA) Bangalore (LAC-9)
  • Quality Course (5 FC), DGQA (DIQA) Bangalore
  • Lead Assessors Course ISO 9001:2000 from QGS Training Institute New Delhi
  • Lead Assessors Course ISO 9001:2008 from  URS Inspection Ltd New Delhi
  • Lead Assessors Course (QMS & EMS) from DIQA Bangalore
  • Lead Assessors Course ISO 9001:2015 Course
  • Lead Assessors Course ISO 14001:2015 course
  • Radiography Testing Course( Level 2 ) from Institute of Material Testing & Evaluation Faridabad
  • Standardization and Codification Course, 01 Week from Directorate of Standardization(MOD) New Delhi
  • Computer Basic Proficiency Course, 03 Months from INS Tunir Mumbai
  • Diploma in Computer Science from SSI South Campus New Delhi
  • Sales and Service Engineering from Kirloskar Pneumatic Company, Hadapsar Ind. Estate, Pune
  • Chukar III Operational Training from M/S Northrop America
  • IPC/WHMA – A- 600 course (Certified IPC Specialist)
  • Industrial Safety Course- Merit Quality Certification P Ltd
  • Aircraft Competency Course
  • Ship Engine Room Watch keeping Course
  • GTO Course of three months duration at DIPR, New Delhi during mid 1993 –


                                                  PROFESSIONAL WORK HISTORY


Quality Council of India


Empaneled Assessor


Till date

             Pipavav Shipyard  Ltd

Rajula, Gujrat

(Contract employment








Head   (BCS) Was responsible for Site maintenance,

Quality Management & Quality Control, Liason with local civic  authorities, Logistics  Supplier management & Supplier evaluation,

QMS/EMS Consultant & as an empaneled QMS Auditor

2013- 2014





 2005 – 2013

  RAQA, Mumbai


“Joint Controller Responsible  for Vendor management,  QMS & EMS Training, , Deep Defect Analysis of  military aircraft. Handled Public & Non Public funds    1998- 2005

New Delhi


                “Deputy Director. DQA (WP) Group 6”

Responsible, Capacity Assessment of Vendors of electrical & Mechanical components Vendor Evaluation & Liason with various other offices in North block and South Block New Delhi


1995 – 1998

INS Hansa, INS Tunir & INS Garuda




Kirloskar Pneumatic Co


  “Aeronautical Engineering Officer” & Mess Secretary

Responsible for military Aircraft maintenance, Logistics, Training , Officer Mess  Building Maintenance, Vendor management, Kitchen management, Accounts management,  Catering etc

Sales & Service Engineer

Selling & servicing of Air compressors & Pneumatic tools

& Client Management


1982 to 1995




1976 to 1979



  1. Project Management –
  2. Ensured timely completion of Naval Air Station Arakkonam Project ( A prestigious defence project )   as a senior member of the project team constituted by Indian Navy .
  3. As Project Director NAE enclave Mumbai facilitated speedy progress of project related activities
  4. As “Leader  Indian Team” liaised with American team for smooth transfer of Chukar III PTA technology and setting up of Chukar facilities in India. M/S Northrop had commended the team headed by me, as the most efficient & professional team they had ever seen.
  5. Effectively handled several ISO 9001:2008 QMS & ISO 14001 EMS projects as a consultant (Close to one hundred)
  6. Contributed in setting up of Aircraft Maintenance facilities at Goa & Arrakonam as an Aeronautical Engineer
  7. Rebasing of Helicopter Training School ie a prestigious training institute at at INS Rajali
  8. Vendor management

Ensured Timely availability of critical items by performing duties related to vendor management, capacity Assessment of new vendors & periodic  supplier evaluations

