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Commander Alok Mohan is a Trainer, a Counselor, an Advisor and a Competent professional of cross functional exposures. He has successfully implimented requirements of various international management system standards in several organizations. He is a dedicated technocrat with expertise in Quality Assurance & Quality Control, Facility Management, General Administration, Marketing, Security, Training, Administration etc. He is a graduate mechanical engineer with specialization in aeronautical engineering. He is always eager to be involved in imparting training, implementing new ideas and improving existing processes by utilizing his vast experience in Quality Management Systems.

1947 विभाजन

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“विभाजन के बाद 1947 में पाकिस्तान में हिंदुओं की हत्याओं, लड़कियों से बलात्कार का नंगा नाच हो रहा था। लाहौर से हर ट्रैन में लाशें और उन पर मंडराते कुत्ते, गिद्ध दिखाई दे रहे थे तब नेहरू जी ने रेडियो पर शरणार्थी शिविरों में रह रहे हिंदुओं से धैर्य और शांति बनाये रखने की अपील की। दूसरे दिन वो शिविरों में इंदिरा  के साथ गए। वहां नेहरू तक अपनी बात पहुंचाने की कोशिश में एक 80 वर्षीय वृद्ध ने इंदिरा को स्पर्श कर दिया। नेहरू ने तुरंत ही उसे तमाचा जड़ दिया। वो वृद्ध लाहौर का प्रसिद्ध व्यापारी था जिस पर वक़्त की मार पड़ रही थी। तमाचा खा कर वो जोर से हंसा और बोला, “इंदिरा मेरी पोती समान है क्योंकि आप खुद मेरे बेटे की उम्र के हैं। मेरा हाथ लग जाने भर से आप क्रोधित हो गए और मेरी 3 जवान पोतियों को मुसलमान मेरे सामने उठा ले गए फिर भी आप कहते हैं सब भुला दूं।” नेहरू ये सुनकर वहां से इंदिरा को साथ लेकर निकल गए।

-अश्व घोष की पुस्तक “द कुरान एंड द काफिर” के अंश

Charter for Swadeshi Muslims

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Charter for Swadeshi Muslims
1. Become conscious and fully aware of Ashraf and Ajlaf caste system in South Asia. How it is detrimentally corrosive of National Sovereignty and led to 1971 independence of Bangladesh. Acknowledge the centrifugal forces trying to further “Break India”. International War will only be the final resort if all diplomatic ties are extensively exhausted in full view of complete public and political transparency.
2. As a token of positive sets of affirmative actions, ALL Swadeshi Muslims will legally sign petition to (a) agree to Uniform Civil Court procedures and (b) renounce all future claims to Ram Lala Mandir and accept Islam’s caustic role in India’s Grand Narrative. Muslims in South Asia especially Indians, should not emphasize their Arabic, Turkic or Persian conquering narratives and not champion or lionize Atrocious Monarchs as this tangent of ideology is only corrosive to a healthy society. Above affirmative actions will send a clear ringing message to over a Billion followers of Islam that a legal system based on “Rule of Law” is better than an overall backward Sharia legal system that is obsolete and irrelevant in modern times as it does not accommodate evolving technological advancements and how ICT is shaping new social needs. E.g what is the Sharia position on Net Neutrality? These actions will also highlight the entire “Dar al Islam/Harb/Ahd/Sulh and Al-Taqeya” debate with the unanimous public conclusion of rejecting these ideas that promote sectarian and communal tensions and further form the basis of worldwide Islamic Terrorist recruitments.
3. Acknowledge that Muslim communities have been isolated as vote banks by Congress Party since pre independence and that we are far behind both national basic literacy rate and Higher Education. Modernize Madrassas to also teach basic and advanced vocational and practical courses that lead to sustainable employment and actually build their identity as positive contributors in our booming economy. We have to be brought up-to-date with Industry 4.0 so we can prepare ourselves for a future with bright prospects. Orphaned Madrassa graduates presently may only seek employment as common laborers in Middle Eastern Countries or local clerical positions that are again funded and influenced by foreign agencies. We have to rejoin our Dharmic brothers in modern society as our national economy grows and evolves towards a Digital India.
4. All Swadeshi Muslim scholars should work towards producing NEW acceptable (incorporating Human Common Sense) translations of ALL RELEVANT Islamic manuscripts. The task may seem unfeasible before inception but once the process starts, it will be rather quick since we can communicate freely from many different locations and overall interest in these manuscripts will only increase with time.
5. Start the long and arduous but inevitable disentangling (decoupling) processes from Saudi, Iranian and other foreign (including western indology and oriental) religious interpretations. Identify various sources of Knowledge Producers in Islam, stop importing foreign information systems from foreign sources and work towards a coherent, indigenous new Swadeshi Interpretation that is in touch with modern evolving times. These long processes should be nationally monitored through internet database website and cell phone apps to ensure it is promptly executed. Note that these new interpretations will be revised again in the future when our interpretations will cease to be relevant to then future society. (Point being the entire ethos of Ghazwat ul Hind and apocalyptic Word ending omni-cidal war has to be scraped and reinterpreted incorporating the latest archeological findings mainly, Mecca in Quran was originally the city of Petra in present day Jordan Valley. It should also include the true verifiable history of various Islamic cultures at various locations worldwide which were initially added through pillage, conquest and proselytization.)
6. Accept detailed DNA Analysis that proves South Asians are natives and indigenous to South Asia. Explain the entire Cambridge study in laymen’s terms.
7. All Clerics in charge of Public Mosques and Madrassas have to be transparently selected, preferably with local roots in relevance to their appointment. No appointments will be influenced by Breaking India forces. Once divergent clerics are identified they will be publicly dismissed with legal proofs of their anti-human preachings and connections.
8. Special Protection Centers and toll free hotlines mast be setup so women under family abuse could contact and relocate if undue family pressures continue despite local interventions. Suicide rate in modern society is appalling.
9. Local Muslim Ladies must organize nationally with their fellow sisters so every mosque in India has separate and sufficient accommodations for a common female praying area. Once women are granted due respect, society will change for the better.
10. ALL “Islamic Universities” that claim to offer Higher Education degrees in ICT must offer Degree in Basic and Advanced Sanskrit as Computer Programming Language. Our society is becoming more digital, more human functions are being taken over by algorithms, world is moving towards creating Artificial Intelligence and mass high value manufacturing is being done by advanced Robotics. It has been undisputedly concluded that Sanskrit will the programming language for future algorithms, artificial intelligence and advanced Robotics innovations. Leading ICT universities from CalTech to MIT to CERN to University of Technology Sydney all offer Sanskrit programming courses at all Higher Educational Courses and levels. Omitting this strategy will condemn India head first into another era of Digital Colonialism.

