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Commander Alok Mohan is a Trainer, a Counselor, an Advisor and a Competent professional of cross functional exposures. He has successfully implimented requirements of various international management system standards in several organizations. He is a dedicated technocrat with expertise in Quality Assurance & Quality Control, Facility Management, General Administration, Marketing, Security, Training, Administration etc. He is a graduate mechanical engineer with specialization in aeronautical engineering. He is always eager to be involved in imparting training, implementing new ideas and improving existing processes by utilizing his vast experience in Quality Management Systems.

When Trump cut aid to pakistan & palstine

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When India was partitioned the Muslims, our fellow citizens, in their newly created Pakistan thought they had the Divine Right to exterminate all the Kafirs from their PAK. i.e., HOLY land.

They did history’s worst ever, most brutal and thorough “ethnic cleansing” of the Non Muslims by murder, rape and forcible eviction of millions from their homes, thereby creating millions of REFUGEES.

We salute the Jewish LEADERS who inspired their followers to take on the hostile Arab countries in 1948 to defend the TERRITORY of Israel. In our case our own LEADERS became traitors overnight and let the enemy capture ONE THIRD OF INDIA easily.

Drawing on an historical parallel from the great epic MAHABHARATA, our top leaders “Mahatma” Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal NEHRU, both barristers-at-law, went over to the “KAURAVAS” instead of staying with the PANDAVAS to inspire them to fight and defend their territory. Nowhere do we read that they both opposed the break up of India tooth and nail, threatened the Muslim leaders to EXPEL all the Muslims after Partition or even laid down a SINGLE condition, e.g., ensuring safety of Hindus and Sikhs who were BETRAYED by them to Islamic Pakistan. Gandhi and Nehru proved to be even more callous towards their own people and country than the Muslims!

But the important point is this: Some FIFTEEN MILLION Hindus and Sikhs were forced to flee their ancestral homes and arrived in Partitioned India as REFUGEES for safety from their Muslim KILLERS. Yes, 15 MILLION refugees. But where are they today?

71 years ago our brave mothers said to their newly ORPHANED children (fathers killed by Muslims), “We are PROUD people and the term “refugee” is an INSULT for us. We will NOT look towards the USA or the UNO to feed us. Go and study. Work hard, and live as normal citizens. Cast off the label “refugee” immediately.” WE DID!

Within a few months after Partition (that is, unconditional surrender of one third of India to the indigenous Muslims), a Government circular ABOLISHED the term “refugee” and asked all not to look towards the government or relief agencies for help but to stand up on our own feet, fight the battle for survival with courage and with our own means and resources, and lead NORMAL lives.

So, to me, once a refugee child from Pakistan in 1947, it is beyond comprehension that the Palestinians still live in refugee camps in Gaza instead of helping themselves to acquire education, seek jobs and independence, in order to live as NORMAL citizens just like the 15 million Hindu/Sikh refugees in Partitioned India in 1947.


वक्त ने सागर को उसकी ओकात दिखा दी

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वक्त ने सागर को उसकी ओकात दिखा दी !
आने वाले कल से उसकी मुलाकात करवा दी !!

मत कर गुमान तुम अपनी गहराई का
मामूली सा तुफान तुम्हे हिला देगा
ककंर पत्थर की कोई ओकात नही
मै बदला तो तेरे सीने मे आग लगा दूगा

आज मैने किस्मत की लकीर जो तेरे हाथ बना दी

वक्त ने सागर को उस की ओकात दिखा दी !
आने वाले कल से उसकी मुलाकात करवा दी !!

कभी चादं सितारो पर भी घमन्ढी सागर थे
गहरीईया बडाते पानी से भरे बादल थे
मै जब बदला सबकी सही जात बता दी

वक्त ने सागर को उस की ओकात दिखा दी !
आने वाले कल से उसकी मुलाकात करवा दी !!

