Soro Plate of Somadatta

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Maharajdhiraja Shashanka, gave administrative authority of Dandabhuktimandala to his feudatory
Maharaja Somadatta. Dandabhukti was an ancient region located between two rivers, Dwarakeswar and Subarnarekha. It was situated within the Rarh region, which was part of the Gupta’s kingdom.
There is a mention of this region in the Ramcharita of Sandhyakar Nandi, and its ruler Jayasimha was described as a feudatory of Ramapala, the Pala ruler.
Danda in Oriya means path. There was an ancient path originating from Rarh or Magadha to Kalinga. The voyage of
Rajendra Chola to Dandabhukti through Orissa reveals the presence of interstate roads connecting the Bastar area of Madhya Pradesh with Orissa and Bengal. His army had marched through Chitrakuta and passed through Binika, Sonepur in Bolangir district and following the road through eastern Keonjhar and Western Mayurbhanj, reached Dandabhukti. The territory may have acquired its name from the word path. Dandabhukti served as a connecting point between Odisha and Bengal.
Inscription number 3.
Soro Plate of Somadatta—(Regnal) year 15.
The village Bahirvataka , was granted through this copper plate charter by Sanchataka, the chief General of Maharaja Somadatta, to Dhruvamitrasvamin and Arangasvanmin of vatsya gotra
and vajasaneya charana (of the Yajurveda)
Provenance: Badkhuri, near soro, Balasore district, Orissa.
Script: A form of Northern Brahmi of 6th century A.D.
Language: Sanskrit.
References: N.G. Majumdar, Ep.Ind. XXIII, pp.202-3.
First Side.
Footnote 1.
1. From the facsimile in Ep-Ind XXIII, facing pp202.
2. Expressed by a symbol.
Footnote 2.
1. Presumably identical with the present day Barua. Which appears as Barwa, A Mahal under Bhadrak the Ain-i-Akbari. (See J.P.A.S.B, 1916, pp 44.)
2. Mahasamanta Maharaja, is obviously used here as a single designation. Had maharaja been intended as a seperate and independent title, being a senior title, it should have preceded Mahasamanta.
English Translation of the inscription.
Om ! Hail! From Sanchataka, the chief General;
Confidential Advisor, and senior Minister for Peace and war,
Somadatta, who meditates on the feet of the supreme Divinity
the illustrious sovereign (Paramabhattaraka-pada) being in
good health, offers due respect to the present and future
Mahasamanta-Maharajas, Rajaputras, Kumaramatyas, Uparikas, Vishayapatis, their Ayuktakas, Dandavasikas, Sthanantarikas and
others, (such, as) the Chatas, Bhatas, the officials of the
vallabha class and the Board of administration consisting of
the chief Mahattara of the Vishya, the Kutakolasa, the Record-
keeper and others in the varukana vishaya to which sarepha ahara
is attached, and informs them:-
Be it known to you, the Bahirvataka village, attached to this (Varukana) vishaya, since long being devoid of fallow land, has been granted with Customary terms of copper charters,
for the increase of religious merit of the supreme Divinity, the illustrious sovereign, for as long as the moon and the sun last to Dhruvamitrasvamin and Arangasvanmin of vatsya gotra
and vajasaneya charana (of the Yajurveda) Therefore, nobody
should cause hinderance, while these two are enjoying (the village)
after receiving it as (i.e With the privileges of a gift under
the proper royal gift charter. And this gift should be nourished
out of regard for the supreme Divinity the illustrious sovereign
as also for the a dharma
And it has been stated in the Dharmasastra:-
Here follows three of the customary verses).
In the year 15, on the 24th day of Magha. Written by Subhasimha. Heated by the safe-keeper (Pedapalaka) Divakara.
Engraved by Narayana.
Footnote 3.
The exact duties of a Peda-palaka are uncertain. The word peda is synonymous with peta or petaka meaning a box. Presumably Pedapalaka, looked after the safe-
keeping of royal boxes or safes containing valuables.
Note: There are several references of Somadatta, a King of the Ikṣvaku dynasty in epic history especially
Bhagavata Purana, Valmiki Ramayaṇa, and Mahabharata.
Somadatta son of Krasava & Bahlika,
had three sons namely Bhuri, Bhurisrava and Sala. He had satisfied Viṣṇu by performing asvamedha sacrifices. He was the great grandson of Sṛnjaya and the grandson of Sahadeva. Somadatta and his sons were present at the Svayaṃvara marriage of Draupadi according to  Mahabharata Adi Parva, Chapter 185, Verse 14. Somadatta fought against Satyaki and Bhimasena in the battle of Bharata and fell down unconscious. In the battle which followed this, Satyaki killed Somadatta. 

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