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Pravarasena-2 succeeded his brother Damodarsena as a a ruler of the Nandivardhana-Pravarapura branch of the Vakatakas dynasity.
Pravarasena did not have to face invasions from enemies and had a reign with mostly peaceful and prosperous times. Pravarasena’s reign appears to have been quite peaceful on the whole, as neither his own records nor those of his successors refer to any military exploits of the king.
Most of the Vakatakas Inscriptions belong to Pravarasena’s reign. Pravarasena’s early charters were issued from the old Vakataka capital of Nandivardhana, but the later charters were issued from a city called Pravarapura which was apparently founded by and named after him.
Inscription number 3.
Two Incomplete Grants of Pravarasena 2. from Wardha District –
Regnal year 11 (of second grant)
Provenance: Belora, Arvi tehsil, Wardha district, Maharashtra.
Script: Box-headed variety of Brahmi.
Language: Sanskrit.
References: V.V. Mirashi., Ep.Ind, XXIV,

The two sets A and B were found in the possession of N H, Jane of Belora. Originally each of the two sets had
three plates of which only two each have survived.
The last plate of set A and the first of set B are missing. All the four plates are palimpsest, showing
clear traces of earlier letters, which were beaten in before incising the present charters. Set B
records the grant of two villages, one of which had already been given by the same king to the same donee
by set A, giving the impression that the set B is a forgey made with the purpose of adding another village to the original grant. But there was no need
of replacing the third plate of the first set. Also the similar formation of letters and the occurrence of the same orthographical peculiarities and grammatical mistakes in both the records make it highly probable
that both the grants were written by the same clerk in the Secretariat of the Vakatakas. Senapati Chitravarman mentioned in set B, continued to hold
office till at least the 18th year of Pravarasena 2,
(C.I.I.. III, pp.240 These facts indicate its genuineness.
It appear s, that on a request from the
donee to issue him a consolidated charter for the grants, the set B was issued.
From the facsimiles in Ep.Ind.. XXIV, facing pp-264, or set A and facing pp.266 for set B,
2. Nandivarddhana is most probably identical with the Nagardhan (also called Nandardahan near Ramtek, as
suggested by Hiralal (Ep.Ind. IX, pp.43)
3. This mark of punctuation and several others in the text of both the sets are superfluous.
1. The mark of punctuation is Superfluous.
2. Sailapura has been identified with Salbardi situated in the midst of hills about 24 km east of Ladki.
It is an ancient place, where some old caves and hot springs are located.
Asi, the chief town of the bhukti
may be identified with Ashti, about 16 km south-east of Belora. Mahallalata or the larger Lalata may be represented by Ladki or Ghat Ladki in the Morsi Taluk
of Amraoti district about 29 km. N, W. of Belora.
The smaller Lalata of the times may be the same as the modern Ladegaon on the left bank of wardha, about
32 km south of Belora..


1. The mark of Punctuation is superfluous.
2. Perhaps this town received its name from a shrine of siva called Pravaresvara installed by Pravarasena 1, and named after himself.
3 The stop is indicated by two concentrtc circles with
horizontal arms on either side.

English Translation of the inscription

(The text of the seal and of L1.1-12 is identical with the corresponding text in the Chammak plates of Pravarasena 2.
For translation of this section,
see Chamak plates above).

L1.12-14. At the command of Parana-Mahesvara Maharaja Sri
Pravarasena (2), the village, Mahallalata, in the Asi
bukti on the road to sailapura, has been granted to (the Brahmana) Suryasvamin of Kasyapa gotra and
Taittiya sakha, and a resident of Pravaresvara shadvinisata vataka.
L1,14-16: Wherefore all our officers appointed on supervisory
assignments, (and) the high-born officers incharge of
conveying orders and regular soldiers and their leaders be commanded with the already announced orders
Ll.16-18: Be it known to you that for the increase of our piety, life, strength, victories, and royal fortune in
this world, (and) for (our) welfare in this and the next world, and for favouring ourselves, (this village) has
been granted with libation of water, as a fresh gift and as a religious endowment conducive to victory.”

छात्रा: is variously interpreted as irregular soldiers or officers in charge of soldiers, or as the umbrella-
holders (From chhatra umbrella).
Third Plate second side
English Translation
(L1.1-6 are missing. Text of 11.7-12 and 11.19-29 is identical with the corresponding text of the Chamak plates below. And the text of 11.13-18 is common dth that of set A above)
L1.29-30 In the year eleventh, on the thirteenth, tithi of the bright fortnight of (the month of) Karttika. Written in the time of chitravarman’s generalship.


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