-मोहन आलोक

My Career Profile

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My Career Profile


                                                                       Curriculum Vitae

                                                                     CDR ALOK MOHAN


901 Sector, 15 A, FARIDABAD

Mobile: 9871702724,  Email:

35+ Years of Accomplished Experience in  Facility Management, Vendor Management, Infrastructure & Asset Management, QA & QC ,  Marketing,  Security, Training,  Liaison  & Operations

                                           Academic Qualification 

  • BSC Engineering Mechanical From Regional Engineering College Now NIT Kurukshetra
  • M Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Production Engineering Specialization
  • Aeronautical Engineering Specialization Course (Two years duration)
  • Marine Engineering Specialization Course (Two years duration)

Professional Courses


  • Zed Assessor Course (A prestigious course on Zed Ranking System)
  • Zed Master Trainer Course
  • Quality Management Course DGQA( DIQA) Bangalore (LAC-9)
  • Quality Course (5 FC), DGQA (DIQA) Bangalore
  • Lead Assessors Course ISO 9001:2000 from QGS Training Institute New Delhi
  • Lead Assessors Course ISO 9001:2008 from  URS Inspection Ltd New Delhi
  • Lead Assessors Course (QMS & EMS) from DIQA Bangalore
  • Lead Assessors Course ISO 9001:2015 Course
  • Lead Assessors Course ISO 14001:2015 course
  • Radiography Testing Course( Level 2 ) from Institute of Material Testing & Evaluation Faridabad
  • Standardization and Codification Course, 01 Week from Directorate of Standardization(MOD) New Delhi
  • Computer Basic Proficiency Course, 03 Months from INS Tunir Mumbai
  • Diploma in Computer Science from SSI South Campus New Delhi
  • Sales and Service Engineering from Kirloskar Pneumatic Company, Hadapsar Ind. Estate, Pune
  • Chukar III Operational Training from M/S Northrop America
  • IPC/WHMA – A- 600 course (Certified IPC Specialist)
  • Industrial Safety Course- Merit Quality Certification P Ltd
  • Aircraft Competency Course
  • Ship Engine Room Watch keeping Course
  • GTO Course of three months duration at DIPR, New Delhi during mid 1993 –


                                                  PROFESSIONAL WORK HISTORY


Quality Council of India


Empaneled Assessor


Till date

             Pipavav Shipyard  Ltd

Rajula, Gujrat

(Contract employment








Head   (BCS) Was responsible for Site maintenance,

Quality Management & Quality Control, Liason with local civic  authorities, Logistics  Supplier management & Supplier evaluation,

QMS/EMS Consultant & as an empaneled QMS Auditor

2013- 2014





 2005 – 2013

  RAQA, Mumbai


“Joint Controller Responsible  for Vendor management,  QMS & EMS Training, , Deep Defect Analysis of  military aircraft. Handled Public & Non Public funds    1998- 2005

New Delhi


                “Deputy Director. DQA (WP) Group 6”

Responsible, Capacity Assessment of Vendors of electrical & Mechanical components Vendor Evaluation & Liason with various other offices in North block and South Block New Delhi


1995 – 1998

INS Hansa, INS Tunir & INS Garuda




Kirloskar Pneumatic Co


  “Aeronautical Engineering Officer” & Mess Secretary

Responsible for military Aircraft maintenance, Logistics, Training , Officer Mess  Building Maintenance, Vendor management, Kitchen management, Accounts management,  Catering etc

Sales & Service Engineer

Selling & servicing of Air compressors & Pneumatic tools

& Client Management


1982 to 1995




1976 to 1979



  1. Project Management –
  2. Ensured timely completion of Naval Air Station Arakkonam Project ( A prestigious defence project )   as a senior member of the project team constituted by Indian Navy .
  3. As Project Director NAE enclave Mumbai facilitated speedy progress of project related activities
  4. As “Leader  Indian Team” liaised with American team for smooth transfer of Chukar III PTA technology and setting up of Chukar facilities in India. M/S Northrop had commended the team headed by me, as the most efficient & professional team they had ever seen.
  5. Effectively handled several ISO 9001:2008 QMS & ISO 14001 EMS projects as a consultant (Close to one hundred)
  6. Contributed in setting up of Aircraft Maintenance facilities at Goa & Arrakonam as an Aeronautical Engineer
  7. Rebasing of Helicopter Training School ie a prestigious training institute at at INS Rajali
  8. Vendor management

