A Tribute to the tallest leadership of this century

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I am not a professional writer. I wish to write a few words on Modi as a humble tribute to the tallest leader of this century as an acknowledgement of gratitude & respect.
I remember this was the year 2005 month April.I had retired from the aviation wing of Indian Navy. I shifted my house from government

Backward March of Islam

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As Received



Today, Sunday, April 28, 2019, all places of Catholic worship in Sri Lanka are closed. These should have been open and full of happy families, in colourful dresses, singing and praying for peace on earth. But the Christians in the “paradise” island are confined to their own homes for praying.

So it was appropriate to recall the slogan of Audi car makers, “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Leap FORWARD through technology) and turn it around, to describe Islam of today as Rapid REGRESSION through “JEHALAT”- not only in Sri Lanka but in West Punjab, East Bengal and in the homeland of the peace loving Yazidis, too.

We can prove the point by mentioning the recent murders of the following at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists, that is, those who were brainwashed and conditioned by the teachings of KORAN.

The murder of drummer Lee Rigby in London, the beheading of UN aid workers Alan Henning and David Haines, American journalist James Foley, and Daniel Pearl, the journalist for The Wall Street Journal, who was kidnapped and later beheaded by terrorists in Pakistan.

Every time the anger in the world turned into confusion when the Muslim spokespersons, mostly well dressed “schick” and elegant ladies of media described Islam as the ”religion of peace”.

Not satisfied with this reassurance we decided to take the INITIATIVE, that is, to go into the head and mind of the suicide bomber and then see the world through HIS eyes. It has never been done before.

We saw the intended victims as dangerous beasts or members of “SS Waffen” (elite German troops) who were brandishing swords & guns, converging on us!

Quite a revolutionary idea. What is the proof?

The proof of the pudding is in eating! So we entered the head of that young Muslim who jumped into the lions’ enclosure at the zoo at Delhi. Some readers may be able to recall the incident.

He really thought that the cuddly friendly animal was asking him to come down to play with him!

The indoctrinated Arabs who flew their planes into World Trade Centre towers in New York genuinely believed that Satan (“Shaitaan”) lived there who was planning to fly to Mecca to throw bombs at the Holy mosque!

To test the theory we went to mental wards in hospitals where psychiatrists & doctors told us about each and every patient. We learnt that the patient believes (not merely imagines!) that his mother wants to poison him, another sees the doctors as wolves.

In one case a patient escaped the ward to run to the police station where he said, “My father is Hitler. Please arrest him!”

Each suicide bomber or murderer was genuinely CONVINCED that he was not killing HUMAN beings but his sworn enemies, who were worse than animals.

This is the BREAKTHROUGH that the world has been waiting for. TRY IT YOURSELF!

Enter the head of the Jehadi and look at your surroundings. You couldn’t sleep in peace if you BELIEVED (not imagined) that all the Jews, Christians, Hindus and Infidels were closing in on you and your family, and they are determined to reduce you to smouldering ambers and ashes.

When the Koranic “Wahn” takes over, the “Believer” thinks and acts like the wolf who runs off with the suckling lamb without any remorse. The non Muslims in WEST Punjab and the YAZIDIS in Syria suffered murder, rape and plunder, not by “normal” Muslims but by those whose schizophrenia had progressed to advanced stage.

A few more examples can be cited:

Jehadis happily beheading INNOCENT hostages while leaving their own wives and children behind for good without even saying “Goodbye”.

The RANT about “Islam is in danger!“ (“Islam khatray mein hai!”) that became the powerful motivation to break up India inTO three fragments overnight in order to create Islamic Pakistan on either side!

Now they have created a new challenge for the whole world. It is “Khatm-e-nabuwwat”. (www.khatmenubuwwat.org)

Khatme Nubuwwat means that “Muhammad is the Last of the Prophets. The process and routine of appointing Prophets and Messengers by Almighty Allah has been terminated, finished, ended, stopped, and sealed.”

So Allah must be “koochak, sagheer, heech” or “kamm-tar” (“small” in Persian), but NOT “Akbar” (meaning GREAT!) if He cannot send another Prophet to our earth!

This Ordinance (now Law in Pakistan) is going to cost a few lives of those who will dare to say, “If God is Almighty then surely he can send not one but more Prophets to earth!” There will be prompt arrest, summary trial and instant execution if the wild bloodthirsty mobs don’t get to him first!


We seriously believe that an intensive study of the Koran causes the mental illness of Schizophrenia in a “Believer”.

The degree of illness is different with each Muslim- from mild (like Dr Abdul Kalam, the former “secular” President of Partitioned India, that allowed him to win confidence of the Hindu nation), to the extreme where the compulsion arises to kill, behead, abduct, rape and destroy, and then get blown up in order to get the reward in paradise.

Each and every Muslim on earth (with NO exception!), who does intensive study of Koran, suffers from SCHIZOPHRENIA, from the small, unnoticeable degree to the extreme where the brainwashed “Believer” genuinely thinks that his holy mission is more valuable than the entire mankind.

Let us quote two intellectual “giants” of our recent past:



Today we can see how right these leaders were!


Now we see the whole of MIDDLE EAST, The Holy “REICH” of MOHAMMED, on “fire” where the Muslims are killing fellow Muslims (Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, even Pakistan) since there is hardly a Christian or Jew left alive in these countries.

28 Apr 2019


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Although in terms of history partition took place a split second ago, in terms of human life it is more than a whole generation away. Those born in 1947 have already retired at the age of 65 in 2012!

Hence reflections based on personal experience or direct memory of those few who can still recall and re-live those days are worth all the gold on earth and should be sought, cherished and recorded for posterity. It is our national heritage.
Nehru Dynasty and their corrupt Congress Party (of “Italy & Islam”) have “played hell” with Truth and Reality about that bogus Partition whose only aim was to weaken the country through fragmentation, and demoralise the natives of the land by empowering and strengthening the enemies of Hindus, Secularism and Bharat.

Hence the onus is upon genuine patriots and the senior citizens to do maximum input in the stock of knowledge of the ignorant masses- kept ignorant by State design.

Since the prophets mould the belief of their followers and leaders determine the course of history of countries let us look at Bharat’s “Father of Nation”, MK Gandhi, who was assassinated by a patriot on 30th. January 1948.
Logic dictated that Gandhi should have been deleted from public memory like Hitler and Mussolini but our Hindu nation did the OPPOSITE. They took the corpse (dead body) of Gandhi to their bosom and adored and praised him day and night despite the stink that rose from it.

Why are the Indians so different from the patriotic Germans and the honourable Italians who have discarded Hitler and Mussolini in perpetuity? Because the Indians are among the MOST ignorant (stupid) people on earth!
Further to the previous posting earlier today, “WHERE ON EARTH DO THEY CALL A COWARD A NATIONAL HERO?”, we submit SEVEN more reasons for demoting Gandhi immediately and giving a fresh start to the much betrayed and wounded Hindu nation, facing extinction in Partitioned India.

1. Some Hindus, seeing All-India MUSLIM League invited to discuss the fate of post-British India, wanted All-India HINDU Mahasabha, too, invited to those talks. Gandhi nipped the idea in the bud, saying, “No need at all, since my Congress Party speaks for the Hindus, too.”