Rajiv: Something with a similar purpose is being drafted by SMs.

EXCELLENT, VITAL & TIMELY contribution to well-being and security of Bharat. Great job done. Congratulations.
A few more suggestions are offered, as follows:-

1. Ban on converting any Non Muslim to Islam.

2. In the case of a “mixed” marriage the Muslim groom should embrace the religion of his non Muslim bride like a gentleman instead of forcing his own Islam on her.

3. Those renouncing Islam should not face the threat of death.

4. Muslims should not have extra large number of children. The country does NOT want more “Pakistans”!

5. All Islamic holy scriptures should be translated into regional languages. The Muslims should pray to God, or Allah, in their own mother’s language, NOT in the language of an Arab who lived in 7th century AD.

6. Muslims should discard the belief that Mohammed was the LAST prophet on earth. If God is almighty He can send yet another prophet down to earth- even more than one!

7. Muslims should swear loyalty to a SECULAR Constitution while living in Non Muslim countries.

8. Muslims in Partitioned India (“Broken Bharat”) should designate Friday as the day of REPENTANCE to show remorse for the savage attack on peaceful India (Akhand Bharat) in 1947, murdering, maiming and raping millions of Non Muslim fellow citizens and forcing millions more out of their ancestral homes as refugees.


1947 Illegal Partition Based on Religion

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1947 partition based on religion was illegal & unhuman event.


There was no plebiscite Consent of common people was not taken. Three people drew a line on the map with the help of british & forced millions of hindus to leave their ancestral lands houses etc.

There was no justice No compensation for losses of hindus. The people who forced hindus to leave Pakistan were assured that they shall be shifting to a hindu nation But the congress leaders Gandhi Nehru betrayed the uprooted hindus & provided compleye security to muslims of hindu part of India while there was no such security made available to hindus in Pakistan.


A new Constitution for hindu nation is very important to hindus of post partitioned India. It should been in place in 1947.

Especially when Lahore and Dhaka went under islamic Constitutions.

 Hindu-hater  Jawaharlal Nehru would never have got the prime minister’s office had there been a constitution of hindu nation.


How long more will Bharat remain under fraudulent “HINDU BASHING” Constitution that does not apply in J&K State

That does not mention the bogus partition, border through Wagah, and is blind to triple talaaq, rapid rise in Muslim population and Sharia in Bharat ?


What is stopping BJP  government to review & modify present constitution of post partitioned hindu India.


If UN or any other nation interferes then they must be told in black & white to review 1947 illegal partition & address the grievances of the uprooted hindus from pakistan & Kashmir & compensate for their losses.





Law of Ideology

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Law of Ideology
“A nation that does not have “Killer instinct” and “Fighting spirit” (Kampfgeist) will not survive on earth.”
Violated by Bharat
The Muslims have both these attributes in abundance. Hence the history of India is nothing but the massacres & non stop killing of Hindus since the arrival of Islam in 712 AD. And lack of “Fighting Spirit” among the Hindu masses resulted in the vast territorial surrenders to establish the largest Islamic country on earth, Pakistan, without firing a pistol shot in 1947.
Unfortunately, neither the Hindus have these two attributes nor the Sikhs. Hence their ignominious FLIGHT from Lahore and East Bengal, even from North Kashmir, in 1947.
Will the Hindu nation ever get back to KHYBER Pass? Not until all the pandits, priests, granthis and mahatmas stop chanting “all mankind is ONE family” or “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!”, but start posing the question to their congregations and blind followers, “How to move the frontier back from Wagah to Khyber, and do “shuddhi” in Noakhali, Rawalpindi and Malabar?”
At present the RUINS at AYODHYA reflect the sickly (decomposing) state of the divided & confused “secular” (detached, non aligned) Hindu nation on earth. Accordingly, the President (“Rashtrapati”) has never mentioned the word “PARTITION” or recalled “LAHORE” or even the TWO MILLION Hindus slaughtered at Partition in all the 70 odd impressive “Independence Day addresses to the nation” delivered from the rampart of Red Fort in Delhi.
It should be quite clear to all as to what must be done urgently to enable the Hindus to unite and recover the lost territories and also “hang” Pandit Nehru and MK Gandhi for their daylight betrayal of United India and the botched “Independence” that, in reality, was PARTITION.
A new Constitution is the need of the hour that does not “smell” of Nehru or Gandhi.


A write up/input especially meant for Punjabi hindu think tanks

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A write up/input especially meant for Punjabi hindu think tanks

A question frequently haunts me.