Ensured Timely availability of critical items by performing duties related to vendor management, capacity Assessment of new vendors & periodic  supplier evaluations

  1. Aeronautical Engineer
  2. Was responsible for Military Aircraft Maintenance & Deep defect diagnosis
  3. Sentencing Serviceability of Aircraft for air worthiness – Ensure incident accident free flying for close to one decade
  4. Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  5. Implemented ISO 9001:2008 QMS requirements in close to 100 private and government organizations as an auditor
  6. Implemented ISO 14001:2004 EMS requirements in close to 15 private  organizations as a consultant
  7. As a Quality Control Engineer carried out independent inspections as per approved quality assurance plans for manufacture of Pressure vessels, Aircraft Refuellers, Hydrant Dispensers,  Ships etc
  8. Business Development & Marketing
  9. Selling of Kirloskar Pneumatic tools & compressors
  10. Marketing of Gammon, Parker and Velcon fuelling products
  11. Business development activities related to consultancy in international management standards
  12. Maintained very good client relation with frequently carrying our surveys, liason and feed back activities
  13. Facility Management
  14. As mess Secretary of a large Officers messes of Indian navy, handled maintenance of the facility including room management, catering & building & equipment maintenance for close  to three years
  15. Administration
  16. Possess close to four years experience as deputy director at DQA (WP) MOD
  17. Five years as admin experience as Joint Controller Regional Aeronautical Quality Assurance Mumbai
  18. Five years experience as Squadron Commander Pilotless Aircraft (UAVs)
  19. Training
  20. I possess Sound knowledge of  MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, Networking and Internet  and had  prepared training material on several subjects/management standards like Internal Auditing, Industrial Safety, QMS, EMS, Stress management, House keeping etc and imparted training in different organizations
  21. Material Management
  22. As an aeronautical engineer ensured a very high serviceability status of naval aircraft by efficient material management for a period close to one decade and ensured incident accident free flying.
  23. Correspondence
  24. Effectively handled correspondence as regards material management, during my tenure at MOD DQA (WP), RAQAs, WNC ie higher formations of Indian Navy & Ministry of defence
  25. Security & Safety
  26. I have performed security & safety related duties of highly sensitive establishments of Indian Navy like INS Tunir, INS Kalinga efficiently for close to six years.


  1. I have authored several articles/papers which are published in various websites & books. Studium Press India Ltd has published one of my contributions “Standardization of Education” as a senior author in a book along with many other writers of international repute.


 “I hereby declare that all the information provided is true to best of my knowledge”- Alok Mohan  



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When the foreign rulers, with NO heart in the natives and our land, agreed to Mr Jinnah’s demand for a separate ISLAMIC Republic within India (Akhand Bharat), they looked for a matching HINDU leader to “pitch” him against Jinnah to refute his absurd communal demand, and, instead, to present his own case for Akhand Bhahat. It was midnight hour for us, and for our motherland, that we call Bharat Mata.

MK Gandhi immediately intervened and declared in public, “There is absolutely NO need to invite any Hindu leader. All-India Congress Party will take care of the Hindus’ interests in right earnest, and I will personally make sure that the Hindu voice is heard!” RELIEF ALL ROUND! Mahatma was then the top leader of Hindus but he imagined himself to be popular with the Muslims, too. Some fool’s fantasy! 

Nehru, mighty relieved, had a glass of wine with Edwina. She, too, seemed mighty pleased that the Hindu voice and Hindu point of view had been eliminated. 

At that moment the Muslims participated in the Partition negotiations emboldened like a lion while the HINDU, the native, was driven into the corner like a mouse to watch the butchers of Bharat get on with their job.