2. When Mr Jinnah passed the Pakistan Resolution at Lahore on March 23, 1940, Gandhi could have demonstrated his loyalty towards Akhand (United) Bharat by condemning him in public for High Treason. He could have warned Jinnah by saying, “We shall force every Muslim to move to Pakistan.” In the event Gandhi told Jinnah, “Even if you bite me a hundred times like the drowning scorpion, I will still save you from drowning in the river. I shall make sure that not one Muslim is forced to leave India even if all the Hindus are massacred in your Pakistan.”

3. Gandhi was neither a Punjabi, nor a Bengali, Sindhi, Baloch or Pathan, and nor even a Kashmiri. So he felt absolutely no remorse, regret or shame when he saw Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP “gone”, and Kashmir, Punjab and Bengal partitioned, bleeding and AFLAME, going through history’s worst ever BLOODBATH and human migration.

And yet he is hailed by the Hindus with the awareness of the cattle, as the “Bravest man on earth who snatched our Independence from the British!”

4. Leaders must FORESEE the consequences of their words and deeds. Gandhi could not foresee the constitutional status of the Muslims in PARTITIONED India nor the effects of dividing the Indian Muslims into two (eventually THREE) countries!

5. Gandhi had no clue, like a cow grazing in the field, to the future plight of the Hindus in an Islamic State (Pakistan) under SHARIA LAW. Had he never heard of the Muslim invaders like Mahmud of Ghazni and Babur who proceeded against the temples, or of Emperor Aurangzeb who ordered the BEHEADING of Guru Tegh Bahadur? WHY did the “intellectual mouse” and moral coward not foresee the REPEAT of the Holocaust of Hindus in Noakhali before going SILENT over “Partition” a year later?

6. Flying in the face of reality Gandhi condemned the use of arms to defend oneself and one’s country. Only after desperate pleas by the Parliament of India did he finally acquiesced in sending troops to save SRINAGAR when the invaders were a few miles away, having overrun North Kashmir! All our heroes, who FOUGHT with arms, or commended WAR, to submission & surrender, including Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singhji, met with his disapproval! His advice for Sri Ram was, “Don’t go to war against Ravan for one woman!” and to fellow Indians in 1942 was, Better lie down in front of the advancing Japanese tanks instead of offering resistance,” and to his fellow Hindus in 1947 was, “Accept Partition. Avoid Civil War!”

7. All great men know their finest hour: Jesus Christ on Cross, Guru Tegh Bahadur under the Mogul’s sword and the brave Rajput girls and women when they jumped into fire to save their dignity while Gandhi did NOTHING to save the dignity and integrity of our Hindusthan but watched the death of Hindus and the mutilation of Bharat.
He had NO character, courage or honesty to say to Bharat Mata and to his fellow Hindus, while dying, “PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I HAVE BETRAYED YOU!”



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CURSED & degraded is the land where a Coward is held in much higher esteem than his country of birth, especially when that country is renowned as the cradle of civilisation, as an ancient civilisation, as the epitome of tolerance and secularism, and as the fountainhead of world’s most divine Spirituality (religions).
Today the Parliament of India (Lok Sabha) and all the prime minister’s cabinet will shed tears and mourn the death of a man who broke his solemn Oath (“India will be partitioned over my dead body!”) within days but did not spare a second’s thought on the most humiliating unconditional surrender (“murder”) of Lahore, Multan and the whole of East Bengal that took place two years after the end of World War 2.
One billion Hindus who adore MK Gandhi with copious compliments and profuse homage (“shardhanjali”), by constructing numerous statues all over Bharat and abroad, and naming roads, institutions, buildings, even a city in Gujerat State (“Gandhi Nagar”), IGNORE the reality that a mere one square inch of sacred “dharti” (land) in Bhagat Prahlad’s city (Multlan), or at the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Devji (Sri Nankana Sahib), is a BILLION TRILLION times more sacred and precious than the fraudulent “sarkari” Mahatma, MohandasKaramchand Gandhi, who threatened to go on fast unto death if 35 crore rupees were not remitted to Pakistan on the very day when Pakistani raiders were killing and raping the Kashmiri Hindus and rapidly advancing towards Srinagar!
Our “fake” mahatma did not protest Partition (“death of Akhand Bharat”) by undertaking even one minute’s fast, nor did he (the barrister-in-law from London) dictate even one condition of that surrender (for example “complete exchange of population!”).
What patriotism, what calibre of the entire NATION, where not one dissenting voice will protest but everybody who is somebody will be seen cursing the real patriot, Shri Nathu Ram Godse, who put MOTHER (India) above an appeaser, the defeatist, who BETRAYED both, the country and the people!
Millions lost their lives, millions lost everything they possessed, millions cried for their daughters and young wives who had been abducted, raped and forcibly CONVERTED or killed, and millions were forced out of their ancestral homes when the whole nation was looking towards just ONE man (“Mahatma” Gandhi) to offer his head for “DHARTI & DHARMA” like Guru Tegh Bahadur!
Question: Shouldn’t there be AS MANY memorials to the innocent Hindus (and Sikhs) killed, raped, converted and thrown out of their ancestral homes as there are statues of Gandhi in “Broken” Bharat?

30 January 2019
PS: The above may be written by one man but it is the voice of the tens of millions of Hindus and Sikhs in India who either perished when
Gandhi “died” morally, or fled in all directions in three clothes in order to save their lives and daughters. Please ask any survivor from
Noakhali, Lahore, Multan or Rawalpindi!
NB: Please compare two maps, one pre-partition and the other post-partition, i.e., the one of the India in which Gandhi was born and the other of the “Partitioned Indian Secular State” (the defeated country) in which he died, and see the “mahatma-made” disaster that will put us all to SHAME till eternity

These were our ancestors

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Sharing contents of an important E mail received on the subject:-
I don’t really want to start exchanging emails with Chauhan from Sainiksangh, and since you asked me to respond, I’m sending this to you. I hope you don’t mind. My views are:
It is true that different opinions are prevalent on the question of the linguistic origins of the words ‘Hindu’ , ‘India’ and ‘Indian’. Actually, even on ‘Bharatiya’, ‘Hindustan’ and ‘Hindutva’.
‘Hindu’ , ‘India’ and ‘Indian’ all originate from the Sindhu River, which also gives its name to the Sind region (now in Pakistan). ‘Sindhu’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the sea’ and was used since ancient times. The ancient Chinese called India ‘Shendu’ (Shindhu in Bengali) after the Sindhu. In 126 BC the Chinese traveller Zhang Qian described his travels in Bactria, adding that the market place had products from China & India or ‘Shendu’.
Linguists are well aware that in some languages ‘Sind’ becomes ‘Ind’, and in others ‘Ind’ becomes ‘Hind’. So the Sindhu River became the modern-day River Indus , thanks to the ancient Greeks. The Greek historian Megasthenes (5th century BC) used the word ‘India’ to mean the land east of the Indus River. The Greeks called the Hindu Kush ‘Caucuses Indicus’ or ‘Indian Caucuses’.
In Arabic ‘Al Hind’ means ‘India’ because the Arabs mispronounced ‘India’. The word ‘Hindustan’, meaning ‘land of the Hindus’ or ‘India’ came about very much later (by the 13th century).
Chauhan says ‘be proud of our ancestors’ and that ‘they were not Hindus’. I am certainly proud of those great men and women who gave us all our sacred Literature – Vedic and post-Vedic. Within this Literature I count also all the wonderful sacred texts that are Jain, Buddhist and Sikh. They may not have called themselves ‘Hindus’, but I do when I speak of them in English. But I also call them Sanatana Dharma followers.
Our Vedic ancestors would have called our religion ‘Sanatana Dharma’ and ‘Arya Dharma’, as ‘Hindu’ from the word ‘Sindhu’ would have denoted a geographical term to them. But language is dynamic and so it is constantly evolving. So today those who use the word ‘Hindu’, no longer use it in a geographical sense, so why turn back the clock? By ‘Hindu’ they mean a follower of Sanatana Dharma. I see nothing wrong in this. I may prefer the term ‘Sanatana Dharma’, but ‘Hindu Dharma’ is also fine. During British times, ‘Hindu Dharma’ became Hinduism because in English any religion is an ‘ism’. So when we are speaking in English, it is interchangeable to say ‘Sanatana Dharma’ and ‘Hinduism’. But in the indigenous languages of India, it doesn’t make much sense to talk of ‘Hinduism’ when we have perfectly good terms like ‘Sanatana Dharma’ and ‘Arya Dharma’. Swami Vivekananda, one of the greatest modern exponents of Sanatana Dharma, was the first to popularise the term ‘Hinduism’ when he spoke in English in the 19th century.
Incidentally, another related term with a different meaning, ‘Hindutva’, was first coined by Chandranath Basu and popularised by the politician & freedom fighter Veer Savarkar in the 21st century.
Amit, my friend, I hope this clarifies things a little. But Chauhan is perfectly at liberty to hold on to his own views and I would not wish to waste my time debating with him.
Joy Maa Shakti!