Are we ethnically different people & therefore enjoy lesser rights as compared to the people of rest of india especially SC ST OBC minorities etc etc etc ?

This question is a consequence of several events & disparities which like you people I have also witnessed in my life.
We always talk about 1947 Partition based on religion but who suffered most consequent to this partition masterminded by muslim league & jinnah
The political leadership of Maharashtra UP Gujarat etc had handed over our ancestral lands for creation of Pakistan & thereafter the leadership representing SC ST Dalit OBC etc etc formulated a constitution of partitioned part of India, wherein the bloody & voilent partition of India had no mention at all. They considered 1947 partition as a non-event.

A constitution, Wherein, no one had thought of providing justice to the agrieved displaced punjabi communities.

My this statement does not mean that i have no confidence in our constitution.
It means, why there is no mention of our losses (both life & materials) & why no mention of providing justice to displaced punjabi hindus. Especially when the constitution writers had seen some injustices to their own communities & provided them reservations in the form of jobs, promotions etc etc etc

Do we know why had they drawn partition line on a piece of paper having map of undivided India through the heart of only Punjab, Sindh & Bengal & Why not their own states ?

Do we know Why they let west punjab of undivided india, become victim of anarchism, while they had all the powers to use military paramilitary and police forces during 1947_1948 so that they could restore law and order situation in the region where our people were being murdered.

During 1947 hindu genocide, why did some leaders woke up only when there was backlash in this region.
As i was born after 1947 partition, I never ever had any regret of materialistic losses ie the ancestral properties of my family due the stupidities of the founding fathers of India and Pakistan. But I did miss several of my relatives especially my grand parents, who were murdered mercilessly.

As we all are aware, during 1947, Pakistan was created, consequent to partition based on Jinnah’s two nation theory, wherein, in one part of India, there was no demographic change at all, while in other partitioned part, hindu communities were eliminated ie dragged out or looted & killed.

Hindu population in pakistan, prior to the Jinnahs notorious two nation theory, was almost equal to muslims ie close to 26 percent.
We all know the hindu genocide was planned by the forces responsible for 1947 partition ie Muslim league.

I wish to add that this was not only punjabi hindu, who had faced the major brunt of partition but a few other communities also which comprised close to 15 percent population of the region like sikhs christians & budhist etc had also suffered.
Result of the Genocide was that close to 40 percent of the minorities of this region were reduced to 1 percent.

Ideally speaking as per jinnahs theory other part of India should have been having identical demographic configuration. This was also expected by the displaced punjabi hindus. But this did not happen. Gandhi & Nehru had accepted partition of our ancestral lands, but backed out from implimentation of jinnahs theory in this partitioned part of the region ie Rest of India, which was under their influence & effective leadership.

They also closed eyes & refused to look into grievances of the agrieved displaced population. They refused to look into the plight of migrated punjabi hindus.

At no stage in the history of post partitioned India, they thought of providing justice to the displaced punjabi hindus.

Ideally speaking consequent to partition, the displaced punjabi hindus had deserved a nation, identical to Pakistan (This never happened.

Now after seven decades of 1947 partition we have witnessed the followers of jinnahs two nation theory showing their muscels to the legally elected governments of India several times & the reason is uneven demographic changes in the post partitioned India.

Consequent to 1947 partition punjabi hindu settled in Punjab Kashmir Haryana etc. We all are aware of the environment which our people are/were being subjected to, since last few decades in kashmir punjab etc. etc. etc. They were made refugees in their own nation ie post partitioned India. I need not to highlight this issue much as we all have been witnessing in our day to day lives & we know which had been the targetted population in punjab kashmir etc. We all are aware what had happened during last few decades.

We have also seen, consequent to every war with Pakistan while our government gave VIP treatment to Pakistani POWs but our several Saurabhs Kalias Sarabjits etc etc were treated very badly.

We have also witnessed during post partioned period, the efforts of some political leaders to divide the already divided hindu society from time to time in the shape of Lingayats SC ST OBC etc etc. They remind them of some imagined injustices (of few centuries back) prior to moghul & british period & divide society whenever there are some or other general elections in any region/state but till date i am yet to see a single politician who had mentioned about the biggest injustice of few decades back ie 1947 hindu holocaust.

However the point which i feel to bring up is that humanity shall be best served if world community creates a small nation for the agrieved punjabi hindu community in the form of a buffer zone between two major south asian powers so that conflict between them is avoided. Mother planet has enough land resources for this purpose. I therefore strongly feel that the agrieved punjabi hindus must take up this issue to UNO.

This world comprises hundreds of Muslim nations, Christian Nations, Budhist nations, But not even a single hindu nation, although most of these central asian nations have emerged only after dragging out killing or forcibly converting hindu population since last several centuries.

UNO has recognized several nations in Asian & African regions, which have a population of a very few lakh people only.

We have also seen emergence of a jews nation “Israel” which was created by allocating some of their ancestral lands. Jews have also witnessed identical history like us & definitely deserved a nation for the survival of their coming generations.

Therefore creation of a nation for close to one crore punjabi hindus may also become a reality one day if we people start thinking on this subject. Pakistan & China may return our our ancestral lands for this purpose or may compensate in terms of land resources in lieu of hindu’s losses for the purpose.

I understand there are enough land resources available for this purpose in south Asia, which can be used as buffer zones between major powers of south asia.

This shall create a safe place for the agrieved hindu population as with change in demographic configuration in this part of post partitioned india our people may most likely have to face another Jinnah in future.
We have witnessed voilent Dalit movement Jaat movement Patel movement etc etc & future of secular hindu of post partitioned india, who was not effected by 1947 partition at all, has also become clearer now. We all have witnessed islamic terror Bindrawale phenemenon etc etc during post partitioned period.