Hindu voice is still silent in Hindusthan if one cares to see facts and reality- that beggars belief!

NO Hindu organisation called for a Conference to discuss the colossal defeat and surrender of territories. 

No Hindu organisation has demanded to look closer into Nehru’s motivation to agree to Partition instantly.

NO Hindu organisation ever came out with the need to dump Gandhi’s “Ahimsa PARMO Dharma!”

NO Hindu leader or organisation gave the call to study the battles of Kurushetra and Sri Lanka and note that ‘Hindus, too, had been fighters and warriors!”

NO Hindu leader showed any interest in the woes and worries of the tiny but brave Sikh minority who were decimated in 1947 when Hindusthan collapsed and still feel most insecure in Partitioned India, having lost LAHORE, LYALLPUR (now Faisalabad) & even SRI NANKANA SAHIB! There is total lack of understanding among the Hindus of the place of gurdwaras in the Sikh psyche. Every time a Muslim invader razed Harmandir Sahib to ground, he was pursued and assassinated till the last political “Witch”, Maimoona Begum (aka Indira Gandhi), met with the same fate. 

Sikhs, therefore, cannot comprehend the lack of Hindus’ attachment to the nation’s most important Tempe in Ayodhya that is still in ruins with a big VETO conceded to the Muslims!

When Nehru, as the prime minister of world’s largest HINDU nation declared, “There is NO Hindu or Musalmaan in Bharat. We are all secular and “bhai bhai”,” NO Hindu stalwart raised his head above the parapet to declare, “Delhi will be as much Hindu as your Lahore is Islamic”! 

With utmost ease and facility “Bandit” Nehru barred all the Hindu constitutional experts but entrusted the task of writing the Constitution for Hindusthan to a Buddhist, already smarting with resentment against the Brahmins and Kshatriyas for their treatment of the Dalits!

And needless to say that THAT Constitution does not contain the line, “We shall be secular when KHYBER PASS is back in India!”, or, when “Lahore is under secular Constitution!”

And also needless to say that our Hindu nation is SO DETACHED from TERRITORY that there is much relief that the “bulk” of Kafir Killer Second Nation has gone OUT and we are safe from the ever destructive and troublesome Kafir-killer Muslims!” FEAR HAS OVERRULED PATRIOTISM, LOGIC, MORALITY AND PRINCIPLES!

Finally, needless to say that there is NO mechanism, even interest, in SELF PRESERVATION among most Hindus who are following Rahul and Sonia like the sheep follow their shepherd in the wolf infested forest.

What hope then for the survival of the REMAINING Hindus in Hindusthan unless we acquire a new Constitution for “Hindu Rashtra” that will NOT have Article 370 in it!

In that Vidhan there will be an Article that says, “Muslims in “Broken” Bharat will be elevated to first class status as citizens of Bharat alongside the Hindus, when that bogus and provocative Partition is UNDONE.”

Some superlatives:

1947 saw the biggest ethnic cleansing of Hindus (and Sikhs) in history.

1947 saw the biggest exodus (migration) of Hindu refugees leaving their ancestral homes, lands and mandirs (and gurdwaras) at the mercy of their enemies.

1947 saw the largest number of Hindu (and Sikh) women and girls abducted and raped (and converted) across Western and Eastern India that became PAKISTAN- East and West.

Maximum number of Hindus (and Sikhs) lost their livelihood to become refugees, forced to fend for themselves. Neither the UNO looked at them nor even prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Yet the Hindus HONOUR the traitor by naming a university after him!

Not to commemorate the Dead of Partition, not to establish a Hindu Holocaust Museum and not to put up a suitable Memorial to all the women and girls who were abducted, raped and converted or killed, has been the WORST act of neglect and betrayal by the Government and the Indian “coolie” MEDIA of those Hindus (and Sikhs) who looked forward to living in Independent Bharat after the departure of the British. 

In the event the RULING & FOOLING establishment of Partitioned India (Partitioned Indian Secular State, or P.I.S.S.) put the “reputation” of a Traitor (NEHRU) and the image of a bogus Mahatma (Gandhi) far above the integrity, dignity, image and morality of the Land of their birth, Bharat.