I admire you for clarity of thinking and conveying so much in so few words.
The line, “Hinduism, one of the ancient religions, is on the decline.”, is the most eloquent explanation for the repeated surrenders of LAND and SOULS plus the loss of unity, identity and MANHOOD (and the perpetual rule of FOREIGNERS over us).

If there is wisdom among the current leaders, they will now know what needs to be done on highest priority.



Appreciate the review by Debjani ji,

Once again, I am attaching the book written 26 years ago, while researching in the very well stocked library of Staff College during the fag end of my career, as additional reading material.

May I draw your attention to the Chapter on “Secularism” that not only covers “Hindu and Hinduism” but also Islam, Christianity and Sikhism.

My finding is simple. Hinduism, one of the ancient religion, is on the decline. To save, consolidate and advance it in the land of its origin, it must reform internally which is not easy due to caste rigidity.

More importantly, the cash rich temples of Hinduism must fund construction of “Temples” with schools and medical facilities in the same complex in each Panchayat like what the Churches and Convents co-existing.

Best wishes,

Yours Sincerely

G B Reddy

Role of Gandhi- From the Prism of Godse

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क्या था गांधी वध का वास्तविक कारण ?
क्या हुआ 30 जनवरी की रात्री को … पुणे के ब्राह्मणों के साथ ? क्या था सावरकर और हिन्दू महासभा का चिन्तन ?
क्या हुआ गोडसे के बाद नारायण राव आप्टे का .. कैसी नृशंस फांसी दी गयी उन्हें l
यह लेख पढने के बाद कृपया बताएं कैसे उतारेगा भारतीय जनमानस पंडित नाथूराम गोडसे जी का कर्ज….
आइये इन सब सवालों के उत्तर खोजें ….
पाकिस्तान से दिल्ली की तरफ जो रेलगाड़िया आ रही थी, उनमे हिन्दू इस प्रकार बैठे थे जैसे माल की बोरिया एक के ऊपर एक रची जाती हैं। अन्दर ज्यादातर मरे हुए ही थे, गला कटे हुए
रेलगाड़ी के छप्पर पर बहुत से लोग बैठे हुए थे, डिब्बों के अन्दर सिर्फ सांस लेने भर की जगह बाकी थी l बैलगाड़िया ट्रक्स हिन्दुओं से भरे हुए थे, रेलगाड़ियों पर लिखा हुआ था,,” आज़ादी का तोहफा ” रेलगाड़ी में जो लाशें भरी हुई थी उनकी हालत कुछ ऐसी थी की उनको उठाना मुश्किल था, दिल्ली पुलिस को फावड़ें में उन लाशों को भरकर उठाना पड़ा l ट्रक में भरकर किसी निर्जन स्थान पर ले जाकर, उन पर पेट्रोल के फवारे मारकर उन लाशों को जलाना पड़ा इतनी विकट हालत थी उन मृतदेहों की… भयानक बदबू……

सियालकोट से खबरे आ रही थी की वहां से हिन्दुओं को निकाला जा रहा हैं, उनके घर, उनकी खेती, पैसा-अडका, सोना-चाँदी, बर्तन सब मुसलमानों ने अपने कब्जे में ले लिए थे l मुस्लिम लीग ने सिवाय कपड़ों के कुछ भी ले जाने पर रोक लगा दी थी. किसी भी गाडी पर हल्ला करके हाथ को लगे उतनी महिलाओं- बच्चियों को भगाया गया.बलात्कार किये बिना एक भी हिन्दू स्त्री वहां से वापस नहीं आ सकती थी … बलात्कार किये बिना…..?

जो स्त्रियाँ वहां से जिन्दा वापस आई वो अपनी वैद्यकीय जांच करवाने से डर रही थी….

डॉक्टर ने पूछा क्यों ???

उन महिलाओं ने जवाब दिया… हम आपको क्या बताये हमें क्या हुआ हैं ?

हमपर कितने लोगों ने बलात्कार किये हैं हमें भी पता नहीं हैं…उनके सारे शारीर पर चाकुओं के घाव थे।

“आज़ादी का तोहफा”

जिन स्थानों से लोगों ने जाने से मना कर दिया, उन स्थानों पर हिन्दू स्त्रियों की नग्न यात्राएं (धिंड) निकाली गयीं, बाज़ार सजाकर उनकी बोलियाँ लगायी गयीं और उनको दासियों की तरह खरीदा बेचा गया l

1947 के बाद दिल्ली में 400000 हिन्दू निर्वासित आये, और इन हिन्दुओं को जिस हाल में यहाँ आना पड़ा था, उसके बावजूद पाकिस्तान को पचपन करोड़ रुपये देने ही चाहिए ऐसा महात्मा जी का आग्रह था…क्योकि एक तिहाई भारत के तुकडे हुए हैं तो भारत के खजाने का एक तिहाई हिस्सा पाकिस्तान को मिलना चाहिए था l

विधि मंडल ने विरोध किया, पैसा नहीं देगे….और फिर बिरला भवन के पटांगन में महात्मा जी अनशन पर बैठ गए…..पैसे दो, नहीं तो मैं मर जाउगा….एक तरफ अपने मुहँ से ये कहने वाले महात्मा जी, की हिंसा उनको पसंद नहीं हैं l

दूसरी तरफ जो हिंसा कर रहे थे उनके लिए अनशन पर बैठ गए… क्या यह हिंसा नहीं थी .. अहिंसक आतंकवाद की आड़ में

दिल्ली में हिन्दू निर्वासितों के रहने की कोई व्यवस्था नहीं थी, इससे ज्यादा बुरी बात ये थी की दिल्ली में खाली पड़ी मस्जिदों में हिन्दुओं ने शरण ली तब बिरला भवन से महात्मा जी ने भाषण में कहा की दिल्ली पुलिस को मेरा आदेश हैं मस्जिद जैसी चीजों पर हिन्दुओं का कोई

ताबा नहीं रहना चाहिए l निर्वासितों को बाहर निकालकर मस्जिदे खाली करे..क्योंकि महात्मा जी की दृष्टी में जान सिर्फ मुसलमानों में थी हिन्दुओं में नहीं…

जनवरी की कडकडाती ठंडी में हिन्दू महिलाओं और छोटे छोटे बच्चों को हाथ पकड़कर पुलिस ने मस्जिद के बाहर निकाला, गटर के किनारे रहो लेकिन छत के निचे नहीं l क्योकि… तुम हिन्दू हो….

