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Hindu Religion and Culture 5

Hindu Religion and Culture 5

Modern education system.
Modern education system does not address the needs of Indian culture. Our education pundits have adopted the education system implemented by Macaulay.
Macaulay introduced a system to divert money, earned from education system for promotion of english language and suggested english as medium of instructions and the only mode of educating the Indians. 
He was of the opinion that it would be impossible to get university level education in national languages like Hindi Tamil Telgu Punjabi etc.
and regional language. English language was also kept as the only medium of competitive examinations for central & state government jobs. As a result of this, the standard of education dropped, in India.i t took more time for the common student to learn the English language then doing good for his profession.I t is easy for children to get educated fast with the language they learn on streets.

The worst part of this system was that, english language influenced our literature and our culture so much that we started adopting western culture by forgetting values of our own culture.
Blind faith towards english language by Indians, is nothing but a symbol of mental slavery.
It is sad to say that even after 58 years of independence, the national language did not get a suitable place. Sanskrit and Hindi subjects are not taught in several provinces of India.
Students and many teachers also do not have awareness that their national language is Hindi.
Why did this happen? After independence, those who were in charge of the education system of our nation, had no attachment towards Indian culture and Indian education system.
Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru received his education from Europe and the education minister of that time had received education in a local madrasa, run by some illiterate moullavis.
He felt that Madrasa education is adequate for children, in the modern era. So he tried to promote madrasa knowledge.
It is important to present life story of former Education Minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, for the information of the readers. His father Maulana Khairuddin had gone to Mecca in 1857 AD. There he married the daughter of Sheikh Muhammad Zaheer of Madina. Maulana Abul Kalam was born in 1880 AD, his entire education was according to Islamic traditions, because Maulana Khairudin was a staunch opponent of modern education system in english language. He was a believer of madrasa system of education. He return India consequent to an accident and medical treatment and thereafter he settled in Calcutta with his family.
Undoubtedly, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, was a liberal person, but his attitude towards religion and culture of majority of hindus of India, was indifferent.
However there were many Sanskrit scholars among hindu educationists, who kept Sanskrit language alive & relevant, for the benefit of coming generations.

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