The idea of this write up is therefore very close to our reality ie our existence & our survival.
I feel a nation created exclusively for punjabi hindus may be co-habitated by the people from the beliefs like Christianity Buddhism Jainism Sikhism & of course the hindus of rest of India, who are peaceful people & have shared a history of peaceful co-existence with us in this region.


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And then the ENEMY captured Lahore and proceeded to massacre the non Muslim residents in the city- the indigenous people. 

Gangs of killers roamed freely. Law enforcing authorities were nowhere to be seen. Residents shut their doors & windows in terror, awaiting the inevitable, expecting the worst.

There was NO law and order in Lahore just as there had been NO law and order in Multan and Rawalpindi earlier, now resembling ghost towns. The barbarians had wiped out civilisation.

Those who stepped out to fetch water from the street taps, buy food or milk for the babies were instantly beheaded. The others perished in their own homes set ablaze by the highly charged Muslim mobs shouting “Allah hu Akbar”. Women and girls were dragged out of their homes to be raped and gang raped, none heeding to their anguished cries. They shouted “Mummy!, Daddy!” whose mutilated corpses lay in front of their eyes.

India, Bharat, Hindusthan, whatever one may wish to call her, had DIED.

Where was humanity? Where were the champions of Secularism? Where were the super powers? Where was the UNO? Where was God?

Weeks later the INVADERS were to head for Srinagar, raping, looting, burning along the way till the Indian army, flown in post-haste, confronted them just 12 miles short of Srinagar, the capital, where the residents heaved a sigh of relief.

Was “Partition” a non event like the bite of a mosquito or a devastating, crippling, major attack by a “beast” that mutilated India, devouring a leg and an arm, claimed two million lives, brought the frontier down from Khyber to Wagah, with gangrene spreading in torso?

How patriotic are those who “deny” Partition like those who deny the Jewish Holocaust? How right are they who do not wish to talk about Partition of India, fearing civil war and their own death?

Are they serving or betraying Truth? Are they brave or cowards? Can the cowards defy common sense and the entire wisdom of mankind, all the lessons from history, all Laws of Nature- and still hold on to LAND?

What do YOU think?


Easter weekend 2018

(Saturday 31 March 2018)

PS: Please preserve this “leaf from memory” and save it for the coming generations, for the humanity – till eternity.

Success is therefore defined by those who “achieve” it convincing the members of  community / society.


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She is 88 years old Jewish lady who escaped the NAZI concentration camp during World War 2.
She is now at Jerusalem, answering questions by members of public from all over the world about her experiences during her childhood. Her answers have been filmed for posterity.

How is it that NO such ORAL records had been prepared with regard to experiences of migrated/uprooted hindus during 1947 Partition when 15 million Hindus escaped with life by fleeing their ancestral homes that were surrendered to an enemy in 1947
How can HINDU life be so worthless, so cheap.
Hungary had made House of terror at budhapest ie a museum which contains exhibits related to fascist & communist regimes. This house is a memorial for the victims of these regimes, including those detained, interrogated, tortured or killed in this building.
I feel our leaders must also convert the houses of jinnah & nehru ie Anand bhawan Allahabad & Jinnah house Mumbai to similar memorials for the 1947 partition victims.

Experiences & oral records of survivors of 1947 partition should be prepared & displayed here in these houses of the political leaders who had facilitated 1947 partition and became a major reason of the biggest bloodshed & robbery of last century.

With this initiative of government, I am confidentcoming generations shall become aware of the real villains of history of partitioned india. I feel this shall be a great tribute to the 1947 partition victims.

Himalayan Blunder Which Left Hindus Humiliated For Ever

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As received
Friends & patriots,

I would change the word “Blunder” in the Subject line above by “TREASON”.

Blunder is committed in innocence by one of our own, who acts with neglect or through oversight.

But here we are speaking about a shrewd & smart crook, ENEMY IN FRIEND’S GARB, barrister-at-law Jawaharlal Nehru, who did all the WRONG that he could, to Hindusthan knowingly and deliberately- be it acceptance of vast territorial surrenders, cease fire in Kashmir, downgrading, even degrading the armed forces and embracing the Chinese while exposing own troop to extreme peril due to NEGLECT of Intelligence- and a fraudulent insulting “secular” Constitution when it was mandatory to have HINDU Constitution because an ISLAMIC Constitution has descended upon Dhaka, Lahore & Multan. Dishonestly the counter balance to confront ISLAM was deliberately removed and the HINDUS were left “orphans” and exposed, resting on weak individual shoulders without (collective) State support, left vulnerable and exposed to onslaughts by Islam and Christianity.

The crook was a dictator. The crook was a TRAITOR. He gave the heart of Bharat, LAHORE, to “brother” Jinnah and let the Chinese MAUL the army when the entire 7th Infantry Brigade was routed in disgrace. In severe winter and snow many men lost their limbs to frost bite!

Under Nehru’s Watch the military officers were “reduced & degraded” several notches in protocol- and pay & allowances, the Army was INSULTED & HUMILIATED when ordered to withdraw from Peshawar to Karachi in August 1947, then ordered to CEASE FIRE (while recovering our own territory) and then insulted and humiliated again when the entire Infantry Brigade was WIPED OUT in 1962.

In any other country such an enemy of one’s own side, would have been unmasked, shot or assasinated- BUT NOT IN GANDHIAN INDIA!

The country is still paying the cost in Kashmir for having Nehru on top.