4000000 हिन्दू भारत में आये थे,ये सोचकर की ये भारत हमारा हैं…. ये सब निर्वासित गांधीजी से मिलाने बिरला भवन जाते थे तब गांधीजी माइक पर से कहते थे क्यों आये यहाँ अपने घर जायदाद बेचकर, वहीँ पर अहिंसात्मक प्रतिकार करके क्यों नहीं रहे ?? यही अपराध हुआ तुमसे अभी भी वही वापस जाओ..और ये महात्मा किस आशा पर पाकिस्तान को पचपन करोड़ रुपये देने निकले थे ?

कैसा होगा वो मोहनदास करमचन्द गाजी उर्फ़ गंधासुर … कितना महान …

जिसने बिना तलवार उठाये … 35 लाख हिन्दुओं का नरसंहार करवाया

2 करोड़ से ज्यादा हिन्दुओं का इस्लाम में धर्मांतरण हुआऔर उसके बाद यह संख्या 10 करोड़ भी पहुंची l

10 लाख से ज्यादा हिन्दू नारियों को खरीदा बेचा गया l

20 लाख से ज्यादा हिन्दू नारियों को जबरन मुस्लिम बना कर अपने घरों में रखा गया, तरह तरह की शारीरिक और मानसिक यातनाओं के बाद

ऐसे बहुत से प्रश्न, वास्तविकताएं और सत्य तथा तथ्य हैं जो की 1947 के समकालीन लोगों ने अपनी आने वाली पीढ़ियों से छुपाये, हिन्दू कहते हैं की जो हो गया उसे भूल जाओ, नए कल की शुरुआत करो …

परन्तु इस्लाम के लिए तो कोई कल नहीं .. कोई आज नहीं …वहां तो दार-उल-हर्ब को दार-उल-इस्लाम में बदलने का ही लक्ष्य है पल.. प्रति पल

विभाजन के बाद एक और विभाजन का षड्यंत्र …


आपने बहुत से देशों में से नए देशों का निर्माण देखा होगा, U S S R टूटने के बाद बहुत से नए देश बने, जैसे ताजिकिस्तान, कजाकिस्तान आदि … परन्तु यह सब देश जो बने वो एक परिभाषित अविभाजित सीमा के अंदर बने l

और जब भारत का विभाजन हुआ .. तो क्या कारण थे की पूर्वी पाकिस्तान और पश्चिमी पाकिस्तान बनाए गए… क्यों नही एक ही पाकिस्तान बनाया गया… या तो पश्चिम में बना लेते या फिर पूर्व में l

परन्तु ऐसा नही हुआ …. यहाँ पर उल्लेखनीय है की मोहनदास करमचन्द ने तो यहाँ तक कहा था की पूरा पंजाब पाकिस्तान में जाना चाहिए, बहुत कम लोगों को ज्ञात है की 1947 के समय में पंजाब की सीमा दिल्ली के नजफगढ़ क्षेत्र तक होती थी …

यानी की पाकिस्तान का बोर्डर दिल्ली के साथ होना तय था … मोहनदास करमचन्द के अनुसार l

नवम्बर 1968 में पंजाब में से दो नये राज्यों का उदय हुआ .. हिमाचल प्रदेश और हरियाणा l

पाकिस्तान जैसा मुस्लिम राष्ट्र पाने के बाद भी जिन्ना और मुस्लिम लीग चैन से नहीं बैठे …

उन्होंने फिर से मांग की … की हमको पश्चिमी पाकिस्तान से पूर्वी पाकिस्तान जाने में बहुत समस्याएं उत्पन्न हो रही हैं l

1. पानी के रास्ते बहुत लम्बा सफर हो जाता है क्योंकि श्री लंका के रस्ते से घूम कर जाना पड़ता है l

2. और हवाई जहाज से यात्राएं करने में अभी पाकिस्तान के मुसलमान सक्षम नही हैं l इसलिए …. कुछ मांगें रखी गयीं 1. इसलिए हमको भारत के बीचो बीच एक Corridor बना कर दिया जाए….

2. जो लाहोर से ढाका तक जाता हो … (NH – 1)

3. जो दिल्ली के पास से जाता हो …

4. जिसकी चौड़ाई कम से कम 10 मील की हो … (10 Miles = 16 KM)

5. इस पूरे Corridor में केवल मुस्लिम लोग ही रहेंगे l

30 जनवरी को गांधी वध यदि न होता, तो तत्कालीन परिस्थितियों में बच्चा बच्चा यह जानता था की यदि मोहनदास करमचन्द 3 फरवरी, 1948 को पाकिस्तान पहुँच गया तो इस मांग को भी …मान लिया जायेगा l

तात्कालिक परिस्थितियों के अनुसार तो मोहनदास करमचन्द किसी की बात सुनने की स्थिति में था न ही समझने में …और समय भी नहीं था जिसके कारण हुतात्मा नाथूराम गोडसे जी को गांधी वध जैसा अत्यधिक साहसी और शौर्यतापूर्ण निर्णय लेना पडा l

हुतात्मा का अर्थ होता है जिस आत्मा ने अपने प्राणों की आहुति दी हो …. जिसको की वीरगति को प्राप्त होना भी कहा जाता है l

यहाँ यह सार्थक चर्चा का विषय होना चाहिए की हुतात्मा पंडित नाथूराम गोडसे जीने क्या एक बार भी नहीं सोचा होगा की वो क्या करने जा रहे हैं ?

किसके लिए ये सब कुछ कर रहे हैं ?

उनके इस निर्णय से उनके घर, परिवार, सम्बन्धियों, उनकी जाती और उनसे जुड़े संगठनो पर क्या असर पड़ेगा ?

घर परिवार का तो जो हुआ सो हुआ …. जाने कितने जघन्य प्रकारों से समस्त परिवार और सम्बन्धियों को प्रताड़ित किया गया l

परन्तु ….. अहिंसा का पाठ पढ़ाने वाले मोहनदास करमचन्द के कुछ अहिंसक आतंकवादियों ने 30 जनवरी, 1948 की रात को ही पुणे में 6000 ब्राह्मणों को चुन चुन कर घर से निकाल निकाल कर जिन्दा जलाया l

10000 से ज्यादा ब्राह्मणों के घर और दुकानें जलाए गए l

सोचने का विषय यह है की उस समय संचार माध्यम इतने उच्च कोटि के नहीं थे, विकसित नही थे … फिर कैसे 3 घंटे के अंदर अंदर इतना सुनियोजित तरीके से इतना बड़ा नरसंहार कर दिया गया ….

सवाल उठता है की … क्या उन अहिंसक आतंकवादियों को पहले से यह ज्ञात था की गांधी वध होने वाला है ?