  1. Aeronautical Engineer
  2. Was responsible for Military Aircraft Maintenance & Deep defect diagnosis
  3. Sentencing Serviceability of Aircraft for air worthiness – Ensure incident accident free flying for close to one decade
  4. Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  5. Implemented ISO 9001:2008 QMS requirements in close to 100 private and government organizations as an auditor
  6. Implemented ISO 14001:2004 EMS requirements in close to 15 private  organizations as a consultant
  7. As a Quality Control Engineer carried out independent inspections as per approved quality assurance plans for manufacture of Pressure vessels, Aircraft Refuellers, Hydrant Dispensers,  Ships etc
  8. Business Development & Marketing
  9. Selling of Kirloskar Pneumatic tools & compressors
  10. Marketing of Gammon, Parker and Velcon fuelling products
  11. Business development activities related to consultancy in international management standards
  12. Maintained very good client relation with frequently carrying our surveys, liason and feed back activities
  13. Facility Management
  14. As mess Secretary of a large Officers messes of Indian navy, handled maintenance of the facility including room management, catering & building & equipment maintenance for close  to three years
  15. Administration
  16. Possess close to four years experience as deputy director at DQA (WP) MOD
  17. Five years as admin experience as Joint Controller Regional Aeronautical Quality Assurance Mumbai
  18. Five years experience as Squadron Commander Pilotless Aircraft (UAVs)
  19. Training
  20. I possess Sound knowledge of  MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, Networking and Internet  and had  prepared training material on several subjects/management standards like Internal Auditing, Industrial Safety, QMS, EMS, Stress management, House keeping etc and imparted training in different organizations
  21. Material Management
  22. As an aeronautical engineer ensured a very high serviceability status of naval aircraft by efficient material management for a period close to one decade and ensured incident accident free flying.
  23. Correspondence
  24. Effectively handled correspondence as regards material management, during my tenure at MOD DQA (WP), RAQAs, WNC ie higher formations of Indian Navy & Ministry of defence
  25. Security & Safety
  26. I have performed security & safety related duties of highly sensitive establishments of Indian Navy like INS Tunir, INS Kalinga efficiently for close to six years.


  1. I have authored several articles/papers which are published in various websites & books. Studium Press India Ltd has published one of my contributions “Standardization of Education” as a senior author in a book along with many other writers of international repute.


 “I hereby declare that all the information provided is true to best of my knowledge”- Alok Mohan  



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When the foreign rulers, with NO heart in the natives and our land, agreed to Mr Jinnah’s demand for a separate ISLAMIC Republic within India (Akhand Bharat), they looked for a matching HINDU leader to “pitch” him against Jinnah to refute his absurd communal demand, and, instead, to present his own case for Akhand Bhahat. It was midnight hour for us, and for our motherland, that we call Bharat Mata.

MK Gandhi immediately intervened and declared in public, “There is absolutely NO need to invite any Hindu leader. All-India Congress Party will take care of the Hindus’ interests in right earnest, and I will personally make sure that the Hindu voice is heard!” RELIEF ALL ROUND! Mahatma was then the top leader of Hindus but he imagined himself to be popular with the Muslims, too. Some fool’s fantasy! 

Nehru, mighty relieved, had a glass of wine with Edwina. She, too, seemed mighty pleased that the Hindu voice and Hindu point of view had been eliminated. 

At that moment the Muslims participated in the Partition negotiations emboldened like a lion while the HINDU, the native, was driven into the corner like a mouse to watch the butchers of Bharat get on with their job.

Hindu voice is still silent in Hindusthan if one cares to see facts and reality- that beggars belief!

NO Hindu organisation called for a Conference to discuss the colossal defeat and surrender of territories. 

No Hindu organisation has demanded to look closer into Nehru’s motivation to agree to Partition instantly.

NO Hindu organisation ever came out with the need to dump Gandhi’s “Ahimsa PARMO Dharma!”

NO Hindu leader or organisation gave the call to study the battles of Kurushetra and Sri Lanka and note that ‘Hindus, too, had been fighters and warriors!”