16 Nov 17
PS: Maimoona Begum (aka Indira Gandhi), true to her father’s ideology and political orientation,
let go of East Bengal after its capture,
did not recover North Kashmir in 1972,
did not “blast” the bogus cease-fire or Article 370 in Constitution,
declared Emergency to crush freedom of expression,
trained the Tamil Resistance in Chennai to fight in Sri Lanka (later killed in Sri Lanka by her son Rajiv!)
and attacked Golden Temple in Amritsar instead of raising the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya!
groomed her own son for the post of prime minister to perpetuate the rule of Dynasty in Bharat.
Deprived the Hindus of “gaurav” (pride) in religion by hammering bogus secularism in their brains day and night and by –
raising the profile of Muslims with Hajj subsidies while demoralising, intimidating and dividing the Hindu nation.

NB: When will a White Paper be published on the Treason & Misdeeds of Nehru and his Dynasty down to Rajiv who brought his wife from Italy and Rahul who hopes to bring one from Venezuela to show the servile slavish NATIVES their place!


This happens when politicians lack knowledge about the Army and depend on Bureaucrats
chosen even from “Hakeems, Vet Doctors or Astrologers etc” and start believing that
“un-trained police hired by them through faulty recruitment procedure” can save our country
from well trained and better armed enemy”.
Therefore let us pray, that God gives them sense and they discard their idea of saving the country
by using the “un-trained, danda equipped police” hereafter and avoid bringing more ‘shame” to
brave Hindus-Sikhs-Gurkhas who know better how to face the enemy as “warriors”.
I personally feel that had there been Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, as the Prime Minister, we would
neither have had this “shame” nor the problem of “Kashmir” lingering on us till now. He would
have sorted both of them like he did with “Nizam of Hyderabad” and “Nawab of Junagarh”.

Reminiscences of 1962 India’s China War:
Himalayan Blunder Which Left Hindus Humiliated For Ever

let none of the nationalist Hindusthani suffer from illusions over the culpability, responsibility and accountability of Nehru –
Krishna Menon duo for the political and military debacle which occurred during 1962 and shall always remain a scar as India’s
most unplanned War against “China”.

The fact that the Chinese unilaterally declared ceasefire and withdrew forces from the foothills of North East Frontier Agency
(present day Arunachal Pradesh) to Tibet – North of MacMohan line – was a direct slap on the face of Nehru’s pretensions of
“Third World” leadership. What a national shame and disgrace?

Having been commissioned in July 1961, I had the unique distinction of holding the appointment of Officiating Company/Garrison
commander of 2nd Battalion, the Madras Regiment in Mechuka, Siang Frontier Division (mentioned in the declassified Part 1 of
General Henderson Brookes Report). On commencement of withdrawal, I was the Rear Guard Company Commander that covered
the withdrawal of the “Garrison” comprising 2/8 Gurkha Rifles and B Wing of 11 Assam Rifles.

Let me place on record the tragic event at the tactical levels. “Never leave the highway for a by-way” was the sane advise given by
Major G D Pimple (survivor of a Maratha Unit in the Battle of Monte Cassino in World War II who rejoined 2 MADRAS from NCC to
go on pension) before leaving me as Rear Guard Commander responsible to withdraw my column in a safe manner, which was carried
out despite two Chinese ambush attempts, without rations, forced to abandon Radio Set 62 with expired 12 volt battery and wet blankets
during five days trek across high altitude ridge lines prior to meeting the rear party detachment from Along meeting us enroute; but with complete command intact with small arms.

It was unfortunate that Colonel Eric Taylor, his Adjutant and 2 other officers of 2/8 GR and also Major G. D Pimple died (failed to follow
his own advise) unable to negotiate snow capped mountain on getting orders to withdraw on night 18/19 November 1962 – depending
on the situation by the Brigade which flew back from Along to Jorhat a day earlier. The command structure, thus, collapsed on night of
18/19 November 1962.

Many critical lessons can be learnt even now if Modi-led government declassifies “Henderson Brookes Report of 1962 India’s China War”
even now after 55 years? After all, Neville Maxwell has placed it on website long ago. It provides a deep insight into the failures of political
and military leadership at all levels. So what if the report lays bare politico-bureaucratic strategic bankruptcy and bungling? After all, lessons
of the past must form the basis to shape current and future policies and strategies so as to not let such blunders” happen again.

Let me highlight important features of the Henderson Brooks Report. At the political level, it clearly exposes Nehru’s despotic-cum-autocratic leadership style was patently flawed and out of sync with the “hawkish” global strategic environment of Cold War era. The US and its allies got involved in the Cold War what with the US implementation of Marshall Plan. “Containment on the Door Steps” of Eastern Bloc – communism – was their avowed policy. Three Western Military alliances were formed: NATO; Middle East or CENTO; and SEATO. Pakistan joined the CENTO
and SEATO. The Chinese Civil War, the Korean War (1950–53), the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 brutally crushed by the Soviets, the Suez Crisis (1956), the Berlin Crisis of 1961, and the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 were major happenings. Nehru refused to sign SEATO even when he was
the “first” before USA offered it to Pakistan. This annoyed Americans immensely.

Oblivious to the hawkish global environment, Nehru’s strategic vision and foreign policy initiative was based on “Panchsheel – five Principles of peaceful co-existence”. Nehru was not a realist. He was infatuated with non-violence and leftist leanings. Divine instincts or intuitive capabilities shaped his strategic decisions. Nehru had progressively fallen in love with a ‘revolutionary’ China and thus had sacrificed Tibet. On 29 April, 1954, India signed the “Panchsheel” agreement with China at Peking – “Agreement (with exchange of notes) on trade and intercourse between Tibet Region of China and India” and set to last for eight years. Few days later, Nehru emphasized his commitment to Panchsheel at the Asian Prime Ministers Conference at Colombo. Perhaps, Nehru wanted to be a la modern “Buddha” – another apostle for faking peace.