जस्टिस खोसला जिन्होंने गांधी वध से सम्बन्धित केस की पूरी सुनवाई की… 35 तारीखें पडीं l

अदालत ने निरीक्षण करवाया और पाया हुतात्मा पंडित नाथूराम गोडसे जी की मानसिक दशा को तत्कालीन चिकित्सकों ने एक दम सामान्य घोषित कियाl पंडित जी ने अपना अपराध स्वीकार किया पहली ही सुनवाई में और अगली 34 सुनवाइयों में कुछ नहीं बोले … सबसे आखिरी सुनवाई में पंडित जी ने अपने शब्द कहे “”

गाँधी वध के समय न्यायमूर्ति खोसला से नाथूराम ने अपना वक्तव्य स्वयं पढ़ कर सुनाने की अनुमति मांगी थी और उसे यह अनुमति मिली थी | नाथूराम गोडसे का यह न्यायालयीन वक्तव्य भारत सरकार द्वारा प्रतिबंधित कर दिया गया था |इस प्रतिबन्ध के विरुद्ध नाथूराम गोडसे के भाई तथा गाँधी वध के सह अभियुक्त गोपाल गोडसे ने ६० वर्षों तक वैधानिक लडाई लड़ी और उसके फलस्वरूप सर्वोच्च न्यायलय ने इस प्रतिबन्ध को हटा लिया तथा उस वक्तव्य के प्रकाशन की अनुमति दे दी। नाथूराम गोडसे ने न्यायलय के समक्ष गाँधी वध के जो १५० कारण बताये थे उनमें से प्रमुख कारण निम्नलिखित हैं –

1. अमृतसर के जलियाँवाला बाग़ गोली काण्ड (1919) से समस्त देशवासी आक्रोश में थे तथा चाहते थे कि इस नरसंहार के खलनायक जनरल डायर पर अभियोग चलाया जाए। गान्धी ने भारतवासियों के इस आग्रह को समर्थन देने से मना कर दिया।

2. भगत सिंह व उसके साथियों के मृत्युदण्ड के निर्णय से सारा देश क्षुब्ध था व गान्धी की ओर देख रहा था कि वह हस्तक्षेप कर इन देशभक्तों को मृत्यु से बचाएं, किन्तु गान्धी ने भगत सिंह की हिंसा को अनुचित ठहराते हुए जनसामान्य की इस माँग को अस्वीकार कर दिया। क्या आश्चर्य कि आज भी भगत सिंह वे अन्य क्रान्तिकारियों को आतंकवादी कहा जाता है।

3. 6 मई 1946 को समाजवादी कार्यकर्ताओं को अपने सम्बोधन में गान्धी ने मुस्लिम लीग की हिंसा के समक्ष अपनी आहुति देने की प्रेरणा दी।

4. मोहम्मद अली जिन्ना आदि राष्ट्रवादी मुस्लिम नेताओं के विरोध को अनदेखा करते हुए 1921 में गान्धी ने खिलाफ़त आन्दोलन को समर्थन देने की घोषणा की। तो भी केरल के मोपला में मुसलमानों द्वारा वहाँ के हिन्दुओं की मारकाट की जिसमें लगभग 1500 हिन्दु मारे गए व 2000 से अधिक को मुसलमान बना लिया गया। गान्धी ने इस हिंसा का विरोध नहीं किया, वरन् खुदा के बहादुर बन्दों की बहादुरी के रूप में वर्णन किया।

5. 1926 में आर्य समाज द्वारा चलाए गए शुद्धि आन्दोलन में लगे स्वामी श्रद्धानन्द जी की हत्या अब्दुल रशीद नामक एक मुस्लिम युवक ने कर दी, इसकी प्रतिक्रियास्वरूप गान्धी ने अब्दुल रशीद को अपना भाई कह कर उसके इस कृत्य को उचित ठहराया व शुद्धि आन्दोलन को अनर्गल राष्ट्र-विरोधी तथा हिन्दु-मुस्लिम एकता के लिए अहितकारी घोषित किया।

6. गान्धी ने अनेक अवसरों पर छत्रपति शिवाजी, महाराणा प्रताप व गुरू गोविन्द सिंह जी को पथभ्रष्ट देशभक्त कहा।

7. गान्धी ने जहाँ एक ओर काश्मीर के हिन्दु राजा हरि सिंह को काश्मीर मुस्लिम बहुल होने से शासन छोड़ने व काशी जाकर प्रायश्चित करने का परामर्श दिया, वहीं दूसरी ओर हैदराबाद के निज़ाम के शासन का हिन्दु बहुल हैदराबाद में समर्थन किया।

8. यह गान्धी ही था जिसने मोहम्मद अली जिन्ना को कायदे-आज़म की उपाधि दी।

9. कॉंग्रेस के ध्वज निर्धारण के लिए बनी समिति (1931) ने सर्वसम्मति से चरखा अंकित भगवा वस्त्र पर निर्णय लिया किन्तु गाँधी कि जिद के कारण उसे तिरंगा कर दिया गया।

10. कॉंग्रेस के त्रिपुरा अधिवेशन में नेताजी सुभाष चन्द्र बोस को बहुमत से कॉंग्रेस अध्यक्ष चुन लिया गया किन्तु गान्धी पट्टभि सीतारमय्या का समर्थन कर रहा था, अत: सुभाष बाबू ने निरन्तर विरोध व असहयोग के कारण पदत्याग कर दिया।

11. लाहोर कॉंग्रेस में वल्लभभाई पटेल का बहुमत से चुनाव सम्पन्न हुआ किन्तु गान्धी की जिद के कारण यह पद जवाहरलाल नेहरु को दिया गया।

12. 14-15 जून, 1947 को दिल्ली में आयोजित अखिल भारतीय कॉंग्रेस समिति की बैठक में भारत विभाजन का प्रस्ताव अस्वीकृत होने वाला था, किन्तु गान्धी ने वहाँ पहुंच प्रस्ताव का समर्थन करवाया। यह भी तब जबकि उन्होंने स्वयं ही यह कहा था कि देश का विभाजन उनकी लाश पर होगा।

13. मोहम्मद अली जिन्ना ने गान्धी से विभाजन के समय हिन्दु मुस्लिम जनसँख्या की सम्पूर्ण अदला बदली का आग्रह किया था जिसे गान्धी ने अस्वीकार कर दिया।

14. जवाहरलाल की अध्यक्षता में मन्त्रीमण्डल ने सोमनाथ मन्दिर का सरकारी व्यय पर पुनर्निर्माण का प्रस्ताव पारित किया, किन्तु गान्धी जो कि मन्त्रीमण्डल के सदस्य भी नहीं थे ने सोमनाथ मन्दिर पर सरकारी व्यय के प्रस्ताव को निरस्त करवाया और 13 जनवरी 1948 को आमरण अनशन के माध्यम से सरकार पर दिल्ली की मस्जिदों का सरकारी खर्चे से पुनर्निर्माण कराने के लिए दबाव डाला।

15. पाकिस्तान से आए विस्थापित हिन्दुओं ने दिल्ली की खाली मस्जिदों में जब अस्थाई शरण ली तो गान्धी ने उन उजड़े हिन्दुओं को जिनमें वृद्ध, स्त्रियाँ व बालक अधिक थे मस्जिदों से से खदेड़ बाहर ठिठुरते शीत में रात बिताने पर मजबूर किया गया।

16. 22 अक्तूबर 1947 को पाकिस्तान ने काश्मीर पर आक्रमण कर दिया, उससे पूर्व माउँटबैटन ने भारत सरकार से पाकिस्तान सरकार को 55 करोड़ रुपए की राशि देने का परामर्श दिया था। केन्द्रीय मन्त्रीमण्डल ने आक्रमण के दृष्टिगत यह राशि देने को टालने का निर्णय लिया किन्तु गान्धी ने उसी समय यह राशि तुरन्त दिलवाने के लिए आमरण अनशन किया- फलस्वरूप यह राशि पाकिस्तान को भारत के हितों के विपरीत दे दी गयी।

