If Mr Mohammed Ali Jinnah was a typical Muslim citizen in a civilized democratic, secular and tolerant country then what impression did he convey to the whole world regarding a MUSLIM’S patriotism and LOYALTY TO HIS OWN COUNTRY OF BIRTH when he demanded “SEPARATIST ISLAMIC PAKISTAN” AND “DEATH” TO SECULAR, TOLERANT, CIVILIZED & MULTI-CULTURAL UNITED INDIA?

MK Gandhi remained a mere spectator to the whole process of “Death to United India” that began with the Pakistan Resolution of Lahore on March 23, 1940.

ONE DOES NOT FIND WORDS TO CONDEMN GANDHI’S COWARDICE & TOTAL LACK OF PATRIOTISM. Had he consistently CRIED OUT against that Resolution, even called Partition “an act of TREASON”, there would have been NO Pakistan today, nor the terrorism in South Kashmir and nor, indeed, the frontier at WAGAH instead of Khyber Pass.

What is one to conclude about the Hindus’ “DEATH WISH”, that is, lack of Will to survive in the “REST” of India if Gandhi (NOT Netaji, NOT Shivaji and NOT Guru Gobind Singhji) is still the “guiding light” of Prime Minister, Shri N. Modi, while the Muslim NUMBERS are rapidly increasing in Partitioned India – and fast approaching the critical limit after which even Delhi will be lost like LAHORE?

No wonder the government of India neither utters the word “Partition”, nor is prepared to put up a Memorial to the TWO MILLION DEAD at “Partition”! There is total DENIAL of Partition. What are the IMPLICATIONS for the future of “Broken” Bharat?

The Hindus (original natives in Bharat like the native Americans) are losing power and authority fast if Rohingya MUSLIMS can settle down among the Dogras in SOUTH Kashmir while a Hindu from Bihar, Gujerat or Maharashtra cannot buy even an inch of immovable property (land) there?

The collective Hindu “SHAKTI” is unable to remove Article 370 in Constitution that makes J & K State very special and perennially different (separatist) State. Other States like West Bengal, Assam, Kerala and East Punjab must seem green with envy!

13 Oct 18


After hearing Gen Shah’s utterings, he looks like a Paki Spy planted in AMU by the UPA leaders like Ahmed Patel.



Amit ji,
Thanks for this posting, exposing the views of Gen Shah.
Governments of India, particularly Nehru and his “dirty” Dynasty, have done incalculable harm to the country by totally ignoring Partition. Hence hardly anyone will recall today, least of all Gen Shah, that just before Partition the students of Aligarh Muslim University went out, or were sent out, to all parts of India to mobilise Muslim opinion in favour of Partition (Pakistan). The result was big noisy pro Pakistan processions and demonstrations taken out in large towns and cities in favour of Pakistan. Hindus, even in Delhi, remained mere spectators and inactive, unable to gather for counter demonstrations or even in support of Akhand Bharat!

The pre-Partition generation of Hindus must know this act of treachery by Aligarh Muslim University. Gen Shah and ex VC Mr Ansari ought to tender an apology to the nation for that misdeed (High Treason) of AMU and tell the world as to what the University IN PARTICULAR, and the Muslims in Partitioned India, IN GENERAL, have done since 1947 to “dissolve” the rebellious separatist intolerant Islamic Pakistan where the Hindus were ethnically cleansed, that is, reduced from 50% at places (75% in Lahore!) to ZERO per cent within weeks.

Please note the pre Partition Hindu populations in Noakhali and Lahore in 1946 and the Muslim populations in Delhi and Mumbai, also in 1946. Now COMPARE the two today! Why do we find Hindus/Sikhs in the former places close to zero, while the LATTER (Muslims) in the latter places more than double that number today? What do we learn and what are the implications for the future?

5 Oct 18

It appears, this Ex-Lt. Gen. Shah of the Indian Army is more for Paki than for India. How safe India is under such Muslim Generals/Officers.