Finally, maximum number of MP’s in Bharat are afraid of publicising their e-mail ID’s lest they are “bothered” by public (their own constituents) demanding answer to the question, “What are the MUSLIMS doing in PARTITIONED India when hardly any Hindu or Sikh is seen alive in Pakistan and Bangladesh?”!

Question: Are we going to be reconciled to that BOGUS Partition, a cunning trap for the Rest of India, till eternity, and live and behave, DENYING REALITY, as if nothing happened to our Bharat Mata in 1947? 


30 August 2018


The major vulnerability of Islam

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As Received

Dear Elsa,

Thank you.
You have described it brilliantly.
Another factor is that the CIVILISED has kept going, keeping pace with progress, i.e., march of time, while the BARBARIAN has remained stuck in the quicksands (quagmire) of the Dark Age of the 7th century AD.

With the passage of time the CONTRAST has become too great to drown all the Muslims in the deep dark hole of SHAME & GUILT. Even the most fundamentalist and fanatic Mohammed will HANG HIS HEAD IN SHAME over the treatment of Hindu and Sikh families in Pakistan during 1947 and of the YAZIDI women and girls a couple of years ago.

The realisation is bound to occur in 21st century world that each of those girls and women, enslaved, gang raped, and sold off like the cattle was as worthy of RESPECT as his (or Mohammed’s) OWN daughter, mother, sister or wife.

The Nuernberg style TRIAL of the rulers of IS (ISLAMIC STATE / Daesh) is overdue on account of the crimes against humanity they committed.

29 Jul 18

I’ve been wondering, what is the Achilles’ heel of Islam in the West? What is its major vulnerability?
dancer with hairy legs
Everything has vulnerable points. But until you know that Achilles’ vulnerable point is his heel, you’re not likely to attack it.

It’s clear that Islam very much cares to maintain the image of Islam-religion-of-peace, which it has gone to great pains to project to non-Islamics in the West. Otherwise why would Islamic forces (OIC, CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, etc, etc) have invested such an enormous amount of money and energy into:
– blocking and criminalizing freedom of speech about Islam via the many hate laws and blasphemy laws throughout the West;
– creating an environment in which many people are hit by negative consequences if they speak out – loss of job, loss of friends, loss of reputation, law suits, jail (just think of Tommy Robinson);
– purchasing text book publishing houses in the West and rewriting textbooks so the content on Islam becomes major and positive;
– trotting out the story of “it was mental illness” every time there is a jihad murder spree.
It is clearly important to Islam to be seen, overtly anyway, as benign, by most non-Islamics in non-Islamic countries.

Yet most Islamic organizations have not worked to stop violence done in the name of Islam, including in the West. Instead, for instance, Saudi Arabia has openly promoted and exported very traditional Islam.

So it also seems to matter to most Islamic forces that non-Islamics in the West simultaneously experience Islam as dangerous. Maybe all the people working to spread the truth about Islam have in fact helped Islam be experienced as dangerous. Fear helps keep people in line.

My image is of a huge veiled dancer, supposedly a beauty, veils swirling so they reveal glimpses, to all, of hairy legs and who knows what else. By now, millions of people are tugging at the veils, so that ever more of what’s underneath becomes visible.

It becomes tricky, keeping some balance between the main image and the unsavory glimpses, especially as ever people know Islamic ideology and talk about it. Each person who knows moves aside tiny bits of the veil.

Of course at some point there is a tipping point. The indoctrination about Islam as a religion of peace stops working, by and large. The reality of Islam becomes visible to too many people. Currently we have the proliferation, in Europe and Australia, of political parties against Islamization and sometimes against Islam – parties labeled by the mainstream as ultra right wing, racist and even Nazi, to keep as many people away from them for as long as possible.

Yet the breakthrough is inevitable. It’s just a question of when, how soon, and how fully the shift to reality perception of Islam is made.