उपरोक्त परिस्थितियों में नथूराम गोडसे नामक एक देशभक्त सच्चे भारतीय युवक ने गान्धी का वध कर दिया।

न्य़यालय में चले अभियोग के परिणामस्वरूप गोडसे को मृत्युदण्ड मिला किन्तु गोडसे ने न्यायालय में अपने कृत्य का जो स्पष्टीकरण दिया उससे प्रभावित होकर उस अभियोग के न्यायधीश श्री जे. डी. खोसला ने अपनी एक पुस्तक में लिखा-

“नथूराम का अभिभाषण दर्शकों के लिए एक आकर्षक दृश्य था। खचाखच भरा न्यायालय इतना भावाकुल हुआ कि लोगों की आहें और सिसकियाँ सुनने में आती थींऔर उनके गीले नेत्र और गिरने वाले आँसू दृष्टिगोचर होते थे। न्यायालय में उपस्थित उन प्रेक्षकों को यदि न्यायदान का कार्य सौंपा जाता तो मुझे तनिक भी संदेह नहीं कि उन्होंने अधिकाधिक सँख्या में यह घोषित किया होता कि नथूराम निर्दोष है।”

तो भी नथूराम ने भारतीय न्यायव्यवस्था के अनुसार एक व्यक्ति की हत्या के अपराध का दण्ड मृत्युदण्ड के रूप में सहज ही स्वीकार किया। परन्तु भारतमाता के विरुद्ध जो अपराध गान्धी ने किए, उनका दण्ड भारतमाता व उसकी सन्तानों को भुगतना पड़ रहा है। यह स्थिति कब बदलेगी?

प्रश्न यह भी उठता है की पंडित नाथूराम गोडसे जी ने तो गाँधी वध किया उन्हें पैशाचिक कानूनों के द्वारा मृत्यु दंड दिया गया परन्तु नाना जी आप्टे ने तो गोली नहीं मारी थी … उन्हें क्यों मृत्युदंड दिया गया ?

नाथूराम गोडसे को सह अभियुक्त नाना आप्टे के साथ १५ नवम्बर १९४९ को पंजाब के अम्बाला की जेल में मृत्यु दंड दे दिया गया। उन्होंने अपने अंतिम शब्दों में कहा था…

यदि अपने देश के प्रति भक्तिभाव रखना कोई पाप है तो मैंने वो पाप किया है और यदि यह पुन्य हिया तो उसके द्वारा अर्जित पुन्य पद पर मैं अपना नम्र अधिकार व्यक्त करता हूँ

– पंडित नाथूराम गोडसे


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*BRITAIN CONQUERED WITHOUT BLOODSHED. 2018. Who to blame for passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion?*

Mayor of London … MUSLIM
Mayor of Birmingham … MUSLIM
Mayor of Leeds … MUSLIM
Mayor of Blackburn … MUSLIM
Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLIM
Mayor of Oxford … MUSLIM
Mayor of Luton … MUSLIM
Mayor of Oldham … MUSLIM
Mayor of Rockdale … MUSLIM.

Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques
Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts
Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils
Muslims-Only No-Go Areas Across The UK.

Muslim Women … 78% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing.

Muslim Men … 63% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing.

Muslim Families 6-8 children planning to go on FREE benefits/housing.

Now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT !

All this achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population!!!
Next victim may be India

The Institute of World Demographics Researchers have predicted Religion wise Population Statistics of India from Year 1948 to 2017 & expected statistics on the same lines up to Year- 2041 as below:

Year- 1948
Hindu : 88.2 %
Muslim: 6 %

Year- 1951
Hindu: 84.1 %
Muslim: 9.8 %

Year- 2011(Estimated )
Hindu: 79.8 %
Muslim: 15.0%

Year- 2011 (Official)
Hindu: 73.2 %
Muslim: 22.6 %

Year- 2017 (Actual)
Hindu: 68.6 %
Muslim: 27.2 %

Year- 2021(Estimated)
Hindu: 65.7 %
Muslim: 32.8 %

Year- 2031 (Estimated)
Hindu: 60.4 %
Muslim: 38.1 %

India will get its first Muslim Prime Minister in 2030 General Elections.

Year- 2037 (Estimated)
Hindu: 55.0 %
Muslim: 43.6 %

Year- 2040 (Estimated)
Hindu: 30.5%
Muslim: 66.9%

Ghazwa-e-Hind mission of Muslims completed.

Year- 2041 (Estimated)
Hindu: 11.2 %
Muslims: 84.5 %



Become HINDU else you will be eliminated from the map.

If you don’t want to unite then …

JUST enjoy your last few years!!!…this is a thought provoking forward….pls pass this to all your friends still sleeping in intellectual darkness…🙏🏻🕉
This is an eye opening for all non-Muslims

Forward this if you are concerned

क्या करूँ संवेदना लेकर तुम्हारी – हरिवंश राय श्रीवास्तव बच्चन

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क्या करूँ संवेदना लेकर तुम्हारी?
क्या करूँ?

मैं दुखी जब-जब हुआ
संवेदना तुमने दिखाई,
मैं कृतज्ञ हुआ हमेशा,
रीति दोनो ने निभाई,
किन्तु इस आभार का अब
हो उठा है बोझ भारी;
क्या करूँ संवेदना लेकर तुम्हारी?
क्या करूँ?

एक भी उच्छ्वास मेरा
हो सका किस दिन तुम्हारा?
उस नयन से बह सकी कब
इस नयन की अश्रु-धारा?
सत्य को मूंदे रहेगी
शब्द की कब तक पिटारी?
क्या करूँ संवेदना लेकर तुम्हारी?
क्या करूँ?

कौन है जो दूसरों को
दु:ख अपना दे सकेगा?
कौन है जो दूसरे से
दु:ख उसका ले सकेगा?
क्यों हमारे बीच धोखे
का रहे व्यापार जारी?
क्या करूँ संवेदना लेकर तुम्हारी?
क्या करूँ?

क्यों न हम लें मान, हम हैं
चल रहे ऐसी डगर पर,
हर पथिक जिस पर अकेला,
दुख नहीं बँटते परस्पर,
दूसरों की वेदना में
वेदना जो है दिखाता,
वेदना से मुक्ति का निज
हर्ष केवल वह छिपाता;
तुम दुखी हो तो सुखी मैं
विश्व का अभिशाप भारी!
क्या करूँ संवेदना लेकर तुम्हारी?
क्या करूँ?


