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Prayagraj Inscription of Bhadramagha

Inscription number 124.

The Prayagraj Museum Stone Slab Inscription of Bhadramagha–( saka) Year 87 ( 165 A.D.)
Provenance: A village adjacent to the Fort of Kausambi in Manjhanpur tehsil. Prayagraj district, Uttar Pradesh.
Script: Early gupta or pre-gupta Brahmi of the Eastern variety.
Language: Prakrit mixed with sanskrit.
References Sten Konow, Ep.Ind.. XXIII, pp.245-48, (numbered a and b)

1. From the facsimile in Ep.Ind., XXIII, facing pp.248.
The slab bearing inscription is rounded at top, and identical in shape with that described by D.R. Sahni (Ep.Ind.. XVIII, pp.160, No III and infra, No. 125.

2. The contents of the inscriptions a, b, are almost identical and the one edited by D. R. Sahni, (op-cit)also appears to be so. The two slabs a and b evidently
were evidently intended to form a seat for the image of the Devi.
Therefore, it is clear that the
slab with the rounded top was to be placed vertically behind the image and the rectangular one below it.
The “a” being the first record, alone begins with the auspicious word svasti. As regards the slab described
by sahni, it appears, this first attempt was found to contain mistakes and therefore, was abandoned after
engraving the first four lines and a new slab (No. a above)was prepared to form the back.

English Translation of the inscription
Hail ! The year eighty seven, 87, (in the reign) of Maharaja Sri Bhadramagha, the third, 3rd, fortnight of the rainy season, the 5th day. On this aforesaid date, the slab for the seat of the Holy Noble Devi (the seat-slab at the pond was put up by Sanika and Shandhaka (the Sister and brother from the same womb, the daughter & son of
Saphara the sadler and (also) of Madgali. (May Dharma be pleased) May religious merit increase.

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