There’s also the question of what will the outcome be.

What’s the vulnerable point, the Achilles’ heel, for Islam? One vulnerability is the possibility of being seen early, so that, for instance, Islamic incoming is stopped before there is a considerable Islamic population. That has happened in only a few eastern European countries.

It’s my sense that another vulnerable point is during the shift in perception. It’s like when an animal with an exoskeleton molts. No shell, for a time. In this case, no veil.

My sense is also that, the quicker the shift, the more likely there can be a relatively non-violent resolution in favor of human rights and freedoms, for the re-establishment of freedom of speech and good thinking skills.

That makes our efforts ever more important, each of us doing what we can to help with the shift – millions of us each tugging aside more and more of the veil.

Part of the impact will be on things like whom we vote for, the education about Islam in the schools, the stories about the mental health of jihadis.

Another part of the impact will be on Islamics. As our knowledge of their ideology changes, as ever more non-Islamics are aware of Islamic ideology, aware of Islamic history, aware of the story of Mohammed. Islamics will know, when we look at them, that the ideology of their religion and the life of Mohammed, are generally known. There will be a powerful group energy in our gaze. Each of us will know we’re not alone. And they will know they are being seen, as people adhering to an ideology that aims to destroy Western human rights and freedoms. Quite a shift, I’d say.

I wonder, is the core vulnerability of Islam, that Islamics will know their religion is accurately seen? Not noble. Not savory. Not peaceful. Calling for the subjugation and killing of non-Islamics.

What will this do to the many Islamics who are used to denying or ignoring the reality of Islamic ideology, who might even be ashamed of much of it?

Will Islam be drained of a considerable portion of its energy?

Just think of the response of most Germans and Austrians after World War II, when the reality of the Holocaust became known. Generations of people feeling shame.

Anyway, I am sure that the major Islamic organizations are aware of the impending tipping point.

We will see how things go.

As always, all the best to all who care and dare,


PS. This is online at:

QMS EMS AERO SPACE ZED Standards Consultancy

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Dear friends

At the outset I wish to introduce myself.

I’m a QA QC professional & promote physical concepts on various international management system standards and integrate the existing client management systems with the globally competitive business environment.

I am a qualified QMS EMS Auditor & aConsultant. I am also qualified Zed Master Trainer & Zed Assessor. I have implemented the requirements of several international management systems in many government & private organizations as an Auditor Trainer & as a Consultant. My career profile is attached herewith for your kind consideration.

I provide consultancy in various international management systems & facilitate QMS EMS AS9100 TS16949 etc at nominal rates.

With Warm Regards

Cdr Alok Mohan

My Academic & Professional Qualifications



BSC Engineering Mechanical From Regional Engineering College Now NIT Kurukshetra
M Tech (Mechanical Engineering) Production Engineering Specialization
Aeronautical Engineering Specialization Course from AFTC Bangalore
Marine Engineering Specialization Course Naval College of Engineering Pune
Zed Assessor Course (A prestigious course on Zed Ranking System)
Zed Master Trainer Course
Quality Management Course DGQA( DIQA) Bangalore (LAC-9)
Quality Course (5 FC), DGQA (DIQA) Bangalore
Lead Assessors Course ISO 9001:2000 from QGS Training Institute New Delhi
Lead Assessors Course ISO 9001:2008 from URS Inspection Ltd New Delhi
Lead Assessors Course (QMS & EMS) from DIQA Bangalore
Lead Assessors Course ISO 9001:2015 course
Lead Assessors Course ISO 14001:2015 course
Radiography Testing Course( Level 2 ) from Institute of Material Testing & Evaluation Faridabad
Standardization and Codification Course from Directorate of Standardization(MOD) New Delhi
Computer Basic Proficiency Course from INS Tunir Mumbai
Diploma in Computer Science from SSI South Campus New Delhi