Following Chou-En-Lai’s visit to India in 1959, the “Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai” policy became the touted position. Bizarre was also Nehru’s championing the cause of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Belgrade in 1961, on the basis of “Panchsheel”. When the “Panchsheel
Agreement” lapsed after 8 years, relations had soured, the provision for renewal of the agreement was not taken up.

Suffice to sum up, Nehru was clouded in foreign policy posture based on the illusion that violence and wars have no place in conflict resolution. Nehru trusted China to honour the Panchsheel and disbelieved Chinese build up of war. Ipso facto, “No loss of an inch of territory – patently flawed” was the higher strategic direction, which continued till “secularist Congress Party ruled India.

In sum, Nehru failed dismally by the criteria of seizing opportunities as the hallmark of great statesman. Nehru’s defence policy posture after gaining independence in 1947 through non-violence was most ill conceived – “Rubbish, total rubbish, we don’t need a defence plan. Our policy
is non-violence. We foresee no military threats. Scrap the Army. The police are good enough to meet our security needs”. It explains the reason for the utter under preparedness of the armed forces till 2014.

Having recognized Chinese rule over Tibet, had Nehru accepted the “quid pro quo” basis for resolving the border dispute – recognize their
claims to Akshai Chin in return of recognition of MacMohan Line in 1960, the entire scenario would have been different today. It would
have pre-empted China-Pakistan bonhomie and eliminated the ‘two-front” threat that exists today.

Nehru was ignorant of military affairs; lacked depth of military knowledge and experience to wage wars; and had no time for the Generals.
Nehru brushed aside any information that did not fit with his (often wildly inaccurate) preconceptions. No permanent consultative body of experts preparing appreciations and alternatives, no equivalent to the Chiefs of Staff Committee or the Joint Chiefs of Staff as in the Western countries. No overall national aim and end objectives of war.

Next, the Henderson Brooke’s Report clearly apportions the blame on intelligence failure. Until the induction of forces into Ladakh and NEFA
in the aftermath of Longju incident in late 1960, B. N. Mullick, Director of Intelligence Bureau, was the repository of intelligence for all others. Nehru’s view that “China will not be provoked for a show down” was reinforced by Mullick’s assessment that “China would not militarily
respond to Forward Posture Policy”, which was accepted as ‘Gospel’ truth by the Pundit.

Even the military intelligence assessment during 1959-60 gave the Chinese capability of one Regiment (Brigade) plus with some tanks opposite Ladakh which was later reassessed as one division plus by October 1960. Similarly, the initial intelligence assessment in late 1959 was one division against Sikkim and three regiments against NEFA. In 1960, the increased Chinese threat assessment was revised to three Chinese divisions with bulk against Tawang.

Let me reiterate that higher direction/grand strategy based on “Forward Posture and No loss of an inch of Territory” was flawed. The three tiered military strategy consisted of “deployment in piecemeal in isolated platoon sized border posts on the watershed to control entry into NEFA” across McMahon line backed up strongly by bases in depth on the second ‘Tier” followed by the “Defence Line: Towing–Bomdila-Ziro-Daporizo-Along-Roing-Tezu-Lohitpur-Hayulang. Due to woeful paucity of troops and grossly inadequate logistics infrastructure, the plan was doomed for disaster by original conception.

Let me trace some data of deployment. Before the issue of “Forward Policy”, 50 Assam Rifles platoons were deployed on 36 outposts to demonstrate “flag bearing” role.

In June/July 1962, “Operation Leghorn” was launched and 42 platoon sized posts were deployed of Macmohan Line. In Tuting Sector, I gave logistic support for Kepang La platoon. Majority of posts were located well away from their bases (on foot or mule tracks 3-10 day march). And, they were tasked to defend the shoulders of passes until the “last man last round”. No artillery or air support. Logistical sustenance was a nightmare. No troops were available to occupy defensive positions around bases; and no positions were prepared on the third-tier of the Defence Line to wage the battle of “Defence Boxes” based on the classical style of Battles of Imphal or Kohima. Such was the operational bankruptcy.

De facto, our troops were not adequately equipped, trained and motivated to wage wars in high terrestrial areas as against enemy forces descending from Tibet plateau. No light weight winter clothing or snow boots. Troops were armed with Boer War vintage pt 303 bolt action rifles. Weapons malfunctioned in the cold. Deep snow hampered movement.

Even the physical fitness and endurance capability of troops was suspect to sustain 20 miles (32) per day for seven days continuously totally self reliant. They moved from the plains of Punjab. Hardly had they time to acclimatize and undergo pertinent training essential for battles. Troops were unprepared to fight battles in high altitudes.

What followed after China commenced its offensive foray’s was even more bizarre. “Throw the Chinese out” was the political direction to the military leadership which was mutely accepted.

The Henderson Brookes Report also clearly highlights the diminution of authority of Army Command structure. The quality of Generalship that emerged was poor lacking in moral courage. The COAS and the Eastern Army Commander were mere figure heads and the most spineless. Internal personal rivalry among Generals to gain Nehru’s favour and lack of moral fibre, confused loyalties; self interest; escapism; and disillusion came to fore. Generals from Delhi were commanding platoon sized posts and issuing orders countermanding intervening headquarters. Command failures led to phenomenal battlefield confusion with issue of orders to withdraw to be retracted later.