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Hindus are not meeting the conditions that ensure their survival in PARTITIONED India in South Asia. If THEY are gone, as they did with the speed of lightening from East Bengal and West Punjab in 1947, the tallest statue in the world, that of Sardar Patel, will go, too. Therefore, is the question not relevant: “What will ensure its longevity?”
First condition is to identify the ideological enemy since they are permanently around, and upon, us .
Our enemy prides himself in being a committed “but (“u” as in put)– shikann”! Our enemies are die-hard ICONOCLASTS. The Hindu nation has still to re-make and re-install all the thousands of statues they have smashed to smithereens across Bharat! And those very tall ones of Buddha, standing proudly and majestically in Bamyan, Afghanistan, had NO defender left alive in 2001.
Second condition is to bear arms for self defence and national defence. When our top leaders surrendered Lahore, Multan and East Bengal, the armed forces proved (damn) useless.
HINDUS, who were under attack, had to rise and RETALIATE. Unfortunately, the Hindus at that time had the awareness of the cattle. They put blind faith in MK Gandhi who believed in prompt surrender before Evil but not fight or resist.
One third of Bharat vanished from the maps overnight and none missed it apart from the millions of refugees fleeing Pakistan! One did not relate to the other. In fact, according to an eye witness, the residents of Delhi openly abused & cursed the Hindu refugees for spoiling their landscape!
Third condition is to love “dharti” that we call “mata” (mother). Had we regarded LAND as the dearest thing in life there would have been NO Pakistan since the Hindus, being the majority community, could have lynched Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who raised the flag of separation, on the spot.
The fourth condition is unity. A divided nation is the easiest thing to perish. That is what happened to the divided Hindu nation in 712. 1192 and 1947 AD. Our counterparts are only the donkeys who NEVER learn a lesson!
The fifth condition is to recall, remember and commemorate the defeats as we do with victories. Without recalling “Partition” day and night, there is no chance for the Hindus of surviving much longer.
We know the enemy well and the world has also seen “Nine Eleven”, the equivalent of Pearl Harbour attack, and the fate of the Yazidi community in 2015. And the world saw our “performance” in 1947- not a sigh of regret over the shameful frontier at Wagah!
Who will raise the awareness of the Hindus who still adore and worship Gandhi? And a 64-dollar question, “How long will the tall statue of Sardar Patel stand in the defeated land where the “but-shikann” have the last say?
We asked this question a Hindu from Noakhali, one from Lahore, another from Multan and yet another from Srinagar. Their answers were at complete odds with that from Modiji. They all gave the statue 40 to 70 years while Shri Modi said, “As long as the sun rises!”
Now YOU decide.

It is Time to Reclaim Indian History

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Biggest contribution of S Patel, would have been AKHAND BHARAT today, that NONE ELSE could safeguard. But those who covered themselves in eternal SHAME are glorified sky high, telling us that Gandhi (mentality) still rules supreme while Bharat, is seen “begging before her Islam”, unable to remove Article 370, build the Temple in Ayodhya, or take the frontier back from Wagah to Khyber, leave aside “sorting out” Kashmir by altering demography, or “taming” the Muslim minority . 

Rerence between the two integrations, one for real while the other still remains a mirage thanks to different handlers. Nehru demanded and got J&K for his exclusive management . 

Fortunately there was a time when Sardar Patel was free to act in integrating Hyderabad into India. Nehru went to London to attend some Common Wealth Gathering, an useless outfit, but a good excuse for him to meet friends, Gandhi who wanted to ‘ experiment with truth’ in case of Hyderabad too just like he did with regards to ‘granting of independence to India’ through bloody route of partition, passed away in January 1948.

Patel was deputy Prime Minister, became acting Prime Minister in September 1948. Act he did. Made all the plans . Rajagopalachari was Gov General of India who took the place of  Viceroy Mountbatten who left India finally even after granting independence due to entreaties of his amigo Nehru while Jinnah became head of state of Pakistan.  M A Jinnah  died on September 11, 1948.  
  Well aware of plans of Patel , Gov Gen Rajaji requested that the planned ‘police action’ on Hyderabad be postponed as a good will gesture to Pakistan which was in mourning then.   Also Nizam sent series of questions to New Delhi much like what Pakistan has done later after attacking Mumbai in Nov 2008, but Patel was of different mettle  rather than silly putty malleable 2 G led administration in Delhi in 2008 which like a school boy answered faithfully all the queries Islamabad demanded.  So after burning midnight oil, when bureaucrats took the pages of the answers they drafted to questions of Nizam, for Patel’s approval, the inimitable Sardar replied, “nothing can be done, our troops are already in Hyderabad” !
     From Wikepedia                                          
Operation Polo
Hyderabad state from the Imperial Gazetteer of India, 1909.jpg
The State of Hyderabad in 1909 (excluding Berar).
Date 13–18 September 1948
Location Hyderabad State, (parts of South and Western India)
17°00′N 78°50′E
Decisive Indian victory
  • Annexation of Hyderabad to Union of India
 Dominion of India  Hyderabad
Commanders and leaders
Dominion of India Sardar Patel
Dominion of India Roy Bucher
Dominion of India Joyanto Nath Chaudhuri
Hyderabad State S.A. El Edroos Surrendered
Hyderabad State Qasim Razvi Surrendered
35,000 Indian Armed Forces 22,000 Hyderabad State Forces
est. 200,000 Razakars (Irregular forces)[citation needed]
Casualties and losses
32 killed[1] Hyderabad State Forces: 807 killed
unknown wounded
1,647 POWs[2]
1,373 killed 
1,911 captured[2]

Thus Patel put a fullstop to Razakar led carnage in Hyderabad in just a matter of few days, less than a week, Sept 13 to Sep 18, 1948.  
As you know, alas this is still not the case with Kashmir, one impediment there is that article 370 which is said to ‘temporary’.  As a result it is still a burning issue decades later much like Ravana’s funeral pyre which is said to be burning still per  a colloquial legend. 
In contrast there was no ceasefire nor UN intervention in case of Hyderabad. 
Interestingly similar feat was performed in Junagadh earlier by the same team, Sardar Patel and his secretary V P Menon. Junagadh is where famous Somanath temple remained, then in 1947 in dilapidated state being used as a mosque . Like in Hyderabad, there was a Nawab who ruled over vast Hindu majority population. Z A Bhutto’s father was its Diwan and ZA Bhutto who later became PM of Pakistan , remained Indian citizen till 1957. 
While we are on the subject of great service rendered to India by Sardar Patel, may be it is worth recalling the story of annexation of Junagadh,its history as well. 
During the period spanning the independence and partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, the 562 princely states that had existed outside British India under British suzerainty were given a choice of acceding to either India or Pakistan or remaining outside them. Although the states were theoretically free to choose, Earl Mountbatten stated that “geographic compulsions” meant that most of them would choose India. Mountbatten took the position that only states that shared a common border with Pakistan should choose to accede to it, but he had no power to impose this point of view on the states.
  • 15 Aug 1947 Accedes to Pakistan.
  • 15 Sep 1947 Accession to Pakistan accepted.
  • 9 Nov 1947 Occupied by India.
  • 10 Nov 1947 Rescinds accession to Pakistan, accedes to India
  • 24 Feb 1948 Referendum approves accession to India.
  • 25 Feb 1948 Accession to India in effect.
On September 15, 1947, Nawab Mohammad Mahabat Khanji III of Junagadh, a princely state located on the south-western end of Gujarat and having no common border with Pakistan, chose to accede to Pakistan ignoring Mountbatten’s views, arguing that Junagadh could access Pakistan by sea. The rulers of two states that were subject to the suzerainty of Junagadh — Mangrol and Babariawad — reacted by declaring their independence from Junagadh and acceding to India. In response, the nawab of Junagadh militarily occupied the two states. Rulers of the other neighbouring states reacted angrily, sending troops to the Junagadh frontier, and appealed to the Government of India for assistance. A group of Junagadhi people, led by Samaldas Gandhi, formed a government-in-exile, the Aarzi Hukumat (“temporary government”).[18]
India asserted that Junagadh was not contiguous to Pakistan and believed that if Junagadh was permitted to accede to Pakistan, communal tension already simmering in Gujarat would worsen, and refused to accept the Nawab’s choice of accession. The government pointed out that the state was 96% Hindu, and called for a plebiscite to decide the question of accession. India cut off supplies of fuel and coal to Junagadh, severed air and postal links, sent troops to the frontier, and occupied the principalities of Mangrol and Babariawad that had acceded to India.[19]
Pakistan agreed to discuss a plebiscite, subject to the withdrawal of Indian troops, a condition India rejected. On 26 October, the Nawab and his family fled to Pakistan following clashes with Indian troops.
On 7 November, Junagadh’s court, facing collapse, invited the Government of India to take over the State’s administration. The Dewan of Junagadh, Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto, the father of the more famous Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, decided to invite the Government of India to intervene and wrote a letter to Mr. Buch, the Regional Commissioner of Saurashtra in the Government of India to this effect.[20]
The government of India rejected the protests of Pakistan and accepted the invitation of the Dewan to intervene.[21] A plebiscite was conducted in February 1948, but it was not internationally monitored and Pakistan claims was not based on the plebiscite but on the logic of Kashmir Annexation, which went almost unanimously in favour of accession to India.[22] Junagadh became a part of the Indian state of Saurashtra until 1 November 1956, when Saurashtra became part of Bombay state. In 1960, Bombay state was split into the linguistic states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, in which Junagadh was located.