Sales and Service Engineering from Kirloskar Pneumatic Company, Hadapsar Ind. Estate, Pune
Chukar III Operational Training from M/S Northrop America
IPC/WHMA – A- 600 course (Certified IPC Specialist)
Industrial Safety Course- Merit Quality Certification P Ltd
Aircraft Competency Course
Ship Engine Room Watch keeping Course
GTO Course at DIPR, New Delhi during mid 1993 –

Ishq de painde

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Kindly like the video & your comments please


Ishq de painde

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Kindly like the video & your comments please

1947 विभाजन

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“विभाजन के बाद 1947 में पाकिस्तान में हिंदुओं की हत्याओं, लड़कियों से बलात्कार का नंगा नाच हो रहा था। लाहौर से हर ट्रैन में लाशें और उन पर मंडराते कुत्ते, गिद्ध दिखाई दे रहे थे तब नेहरू जी ने रेडियो पर शरणार्थी शिविरों में रह रहे हिंदुओं से धैर्य और शांति बनाये रखने की अपील की। दूसरे दिन वो शिविरों में इंदिरा  के साथ गए। वहां नेहरू तक अपनी बात पहुंचाने की कोशिश में एक 80 वर्षीय वृद्ध ने इंदिरा को स्पर्श कर दिया। नेहरू ने तुरंत ही उसे तमाचा जड़ दिया। वो वृद्ध लाहौर का प्रसिद्ध व्यापारी था जिस पर वक़्त की मार पड़ रही थी। तमाचा खा कर वो जोर से हंसा और बोला, “इंदिरा मेरी पोती समान है क्योंकि आप खुद मेरे बेटे की उम्र के हैं। मेरा हाथ लग जाने भर से आप क्रोधित हो गए और मेरी 3 जवान पोतियों को मुसलमान मेरे सामने उठा ले गए फिर भी आप कहते हैं सब भुला दूं।” नेहरू ये सुनकर वहां से इंदिरा को साथ लेकर निकल गए।

