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CURSED & degraded is the land where a Coward is held in much higher esteem than his country of birth, especially when that country is renowned as the cradle of civilisation, as an ancient civilisation, as the epitome of tolerance and secularism, and as the fountainhead of world’s most divine Spirituality (religions).
Today the Parliament of India (Lok Sabha) and all the prime minister’s cabinet will shed tears and mourn the death of a man who broke his solemn Oath (“India will be partitioned over my dead body!”) within days but did not spare a second’s thought on the most humiliating unconditional surrender (“murder”) of Lahore, Multan and the whole of East Bengal that took place two years after the end of World War 2.
One billion Hindus who adore MK Gandhi with copious compliments and profuse homage (“shardhanjali”), by constructing numerous statues all over Bharat and abroad, and naming roads, institutions, buildings, even a city in Gujerat State (“Gandhi Nagar”), IGNORE the reality that a mere one square inch of sacred “dharti” (land) in Bhagat Prahlad’s city (Multlan), or at the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Devji (Sri Nankana Sahib), is a BILLION TRILLION times more sacred and precious than the fraudulent “sarkari” Mahatma, MohandasKaramchand Gandhi, who threatened to go on fast unto death if 35 crore rupees were not remitted to Pakistan on the very day when Pakistani raiders were killing and raping the Kashmiri Hindus and rapidly advancing towards Srinagar!
Our “fake” mahatma did not protest Partition (“death of Akhand Bharat”) by undertaking even one minute’s fast, nor did he (the barrister-in-law from London) dictate even one condition of that surrender (for example “complete exchange of population!”).
What patriotism, what calibre of the entire NATION, where not one dissenting voice will protest but everybody who is somebody will be seen cursing the real patriot, Shri Nathu Ram Godse, who put MOTHER (India) above an appeaser, the defeatist, who BETRAYED both, the country and the people!
Millions lost their lives, millions lost everything they possessed, millions cried for their daughters and young wives who had been abducted, raped and forcibly CONVERTED or killed, and millions were forced out of their ancestral homes when the whole nation was looking towards just ONE man (“Mahatma” Gandhi) to offer his head for “DHARTI & DHARMA” like Guru Tegh Bahadur!
Question: Shouldn’t there be AS MANY memorials to the innocent Hindus (and Sikhs) killed, raped, converted and thrown out of their ancestral homes as there are statues of Gandhi in “Broken” Bharat?

30 January 2019
PS: The above may be written by one man but it is the voice of the tens of millions of Hindus and Sikhs in India who either perished when
Gandhi “died” morally, or fled in all directions in three clothes in order to save their lives and daughters. Please ask any survivor from
Noakhali, Lahore, Multan or Rawalpindi!
NB: Please compare two maps, one pre-partition and the other post-partition, i.e., the one of the India in which Gandhi was born and the other of the “Partitioned Indian Secular State” (the defeated country) in which he died, and see the “mahatma-made” disaster that will put us all to SHAME till eternity

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