The Henderson Brookes Report provides a scathing indictment on General B M Kaul, an Army Supply Corps Officer, woefully ill equipped either tactically or strategically to wage wars first as Chief of General Staff at Army HQs and later as the ill fated IV Corps commander. General Kaul wanted to prove that he had the mettle to implement the political directive of “throw the Chinese Out”. So, he moved with skeletal staff and raised the Corps HQs overnight. Then, Kaul took piggy back ride on a Khampa porter to the battle scene in Dhola pass and fled from the scene feigning sickness to Delhi and conducted battle from sick bed. Never ever such rank cowardice that got condoned.

In retrospect, let me highlight lessons of 1962 India’s China War. Lack of understanding of background realities prevents political breakthroughs by both sides – China and India.

Eight historical defining events or landmarks are recounted to provide a historical perspective of the border dispute. One, throughout 19th century, China exercised sovereignty over Tibet through a local governor. Two, the British invaded Tibet in 1903 and the Dalai Lama fled to Mongolia and then to China. In 1904, an unequal treaty signed converted Tibet into a British protectorate. After the fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911, the regions comprising the present-day Tibet became de facto independent under the control of the Government of Tibet, supervised by the British under a British protectorate.

Three, in March 1914, a tripartite conference was convened in Shimla to settle the border issue. The British and Tibetans agreed on a common border demarcated on a quarter inch map sans surveyed relief features on top half portion: the famous McMahon Line was born. However, the Chinese only initialed the main document and did not ratify it.

Four, the PRC and their predecessors the Kuomintang had always maintained that Tibet was a part of China. The idea of a Greater China was to unite Mongoloid race under one nation. China remained emphatic to redraw the borders calling them “accidents of history” imposed by external powers. The PRC also proclaimed to “liberate” the Tibetans from a theocratic feudal system and made it a top priority to incorporate Tibet, peacefully or by force. Mao in December 1949 ordered that preparations be made to march into Tibet at Chamdo to induce the Tibetan Government to negotiate.

Five, On 16 September 1950, the Tibetan delegation met with the PRC’s ambassador General Yuan Zhongxian in Delhi. Yuan communicated a 3 point proposal that Tibet be regarded as part of China, that China be responsible for Tibet’s defense, trade and foreign relations.

Six, in October 1950, Mao’s troops marched into Tibet. Lhasa appealed to the United Nations. India, though recognizing Tibet’s autonomy (‘verging on independence’ as per Nehru’s words), began to vacillate and was unable to stand up in favor of their peaceful neighbor against Red China. Tibetan delegation signed the 17- Point Agreement “under duress” on 23 May 1951 in Peking authorizing the PLA presence and Central People’s Government rule in Political Tibet. The Dalai Lama formally accepted the 17 Point Agreement in October 1951. Seven, El Salvador sponsored a complaint by the Tibetan government at the UN, but India and the United Kingdom prevented it from being debated.

Finally in 1956, Tibetan militias in the ethnically Tibetan region of eastern Kham started fighting against the government. When the fighting spread to Lhasa in 1959, the Dalai Lama fled Tibet. Both he and the PRC government in Tibet subsequently repudiated the 17 Point Agreement and the PRC government in Tibet dissolved the Tibetan Local Government.

In retrospect, expressed in Nehru’s language, his foreign and defence policies were “Rubbish, Rubbish”. No place in history for his legacy. Now, there appears to be a refreshing change in foreign policy – at least no more NAM. However, “Not to lose an inch of Territory” remains India’s higher direction/grand strategy. It reflects rank politico-strategic bankruptcy. How can army hierarchy evolve any worthwhile military strategy based on “No loss of an inch of Territory”? And, military strategy continues to be “watershed deployment”. Is the current hierarchy also indulging in “jingoistic rhetoric”?

And, the lessons are explicit for those who appreciate realities. Pending border dispute resolution, political decision-makers need to review the direction of “No loss of inch Territory” to allow operational flexibility and freedom; and specify a clear “Grand Strategy with end objectives defined”.

Next, military strategy needs review to exploit the terrain features. Finally, training for fighting in high altitudes and logistic support must be maintained at efficient levels. Armed Forces must be prepared to wage high intensity war based on enhanced threat scenarios on various well defined ingress avenues.

Gb Reddy


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Firstly, SHAME on any writer on Gandhi who does not mention PARTITION. Partition was the death of Akhand Bharat and also signalled the DEATH of Gandhi for his irresponsibility towards country and its people.

The man’s reputation or notoriety depends on the last act in his life. Gandhi’s last act was betrayal of Bharat. Guru Tegh Bahadur’s last act was accepting martyrdom for a cause dear to his heart. What cause was dear to Gandhi’s heart that was worth dying for? NONE!

For Gandhi it was “appeasement of Muslims at all cost!” SHAME on those who put the weakling above country!

SHAME on great (bogus) scholars of Hindu world who praise the man as either helpless or faultless guy who could not even whisper in Jinnah’s ears, “Brother, what you are doing is High Treason and you will be put in the dock!”

The mental dwarf could also have said the following to his bosom friend Mohammed Ali Jinnah:-

“Brother, if you have Pakistan then are you prepared to receive ALL the Muslims from India?”

“Brother, you have been President of All-India Congress Party that swears by strict Secularism. How do you reconcile your demand for an ISLAMIC republic with your Secularism?”

“Brother, what about the Muslims who will be left behind in Bharat? Will they forgive you for breaking their land of birth or for BETRAYING THEM, too?”

“Brother, will you give a cast iron guarantee that not one Hindu will be killed in your Islamic republic?”

“And brother if your Muslims start massacres like those in NOAKHALI, what plans do you have to nip them in the bud?”

“Brother, if millions of Hindus flee in all directions, being chased by your Muslim killers, will you promise to ensure their return back to their own homes?”