NO Hindu leader showed any interest in the woes and worries of the tiny but brave Sikh minority who were decimated in 1947 when Hindusthan collapsed and still feel most insecure in Partitioned India, having lost LAHORE, LYALLPUR (now Faisalabad) & even SRI NANKANA SAHIB! There is total lack of understanding among the Hindus of the place of gurdwaras in the Sikh psyche. Every time a Muslim invader razed Harmandir Sahib to ground, he was pursued and assassinated till the last political “Witch”, Maimoona Begum (aka Indira Gandhi), met with the same fate. 

Sikhs, therefore, cannot comprehend the lack of Hindus’ attachment to the nation’s most important Tempe in Ayodhya that is still in ruins with a big VETO conceded to the Muslims!

When Nehru, as the prime minister of world’s largest HINDU nation declared, “There is NO Hindu or Musalmaan in Bharat. We are all secular and “bhai bhai”,” NO Hindu stalwart raised his head above the parapet to declare, “Delhi will be as much Hindu as your Lahore is Islamic”! 

With utmost ease and facility “Bandit” Nehru barred all the Hindu constitutional experts but entrusted the task of writing the Constitution for Hindusthan to a Buddhist, already smarting with resentment against the Brahmins and Kshatriyas for their treatment of the Dalits!

And needless to say that THAT Constitution does not contain the line, “We shall be secular when KHYBER PASS is back in India!”, or, when “Lahore is under secular Constitution!”

And also needless to say that our Hindu nation is SO DETACHED from TERRITORY that there is much relief that the “bulk” of Kafir Killer Second Nation has gone OUT and we are safe from the ever destructive and troublesome Kafir-killer Muslims!” FEAR HAS OVERRULED PATRIOTISM, LOGIC, MORALITY AND PRINCIPLES!

Finally, needless to say that there is NO mechanism, even interest, in SELF PRESERVATION among most Hindus who are following Rahul and Sonia like the sheep follow their shepherd in the wolf infested forest.

What hope then for the survival of the REMAINING Hindus in Hindusthan unless we acquire a new Constitution for “Hindu Rashtra” that will NOT have Article 370 in it!

In that Vidhan there will be an Article that says, “Muslims in “Broken” Bharat will be elevated to first class status as citizens of Bharat alongside the Hindus, when that bogus and provocative Partition is UNDONE.”

Some superlatives:

1947 saw the biggest ethnic cleansing of Hindus (and Sikhs) in history.

1947 saw the biggest exodus (migration) of Hindu refugees leaving their ancestral homes, lands and mandirs (and gurdwaras) at the mercy of their enemies.

1947 saw the largest number of Hindu (and Sikh) women and girls abducted and raped (and converted) across Western and Eastern India that became PAKISTAN- East and West.

Maximum number of Hindus (and Sikhs) lost their livelihood to become refugees, forced to fend for themselves. Neither the UNO looked at them nor even prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Yet the Hindus HONOUR the traitor by naming a university after him!

Not to commemorate the Dead of Partition, not to establish a Hindu Holocaust Museum and not to put up a suitable Memorial to all the women and girls who were abducted, raped and converted or killed, has been the WORST act of neglect and betrayal by the Government and the Indian “coolie” MEDIA of those Hindus (and Sikhs) who looked forward to living in Independent Bharat after the departure of the British. 

In the event the RULING & FOOLING establishment of Partitioned India (Partitioned Indian Secular State, or P.I.S.S.) put the “reputation” of a Traitor (NEHRU) and the image of a bogus Mahatma (Gandhi) far above the integrity, dignity, image and morality of the Land of their birth, Bharat.

Finally, maximum number of MP’s in Bharat are afraid of publicising their e-mail ID’s lest they are “bothered” by public (their own constituents) demanding answer to the question, “What are the MUSLIMS doing in PARTITIONED India when hardly any Hindu or Sikh is seen alive in Pakistan and Bangladesh?”!

Question: Are we going to be reconciled to that BOGUS Partition, a cunning trap for the Rest of India, till eternity, and live and behave, DENYING REALITY, as if nothing happened to our Bharat Mata in 1947? 


30 August 2018