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Was 1947 Partition – A fraud

Was 1947 based on religion, a fraud against Hindus ?

My opinion is that
“1947 Partition of India was in fact
intentional deception, against Hindus, by Jinnah & Nehru”
Because the partition of India, was an unfair & unnatural event in the history of man kind, wherein two million Hindus were murdered in an organised manner, while many more millions of Hindus were dragged out from their ancestral homes in three cloths by the British, Jinnah & Nehru.
This well organised crime can not take place without planning & adequate resources. And the only motive of the then international forces was to create a nation exclusively for muslims.

Close to 148,460 square kilometres of land resources of Bengal &  881,913 square kilometres of land resources from panjab, Sindh Kashmir & Blochistan, were illegally handed over to Jinnahites, for the unethical mission of a nation exclusively meant for muslims.
Most of the land resources belonged to hindus’ ancestors.
On the name of compensation, the then government, came up with, mischievous compensation policies & provided one percent of land resources, in lieu of land owned by the uprooted Hindu population, of Punjab Sindh Bengal, Blochistan & Kashmir.
The only positive part of this unnatural event was that close to 25% population of the effected region, was able to reach alive in Hindu part of partitioned India & could narrate the partition horrendous events.
While the efforts to resettle the effected population by the then leadership, were limited to very few influential people.
The then, congress leadership, didn’t stop here only, consequent to this fraud.
They created waqf board, in Hindu part of partitioned India, and transferred thousands of acres of the lands, to waqf board,  belonging to those muslims,  who shifted to the devil nation created by them, along with lands owned by their trusts & institutions.
(The Waqf property details, have been entered by the respective State Waqf Boards, on their portals)
It is pertinent to mention that no similar board/facility was ever formed in Afghanistan Pakistan and Bangladesh for the lands owned by uprooted Hindus& their institutions, in newly formed muslim nations.
Rather these properties were illegally taken over by the islamic governments consequent to successfully authoring & implementing Hindu genocide policies.
Upto the month of December, 2022, a total of 8,65,646 Waqf immovable properties and 3,53,850 GIS Mapping of Waqf properties have been entered on their portals.
Thereafter the then political started some campaigns by distorting facts, in such a manner that people do not  know the truth of the partition deception. Their only purpose was to avoid legal consequences.
And various parliament acts & s, consequent to the unethical event, are crying examples:-
For example:
Land Ceiling Act etc.
And the latest being 
The displaced persons claims and other laws repeal act, 2005″ was repealed vide letter no 38 OF 2005, of government of India.
The international organisations like United Nations, World Bank & ICJ, closed their eyes while this biggest human tragedy of earth was taking place.
The then world leadership, therefore failed to provide justice, to the aggrieved Hindu population.
Therefore the 1947 Hindu land  resources theft” is a controversial and a debatable topic.
They had only one motive i.e create a nation exclusively for muslims of British ruled India.
The then act of transferring hindu’s properties to jinnahites, without their consent and with the intent to permanently deprive them of it, and creation of Waqf board, were unlawful & petty acts of theft by the then leadership.
What do you think?


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