Disclaimer: This Email may not be to your liking and may carry nationalistic and patriotic political views, so if you do not wish to receive any further Emails from me, then please reply with the word UNSUBSCRIBE.
Amit Bhadhuri, Ex-CISF

Now the latest on that Granadoise selfish “naked fakir”
(Winston Churchill’s best moment) – with 99% dark traits
like being a sadist (condemned Bhagat Singh, Rajguru
and their partner), Maciavellian (ensured Netaji leaves
India!) and spiteful towards Sardar Patel and many more
dark deeds, is finally treated as he deserved it: Ike

Jinnah Row: Pak founder’s portrait placed next to Gandhiji’s at AMU
(Aligarh Muslim Uni)

I commend (from Multan) for his excellent and authentic write-up below.
It is important to replace Gandhi in the nation’s psyche by any other renowned patriot of courage who could have ensured the integrity of Bharat, under whose watch India would have emerged as a free and sovereign country as a CORRUPTION & (Dynastic) NEPOTISM FREE land of genuine democracy, secularism and world civilisation.
Couldn’t we find or suggest even ONE name to replace Gandhi? What a shameful, despicable and disgusting VACUUM of patriotism and courage in our Hindusthan!
Instead, we had the one who used to sleep between two virgins, who “eliminated” Netaji Bose, called Bhagat Singh a “terrorist” and Guru Gobind Singhji a “misguided patriot”, and who then (shamelessly) “went along” (like a sheep towards abattoir), that is, towards Partition without protest, threat of retaliation, condition, referendum, not even ensuring the transfer of population, or going on fast for one day in protest!
The result? Equally shameful, despicable and disgusting MAP OF BHARAT that emerged with frontier at Wagah and “disputed” Kashmir under Article 370 with tens of millions of Hindus (and Sikhs) betrayed to the “BUTCHERS” in East and West!
4 Oct 18

Gandhi was indeed a curse and an ugly omen for India.

Alas!, any Godsae would have taken him to task,
before when he arrived at the Old Delhi Railway Station
to woo the Mew Muslims and p-ead them to stay in truncated

What a tragedy that this evil could not be nipped into the bud,
when he “implicitly” rubber stamped and affirmed illegitimate
Pakistan as a legitimate entity and threatened fast unto death,
if urgent funds were not released to it. These funds Jinna used for attacking us in Kashmir.

He was a junx, which eclipsed Lal Bahadur Shastri, who shared the same
birthdate as Gandhi and hardly any politician has time to remember him
or pay any homage to him, who turned out to be not a KAPOOT or
traitor like Gandhi.



Om Shakti.

An outstanding write-up by foreign language linguist Ex-Army Major R S Rajput. Every word is 100% worth reading.

Jai Shree Krishna,


Disclaimer: This Email may not be to your liking and may carry nationalistic and patriotic political views, so if you do not wish to receive any further Emails from me, then please reply with the word UNSUBSCRIBE.
Amit Bhadhuri, Ex-CISF

