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Firstly, SHAME on any writer on Gandhi who does not mention PARTITION. Partition was the death of Akhand Bharat and also signalled the DEATH of Gandhi for his irresponsibility towards country and its people.

The man’s reputation or notoriety depends on the last act in his life. Gandhi’s last act was betrayal of Bharat. Guru Tegh Bahadur’s last act was accepting martyrdom for a cause dear to his heart. What cause was dear to Gandhi’s heart that was worth dying for? NONE!

For Gandhi it was “appeasement of Muslims at all cost!” SHAME on those who put the weakling above country!

SHAME on great (bogus) scholars of Hindu world who praise the man as either helpless or faultless guy who could not even whisper in Jinnah’s ears, “Brother, what you are doing is High Treason and you will be put in the dock!”

The mental dwarf could also have said the following to his bosom friend Mohammed Ali Jinnah:-

“Brother, if you have Pakistan then are you prepared to receive ALL the Muslims from India?”

“Brother, you have been President of All-India Congress Party that swears by strict Secularism. How do you reconcile your demand for an ISLAMIC republic with your Secularism?”

“Brother, what about the Muslims who will be left behind in Bharat? Will they forgive you for breaking their land of birth or for BETRAYING THEM, too?”

“Brother, will you give a cast iron guarantee that not one Hindu will be killed in your Islamic republic?”

“And brother if your Muslims start massacres like those in NOAKHALI, what plans do you have to nip them in the bud?”

“Brother, if millions of Hindus flee in all directions, being chased by your Muslim killers, will you promise to ensure their return back to their own homes?”

“Brother, will you keep the Hindu evacuees’ properties locked up till they return to live in them?”

“Brother, one is supposed to be loyal to his land of birth. By breaking up India are you not telling the whole world that a Muslim can be disloyal and a traitor without any shame or remorse?”

“Brother, do you not realise that if you capture your Pakistan, the Hindus have the right to take REVENGE. And what if they kill all the Muslims left in BROKEN BHARAT to settle the score with you?”

“Brother, if you treat the non-Muslims in your Pakistan as second class citizens, we in Bharat, too, will treat the Muslims as “PIGS”. What do you think?”

“Brother, you qualified as a barrister-at-law from London but remained the same “NIGGER”, that is, a primitive Arab bedouin of 7th century AD. How is it that top class education in a most civilised country called the UNITED Kingdom England could not make a civilised man out of a “donkey”?

Now the sovereign world can judge Gandhi with their own heads, not by the yardstick of despicable suppressed, brainwashed and timid Indians. A brave man will never praise a coward.

Now here is another assessment of the man whose birthday falls today (2 October 2017)-

He betrayed his followers in the FIVE provinces that he “let go” so easily into Devil’s den.

He had NO love for TERRITORY though like a parrot he chanted “dharti mata” and “Bharat Mata”! What happened to his “Dharti” and how was his Bharat “mata” treated by rapists and killers? He sealed his lips when it was time to speak up, even own up.

Most bogus scholars in Bharat have NO idea of QUALITIES OF A LEADER. The first quality is NOT TO GIVE UP. The second quality is to INSPIRE THE NATION. How did Gandhi inspire the nation to defend every inch of our territory?

Gandhi was a selfish, devious CROOK. He side lined (eliminated) the true hero and patriot Bose, but elevated another fellow crook NEHRU. They both got on well. We used to say, “Birds of the same feather fly together.” Gandhi’s fellow birds were NEHRU and the Indian MUSLIMS.

It is no secret that Gandhi HATED THE HINDUS, perceiving them to be cowards and INFERIOR. He wished them DEAD. He wished India to be handed over to a MANLY race and in this respect he put the MUSLIMS on top since they had been beating, battering & thrashing the Hindus during the PREVIOUS eight centuries- non stop!

Finally, those who have armed forces should

never have a Gandhi, their enemy, at their back! DEFEAT & SURRENDER ARE SURE.

That is what we got in 1947 under Gandhi’s watch- defeat and surrender- INDIA SHRUNK IN SIZE TILL ETERNITY!


If there are still people who admire and adore him then it is time to flee (what is left of) Bharat. Next Partition is just round the corner!



2 October 2017

Dear Maj. Rajput Singh ji,

An excellent analysis of world famous Gandhi coin whose unknown side is getting rubbed for testing the metal used. One of the obvious puzzling question remain today for me, why RSS & BJP are afraid of exposing, especially when they carry blame of killing Gandhi? Are the leaders of RSS & BJP submitting to a character Gandhi to receive coordination from filthy Islam? Did Hindus not give more than needed MPs to “make India Hindusthan”????

Camping in Delhi, I am observing the mindset of Hindus who walk, talk & behave like zombies. Most among the affluent class, are seeking more money, beyond their need while discussing philosophy and blaming only others. Those who are not affluent, are seeking wealth to compete in the societies. They have no idea how their family will ever feel pride when they are squeezing tax payers money in the name of being poor. Even a disabled beggar on the streets of India, has mastered the art of cheating.

India remains an wonder even for me who was born, educated and lived here 28 years before migrating to USA. The invisible charisma of dead Gandhi is so powerful in the air here that criticizing him could be dangerous. 

Alok Mohan

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