“Brother, will you keep the Hindu evacuees’ properties locked up till they return to live in them?”

“Brother, one is supposed to be loyal to his land of birth. By breaking up India are you not telling the whole world that a Muslim can be disloyal and a traitor without any shame or remorse?”

“Brother, do you not realise that if you capture your Pakistan, the Hindus have the right to take REVENGE. And what if they kill all the Muslims left in BROKEN BHARAT to settle the score with you?”

“Brother, if you treat the non-Muslims in your Pakistan as second class citizens, we in Bharat, too, will treat the Muslims as “PIGS”. What do you think?”

“Brother, you qualified as a barrister-at-law from London but remained the same “NIGGER”, that is, a primitive Arab bedouin of 7th century AD. How is it that top class education in a most civilised country called the UNITED Kingdom England could not make a civilised man out of a “donkey”?

Now the sovereign world can judge Gandhi with their own heads, not by the yardstick of despicable suppressed, brainwashed and timid Indians. A brave man will never praise a coward.

Now here is another assessment of the man whose birthday falls today (2 October 2017)-

He betrayed his followers in the FIVE provinces that he “let go” so easily into Devil’s den.

He had NO love for TERRITORY though like a parrot he chanted “dharti mata” and “Bharat Mata”! What happened to his “Dharti” and how was his Bharat “mata” treated by rapists and killers? He sealed his lips when it was time to speak up, even own up.

Most bogus scholars in Bharat have NO idea of QUALITIES OF A LEADER. The first quality is NOT TO GIVE UP. The second quality is to INSPIRE THE NATION. How did Gandhi inspire the nation to defend every inch of our territory?

Gandhi was a selfish, devious CROOK. He side lined (eliminated) the true hero and patriot Bose, but elevated another fellow crook NEHRU. They both got on well. We used to say, “Birds of the same feather fly together.” Gandhi’s fellow birds were NEHRU and the Indian MUSLIMS.

It is no secret that Gandhi HATED THE HINDUS, perceiving them to be cowards and INFERIOR. He wished them DEAD. He wished India to be handed over to a MANLY race and in this respect he put the MUSLIMS on top since they had been beating, battering & thrashing the Hindus during the PREVIOUS eight centuries- non stop!

Finally, those who have armed forces should

never have a Gandhi, their enemy, at their back! DEFEAT & SURRENDER ARE SURE.

That is what we got in 1947 under Gandhi’s watch- defeat and surrender- INDIA SHRUNK IN SIZE TILL ETERNITY!


If there are still people who admire and adore him then it is time to flee (what is left of) Bharat. Next Partition is just round the corner!



2 October 2017

Dear Maj. Rajput Singh ji,

An excellent analysis of world famous Gandhi coin whose unknown side is getting rubbed for testing the metal used. One of the obvious puzzling question remain today for me, why RSS & BJP are afraid of exposing, especially when they carry blame of killing Gandhi? Are the leaders of RSS & BJP submitting to a character Gandhi to receive coordination from filthy Islam? Did Hindus not give more than needed MPs to “make India Hindusthan”????

Camping in Delhi, I am observing the mindset of Hindus who walk, talk & behave like zombies. Most among the affluent class, are seeking more money, beyond their need while discussing philosophy and blaming only others. Those who are not affluent, are seeking wealth to compete in the societies. They have no idea how their family will ever feel pride when they are squeezing tax payers money in the name of being poor. Even a disabled beggar on the streets of India, has mastered the art of cheating.

India remains an wonder even for me who was born, educated and lived here 28 years before migrating to USA. The invisible charisma of dead Gandhi is so powerful in the air here that criticizing him could be dangerous. 

Should India be declared a Hindu Nation

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As we all are aware that Mughal invaders were not only responsible for demolishing our Hindu temples from 711 to 1200 BC period but were also responsible for large scale voilence against hindu population, Cold blooded massacres of Hindus, Snatching of their ancestral Employment & Properties.

They created several islamic nations in central asia after eliminating entire hindu population.

During 1947 they had dragged out millions of hindus from their ancestral lands with the help of Jinnah Nehru etc in making of a muslim nation. The congress leadership and the muslim league had therefore cheated a large hindu population.
I strongly feel that they should be brought to appropriate court of justice (National or International) This is therefore worth asking the governments of Pakistan and other muslim nations, Congress, Muslim league etc to pay for the demolishing of Hindu structures and mistreatment of Hindus.
These nations should be made accountable for uprooting Hindus once twice and several times to create some or other islamic state in Asia.

Hindus can therefore file Law Suits against Islamic Countries involved in this cruelity.
It is important to mention here that “blacks in USA” had asked for full compensation for their treatment as slave since 1800 in similar fashion.
Government of India has also been extending benefits to scheduled casts since last seven decades as it is presumed that there were some injustices to this population.
Then where’s the harm if Hindu population which suffered centuries of injustices approach appropriate courts against Governments of India and Islamic nations, Congress and Muslim league.

Armenia asked for apology from Turkey over genocide.
China has asked apology from Japan over war crimes.

Hindus should also ask for apology from the muslim nations and Pakistan for the Hindu Holocaust and compensation in lieu of loss of their ancestral properties and Loss of lives.
This issue needs to be raised at National Courts, international court of Justice and the UN
All the affected people irrespective of their Religion Cast or Community should be given Justice .
And the Justice ie their grievances may only be addressed if India is declared as Hindu nation and losses of individual agrieved families are adequately compensated.
(A hindu nation ie Swaraj is a fundamental right of the large hindu population which was betrayed by the coward congress leadership of 1947)

  • What do you say ?

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