Time periods of various rulers[edit]

Various Rulers Time Period[23]
Maurya Dynasty ruled over Junagadh in 319 BC
Kalinga Dynasty ruled over Junagadh in 185 BC
Greeks ruled over Junagadh in 73-70 BC
Shaka (Scythians) ruled over Junagadh 100-275 AD
Kshatrapa ruled over Junagadh 276-455 AD
Gupta ruled over Junagadh 456-770 AD
The Chinese Traveller Hu-en-Tsang visited Junagadh 640 AD
Chudasama ruled over Junagadh 875-1472 AD
Turkic Rulers Mohammed BegadaKhalil Khan 1472-1572 AD
Mughals ruled over Junagadh 1573-1730 AD
Nawabs of Junagadh Khanji (Babi Pathan) ruled over 1730-1949
In this case also, determined, no-nonsense approach of Sardar Patel was well manifest. Mountbatten was viceroy , recommended plebiscite in Junagadh. It became convoluted. However annexation went through under strict and forceful demands , the nawab signed on dotted line. Some one then asked Patel as to what happened to plebiscite suggested by Mountbatten . Patel calmly replied, it went with him to London !
Let us also remember it was that Sardar Patel who was elected to become India’s first Prime Minister , but democracy was not a strong point with Congress party  leaders then,later or even at present. 
Again thanks for forwarding the enclosed, yes it is time, high time in fact to reclaim our history. It is already happening despite deleterious so called secularism or composite culture, Hopefully it happens in full measure soon.
By the way one other action is worth recalling as well. One of first actions after independence of India besides integration of princely states into Indian Union, Patel along with K M Munshi took was rebuilding Somanath temple in Junagadh , at Prabhas Teerth. The mosque there was moved to some other place, and a magnificent temple got rebuilt.  All this was done not with a rupee from  Govt of India but through voluntary contributions of people of India. India’s first President, Rajendra Prasad inaugurated it , spoke very memorable words, maybe we can recall some other time. 

Somanath temple in Saurashtra, Gujarat, home of Jyotirlinga. 
Satyameva Jayathe,               Best wishes,                            G V Chelvapilla
It is Time to Reclaim Indian History
On October 31st, India bows its head in deference to the great Sardar Patel. One can only hope that the tallest statue in the world can serve as a permanent reminder to our citizenry about the importance of reclaiming Sardar’s legacy.
By Sharanya Shetty    October 31, 2018
Those interested may read the attached ebook “The Integration of Princely States” by Shri V. P. Menon

The Nizam of Hyderabad, with folded hands and a bent back, receiving a firm and tall Sardar Patel at the Begumpet airport.
V.P. Menon wrote his book “The story of the integration of the Indian States” in 1961, narrating the story of how modern India was crafted. The magnum opus of a retired civil servant, which spoke about the merger of 565 princely states into the Indian Union. Inexplicably, for many decades, it was difficult to find this book in bookstores across the country.
In no other nation would a stalwart be relegated to the past in this manner. One would imagine that a book that lauds an unmatchable hero like Sardar Patel and his superhuman effort to craft the map as it stands today would be read by every Indian. Instead, as India walked on the path of altering-history soon after the Independence, Menon’s book became more and more difficult to find. This changed only in the last two decades, as electronic copies of the book surfaced and were widely circulated (See attachment).
There is no better time to review what Sardar Patel achieved for India than on his birth anniversary, creating a modern nation from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Junagadh to Assam. The unification of Hyderabad remains the most glorious of these hundreds of stories, which Sardar Patel helmed. 
The unification of Hyderabad with the Republic of India was so glorious; it continues to hurt the modern day political considerations.
Hyderabad state, ruled by the Nizam, preferred to stay independent. As India started taking shaping up, with princely states signing the Instrument of Accession, the Nizam instead appointed diplomats to European countries. Nizam tried to persuade the Portuguese to sell him the Goa region, then controlled by the Portuguese. This would have given naval access to the Nizam.
Hyderabad was not an insignificant state. With an area of over 82,000 square miles, it was home to more than 17 million Indians. An overwhelming 87% of them were Hindus, though the state was ruled by Nizam Osman Ali Khan, and seen as close to Pakistan. Sardar Patel knew Hyderabad was non-negotiable – it was the link between North and the South, between what was known as Hindustan and Deccan in the centuries gone by.
Nizam found support in Razakars– a ragtag ‘army’ of locals, owing allegiance to the Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen. This militia plundered the state as voices in the run-up to the unification with India started to rise. From 1946 to September 1948, when Hyderabad finally acceded, the Razakars continued to commit unthinkable atrocities in the Nizam’s territory against an unhappy citizenry.
This is the militia that Sardar Patel destroyed as part of Operation Polo, which resulted in Hyderabad becoming an integral part of India. Between September 13 and September 17 in 1948, Indian Army fought with the Razakars, a battle which culminated in the Nizam receiving a firm and tall Sardar Patel with folded hands and a bent back at the airport. Unfortunately, thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the ensuing battles, before Sardar Patel got his job done in Hyderabad.
V.P. Menon has described these events candidly and vividly. The modern-day Hyderabad, however, does not celebrate September 17 as the Telangana Liberation Day. There are two reasons.
·        Firstly, any such celebration would bring forth the glory of Sardar Patel, and match him in the official historical pantheon of exclusive heroes of Indian Independence – Gandhi and Nehru.
·        Secondly, the All India Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen (AIMIM) is now a political force to reckon with in Telangana, especially in Hyderabad. The party has controlled the Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat uninterrupted since 1984.
No government in Telangana or in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh wants to upset either the Nehru-Gandhi clan or the Owaisis of the All India Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen. This is also true of the current Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government.
On October 31st, India bows its head in deference to the great Sardar Patel. As the nation unveils the Statue of Unity, one can only hope that the tallest statue in the world is not mere symbolism, but will serve as a permanent reminder to all Indians about the importance of reclaiming Sardar Patel’s real legacy and of celebrating his courage, patriotism and heroism, especially in Hyderabad. 
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Jagan Mohan