-अश्व घोष की पुस्तक “द कुरान एंड द काफिर” के अंश

Charter for Swadeshi Muslims

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Charter for Swadeshi Muslims
1. Become conscious and fully aware of Ashraf and Ajlaf caste system in South Asia. How it is detrimentally corrosive of National Sovereignty and led to 1971 independence of Bangladesh. Acknowledge the centrifugal forces trying to further “Break India”. International War will only be the final resort if all diplomatic ties are extensively exhausted in full view of complete public and political transparency.
2. As a token of positive sets of affirmative actions, ALL Swadeshi Muslims will legally sign petition to (a) agree to Uniform Civil Court procedures and (b) renounce all future claims to Ram Lala Mandir and accept Islam’s caustic role in India’s Grand Narrative. Muslims in South Asia especially Indians, should not emphasize their Arabic, Turkic or Persian conquering narratives and not champion or lionize Atrocious Monarchs as this tangent of ideology is only corrosive to a healthy society. Above affirmative actions will send a clear ringing message to over a Billion followers of Islam that a legal system based on “Rule of Law” is better than an overall backward Sharia legal system that is obsolete and irrelevant in modern times as it does not accommodate evolving technological advancements and how ICT is shaping new social needs. E.g what is the Sharia position on Net Neutrality? These actions will also highlight the entire “Dar al Islam/Harb/Ahd/Sulh and Al-Taqeya” debate with the unanimous public conclusion of rejecting these ideas that promote sectarian and communal tensions and further form the basis of worldwide Islamic Terrorist recruitments.
3. Acknowledge that Muslim communities have been isolated as vote banks by Congress Party since pre independence and that we are far behind both national basic literacy rate and Higher Education. Modernize Madrassas to also teach basic and advanced vocational and practical courses that lead to sustainable employment and actually build their identity as positive contributors in our booming economy. We have to be brought up-to-date with Industry 4.0 so we can prepare ourselves for a future with bright prospects. Orphaned Madrassa graduates presently may only seek employment as common laborers in Middle Eastern Countries or local clerical positions that are again funded and influenced by foreign agencies. We have to rejoin our Dharmic brothers in modern society as our national economy grows and evolves towards a Digital India.
4. All Swadeshi Muslim scholars should work towards producing NEW acceptable (incorporating Human Common Sense) translations of ALL RELEVANT Islamic manuscripts. The task may seem unfeasible before inception but once the process starts, it will be rather quick since we can communicate freely from many different locations and overall interest in these manuscripts will only increase with time.
5. Start the long and arduous but inevitable disentangling (decoupling) processes from Saudi, Iranian and other foreign (including western indology and oriental) religious interpretations. Identify various sources of Knowledge Producers in Islam, stop importing foreign information systems from foreign sources and work towards a coherent, indigenous new Swadeshi Interpretation that is in touch with modern evolving times. These long processes should be nationally monitored through internet database website and cell phone apps to ensure it is promptly executed. Note that these new interpretations will be revised again in the future when our interpretations will cease to be relevant to then future society. (Point being the entire ethos of Ghazwat ul Hind and apocalyptic Word ending omni-cidal war has to be scraped and reinterpreted incorporating the latest archeological findings mainly, Mecca in Quran was originally the city of Petra in present day Jordan Valley. It should also include the true verifiable history of various Islamic cultures at various locations worldwide which were initially added through pillage, conquest and proselytization.)
6. Accept detailed DNA Analysis that proves South Asians are natives and indigenous to South Asia. Explain the entire Cambridge study in laymen’s terms.
7. All Clerics in charge of Public Mosques and Madrassas have to be transparently selected, preferably with local roots in relevance to their appointment. No appointments will be influenced by Breaking India forces. Once divergent clerics are identified they will be publicly dismissed with legal proofs of their anti-human preachings and connections.
8. Special Protection Centers and toll free hotlines mast be setup so women under family abuse could contact and relocate if undue family pressures continue despite local interventions. Suicide rate in modern society is appalling.
9. Local Muslim Ladies must organize nationally with their fellow sisters so every mosque in India has separate and sufficient accommodations for a common female praying area. Once women are granted due respect, society will change for the better.
10. ALL “Islamic Universities” that claim to offer Higher Education degrees in ICT must offer Degree in Basic and Advanced Sanskrit as Computer Programming Language. Our society is becoming more digital, more human functions are being taken over by algorithms, world is moving towards creating Artificial Intelligence and mass high value manufacturing is being done by advanced Robotics. It has been undisputedly concluded that Sanskrit will the programming language for future algorithms, artificial intelligence and advanced Robotics innovations. Leading ICT universities from CalTech to MIT to CERN to University of Technology Sydney all offer Sanskrit programming courses at all Higher Educational Courses and levels. Omitting this strategy will condemn India head first into another era of Digital Colonialism.

Rajiv: Something with a similar purpose is being drafted by SMs.

EXCELLENT, VITAL & TIMELY contribution to well-being and security of Bharat. Great job done. Congratulations.
A few more suggestions are offered, as follows:-

1. Ban on converting any Non Muslim to Islam.

2. In the case of a “mixed” marriage the Muslim groom should embrace the religion of his non Muslim bride like a gentleman instead of forcing his own Islam on her.

3. Those renouncing Islam should not face the threat of death.

4. Muslims should not have extra large number of children. The country does NOT want more “Pakistans”!

5. All Islamic holy scriptures should be translated into regional languages. The Muslims should pray to God, or Allah, in their own mother’s language, NOT in the language of an Arab who lived in 7th century AD.

6. Muslims should discard the belief that Mohammed was the LAST prophet on earth. If God is almighty He can send yet another prophet down to earth- even more than one!

7. Muslims should swear loyalty to a SECULAR Constitution while living in Non Muslim countries.

8. Muslims in Partitioned India (“Broken Bharat”) should designate Friday as the day of REPENTANCE to show remorse for the savage attack on peaceful India (Akhand Bharat) in 1947, murdering, maiming and raping millions of Non Muslim fellow citizens and forcing millions more out of their ancestral homes as refugees.