———- Forwarded message ———
Today most brainless, gutless Hindus in “Broken” Bharat will be paying profuse homage (“Shardhanjli) to a “sarkari” Mahatma who was servant of Britain and slave of Islam. The President and Peon alike in PARTITIONED India will celebrate Gandhi’s birthday today, 2nd October 2018.
His wish to compromise with Evil became his submission to Devil. His patriotism (attachment to TERRITORY, “dharti maata”) was weaker than the attachment of a sheep to its pasture.
A man is known by the LAST deed, or misdeed, of his life. President Nixon was “dumped” by his nation after “Watergate”. Harvey Weinstein was “dumped” after his sex scandals were revealed. Their FINAL act ruined them despite their illustrious successful past.
We also have examples where the FINAL act brought praises and highest appreciation. Guru Tegh Bahadur, also a Mahatma, did not compromise with his Belief to embrace Islam but accepted his beheading. Guru Gobind Singhji’s two little sons, both under 10, accepted death to submission before the Emperor of Hindusthan.
Jesus Christ ennobled himself by refusing to give up his Belief & Conviction. For his LAST act of death-defying courage he is followed by a BILLION humans on earth even today, 2,018 years later. Had he appeased! Had he apologised! Had he submitted! Had he saved his own skin! Had he compromised! HAD HE LET DOWN HIS OWN FOLLOWERS!
Then we have a “sarkari” Mahatma who watched his country mutilated and millions of innocent Hindus (and Sikhs) massacred, abducted, raped and forced out of their homes, yet did NOTHING except sulking and sealing his lips.
In a second MKG bestowed legitimacy upon the illegal, undemocratic, separatist and “Hindu killer” ISLAMIC Pakistan and insisted on the transfer of 35 crore rupees to the ENEMY when the raiders had crossed into J & K State, killing, burning and raping the population like the barbarians of Daesh (I.S.) in Syria today.
When Mohammed Ali Jinnah, born in INDIA, demanded Partition, MK Gandhi, the top Hindu leader, did not point out that it was High Treason. He did not warn Jinnah of the REPRISALS against the Muslims in Bharat, nor did he threaten to go on “fast till death”!
Worst of all, Gandhi did not advise his protégé, Jawaharlal Nehru, to insist on “POPULATION TRANSFER” should the British impose Partition on the natives on the basis of HINDUS on one side and the MUSLIMS on the other!
Gandhi declared, “Muslims are our brothers & sisters. Hence no Muslim will be asked to leave Bharat despite Partition!” It was TOO MUCH for the Hindus (and Sikhs) who were about to be “locked up” like the sheep in the Islamic “ABATTOIR” called “Pakistan”.
Here is a rare EYE WITNESS account of Gandhi behaving like the SLAVE OF ISLAM.
Shri BK Chaudhari was a small boy who had just arrived in Delhi with parents from MULTAN, the sacred city of Bhagat Prahlad. While he was standing on Platform No. 6 of DELHI Railway Station, he witnessed a group of restive Muslims waiting for train to LAHORE, Pakistan.
It seems the word reached Gandhi and the “father of nation” came with indecent haste & alacrity as if a calamity was about to befall Bharat Mata. Gandhi spoke to them like a servant to his masters. The unquestioned leader of 400 million Hindus humbled himself before the Muslims whose preferred destination was Islamic Pakistan.
Gandhi pleaded, “This is as much your land of birth as mine, it is your own country and you have every right to live here. My India will make sure that none of you comes to any harm. Your safety and well-being will be our first concern,” and so on.
Mr Chaudhari felt disgust when he saw a train arriving from Lahore at another platform full of grieving widows, injured men and crying orphans. Gandhi did not even look at them. But there is one patriot who did “look” at Gandhi. He was Patriot Nathu Ram Godse.
Godse knew Muslims’ submission to Allah and Gandhi’s submission to Muslims and he also recalled Gandhi’s “gift” to Bharat Mata: Hindu blood that flowed in NOAKHALI and the Sikh blood that flowed in LAHORE, LYALLPUR & RAWALPINDI, and the “death” of Secularism across Pakistan – all because Nehru became the enemy of Hindus and Gandhi became the friend of Muslims.
In that hour of trial India needed Churchill, who had declared years EARLIER, “We will FIGHT on land and sea and in the air till we crush the enemy, but never surrender an inch of our territory!” GANDHI (and Nehru) surrendered ONE THIRD OF INDIA unconditionally, to the enemy and lived to celebrate “Independence”!
The historic defeat and territorial surrender by India under Gandhi’s leadership brought eternal SHAME to the ancient Land of Wisdom, Divinity & (Vedic) Dharma. The frontier fell down to WAGAH from KHYBER Pass.
Nathu Ram Godse ACTED and taught the defeated Hindus the meaning of Patriotism. One day ALL those statues of Gandhi and the road, park, Nagar and Marg names after Gandhi will be named after Godse. Only then will the world see an INDEPENDENT Bharat.
TO SUM UP: Gandhi was neither a patriot nor a warrior. His WEAKNESS encouraged the Islamic AGGRESSION that splintered (fragmented) our UNITED India into three territorial zones, that gave immense POWER to the Indian Muslims to deliver the coup de grace eventually to the ”Rest” of defeated, demoralised and disunited Bharat sometime in the future.
Partition under Gandhi’s watch confused and alienated the Muslims, too, who remained in “Hindu” Bharat. It destroyed the cherished principle of Secularism and it laid the foundation of “Kashmir dispute” that will finally end with the death of either Pakistan or Hindusthan!
The clever world smiles at the Hindus for praising Gandhi while NONE of them will have the like of Gandhi in their own country.
We know the fate of India “led” by Gandhi. Would anyone recommend Gandhi to the State of Israel?
Finally, let us own up honestly. Would we have seen the frontier of India passing through WAGAH had Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose replaced Gandhi in 1945? And would Kashmir have been on “fire” had Gandhi really put his foot down and prevented Partition?
Enslaved Hindu nation cried and wept when Emperor Aurangzeb died on 3rd Mar 1707, and our brainwashed servile Hindu nation cried and wept when “Bapu” Gandhi died on 30 Jan 1948. It is time to confine Gandhi to history’s cupboard of skeletons and celebrate the birth of heroes and warriors, instead. Let Bharat

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