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242/LDM                                                                                                                                        Dec 2015


The Director

Higher Education Department

Shiksha Sadan Sector-5,

Panchkula,  Haryana


REFERENCE: 2/41-2015 C-III (I) dated 14 Dec 2015


Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to the above referred letter,  regarding amendment of family pension.

Desired Details are as below:-

  1. Copy of PPO – Copy of PPO No HR 3282 is not held with me. Understand Original copy of PPO was handed over to the Education department by my husband Late Dr M V D Mohan, for issue of revised PPO.  In this connection DPI Haryana Chandigarh, memo no 8014/Pen 78 P(2) dated 20 Oct 1978 giving necessary directives  for issue of revised  PPO refers.  Office of Accountant General Haryana memo no Pan IV/HR/M-3/72-73/92-94 dated 11 April 1975  also refers

(ENCLS-1 & 1 A ) Revised PPO is still awaited.  I shall be grateful if a  copy of original PPO/Revised PPO is obtained from the office of  Accountant General Haryana/concerned department under your office.

  1. Pension Account – State Bank of India Sector 17 Chandigarh (Pension Department CAT No -70)

Pension Account  no:_ 10847745640

(Sir, A copy of my PPO may be obtained from this office also if this is not traceable at your office)


  1. Joining Date of Dr Mehta Vasishtha Dev Mohan – 01 Oct 1946-  DPI Punjab Memo number 2268 dated 02 August 1946  refers .  Further details related to his employment are as below:-
  2. He was No 126 in the seniority list published on 06 March 1961 vide Education department notification no 10478-EDI-60/6414 (Sl no-10) –  (ENCS-2)
  3. He joined the education department of Panjab University consequent to out standing academic performance ie Post Graduation & under graduate courses on recommendation of Ministry of Labour, Government of India
  4. He was confirmed as a lecturer vide Director of Punjab Order no 1424-Z, with effect from 15 August 1947 enclosure 2 A
  5. Retirement Date – 03 March 1972 at the age of 55 Years (He was retired in violation of Articles 14th and 16th of Part III Fundamental rights of the constitution  of India and therefore it was an  unconstitutional act by the then state government (Refer Encls – 7).
  6. Last Pay drawn – Following details:-
  7. On 01 Nov 1967 the date from which Dr MVD Mohan was granted 700-1100 grade his basic salary was fixed Rs 940/- plus allowances
  8. As on 01 Dec 1968 as he joined Government College Narnaul – Basic Salary was Rs 940/- plus allowances though it should have been fixed Rs 980/- (As his number figured at sl no 13 among the beneficiaries vide Haryana Government memo no 1/35-85 Edu (1) dated 29.06.1988
  9. He was reemployed on 26 March 1972 in 700-1100 grade as per the decision of senate & served the university till early 1977 and was drawing a basic salary of Rs 1100/- as on 01 July 1978. (Understand re employment period is considered for pensioner benefits) (Encls -3)

In addition to the above facts, I would like to draw your attention to following facts as regards academic & service excellence of my husband Dr M V D Mohan

  1. Results of the classes being taught as a lecturer by DR MVD Mohan was  100 percent from the year 1959 to 1963 & close to 100 % in all other academic sessions & therefore his service record was well above average through out his service career (Encs -4)
  2. Results of all classes ie pass percentage improved by 10 to 20 percent during my husbands tenure as Principal Government College Narnaul. Therefore his performance as the Principal of the college was above average (Encls- 5)
  3. DR M V D Mohan was an outstanding product of Panjab University which awarded him Gold medals for standing first in all university examinations ie MA, BA and intermediate examinations
  4. Dr AL Basham a historian of world fame, adjudged the theses of Dr M VD Mohan “One of the finest from any university of India”
  5. Dr B Chhabra a historian of world fame acknowledged his contribution ie Indo Greek Coins as one of the finest contribution he had seen during his life time

Details of his several contributions ie published and unpublished work is placed at a famous  web site being visited by  thousands of research scholars world wide

  1. Dr M V D Mohan held charge of Principal Government college Narnaul on 27 June 1970
  2. Dr M V D Mohan was entitled salary and connected benefits in revised scale 700-40-1100 with three advance increments with effect from 01 Nov 1966 as were granted to several of his juniors For example Sl no 65 of the list promulgated on 12 March 1968 vide Education Secretary Punjab Memo no 2444-4EDI-68/545 as Dr M V D Mohan served Government College Ludhiana till 30 Nov 1968 before his allocation/transfer to Haryana state. These orders were applicable to him.
  3. Dr M V D Mohan was granted 700-1100 grade wef 11.11.1969 by DPI Haryana also vide his memo no 6229-P-78-P(2) & Accountant General Haryana letter Pen II/M-3/72-73/3530-31 refers Enclosures 8  A & 8  B
  4. The state of Haryana came into existence under States reorganization Act 1966 and was required to guarantee the same service conditions applicable to the erstwhile united Punjab state government employees. Related service rules ( C ) 538( C ) of Punjab Civil rules Vol II were therefore  applicable to the state government employees of the newly emerged state. Therefore In accordance with the Punjab High Court Civil writ 1042 of 1968, Dr M V D mohan was entitled a revised scale 700-40-1100 with three increments wef 01 Nov 1966 as granted to his juniors like Shri R S Ahluwalia Sl no 65 of the list issued by Education Secretary Punjab vide 2444-4 EDI-68/545 dated 12 march 1968.
  5. The contributions of my husband and my contributions to the society in the field of Sanskrit & hindi literary work, Social service activities, Research work on Religious and Political history of India, is well above average citizens of India.

Kindly visit



I wish to bring in your notice following  important notification  vide Civil Service rules Vol II -4.2 which may be considered for my pension benefits as my husband had qualified superannuation pension

“Govt Servants recruited at an age exceeding 25 Years may add to their service qualifying superannuation pension the actual period not exceeding 5 years, by which their age of recruitment exceeds 25 years. ( Also temporary service followed by permanency will be accounted in full pension”


In view of above, I shall be grateful if my pension is judiciously refixed and I am issued with a revised PPO


Thanks & Regards


Dr Mrs L D Mohan

House No 901

Sector 15 A

Faridabad -121007






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