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Autobiography Mohan Alok

An Autobiography

Cdr Alok Mohan.
As lies have already travelled the planet & returned in an amplified manner, & as the lies have started knocking the doors of my house, wearing a notorious mask of truth, I have decided to write my autobiography.

Some people had blocked me in real life, while some others gave me respect.
Some people abused me on social media, while some others gave immense respect on the same media.
Some reluctantly adopted in the guise of false relationships, some avoided relationships.
Some created cruel conspiracies, while some strangers helped me from coming out of the notorious traps.
Yes it hurts, it definitely hurts,
When the world around you become cruel & insensitive or suspicious.
When your own near dears, show their backs, whom you had once loved them from your heart & had given due respect.
There had been several situations in my life, when I had met people, who thought they knew the history of my life better then me, while I had no connection with them. They all tried to snatch my complete support system.
But there were a few, who considered me as their own, their blessings had always showered on me, and motivated me to continue working & living life like an elephant.
Anyway, what difference does it make to me whether someone hates me or whether someone likes me.
In the journey of my life, my adversaries as well as the rumour mongers, any times wanted to unsuccessfully prove
something which I am not. I do remember those days, when I had started getting frequent bouts of depression.
Certain moments, during the emotional burden, & due to my health state, I would often cry & felt totally drained out or get exhausted.
Persistent sadness had wrapped around me like a shadow & had snatched thr joys of my life & had made him feel low, empty and defeated. I knew this was a temporary state,
I knew hypocrisy of some people was at peaks, but I was worried that I may not take any wrong decision due my poor health state.
Those were the times, when I used to get self driven inspiration, & had successfully struggled through, most difficult times of his life & had emerged victorious. I had created picture memories of the divinity Lord Shiva, who used to travel as co-passenger in the journey of my life & helped me coming out from difficult situations.
I would often cry feel numb or drained out, and struggle to concentrate. But after seeing the picture of Lord Shiva, I used get motivated to an extent that I worked hours & hours, without getting tired.
Most of us don’t know what caused your unhappiness or depression, so we have no idea how to start feeling better.
Feeling sad isn’t at all unusual. After all, sorrow is a normal human response to disappointment and loss. Sadness that doesn’t have a clear reason behind it and doesn’t seem to improve, however, may suggest something else is going on. Loneliness is inability of someone to get connected with others on an intimate level.
Unfortunately, we are living in a gossiping society, which target individuals so that they get alienated & start doubting, their own self worth and go deep into a feeling of depression/isolation.
Gossipers always enjoy sadistic pleasure of accomplishment after insulting someone publicly or after assassinating someone’s character, notoriously, without realising consequences of their farts. There is a need to create an educated and emotionally balanced society, which respect human life.
Every individual has self worth & self respect and the society must honor this fact.Rumor mongers play a significant role in spreading dis-information, that can have a profound impact on individuals. In this context, let’s consider a scenario where rumor mongers attempt to prove someone’s guilt through unfounded accusations.
This phenomenon of rumor mongers attempting to accuse you, highlights the power of misinformation and the need for responsible communication and critical thinking.
In my autobiography, I shall discuss the
Such rumors are often fueled by various motivations, such as jealousy, rivalry, personal grudges, or a desire to manipulate public opinion. In the case of trying to prove someone is a thief, rumor mongers may concoct stories, fabricate evidence, and manipulate situations to create a narrative that fits their malicious intentions. These actions can lead to severe consequences for the individual being falsely accused, including damage to their reputation, strained relationships, and even legal trouble.
It’s essential to recognize that rumors thrive in an environment of uncertainty and lack of verified information. This is why addressing unfounded accusations promptly and transparently is crucial. Clear communication and evidence-based responses can help dispel rumors and prevent their escalation.
In situations like these, it’s important for individuals and communities to remain skeptical of unverified claims and to seek out credible sources before forming opinions. Encouraging open dialogue, fact-checking, and critical thinking can help mitigate the harmful effects of rumor mongering and prevent innocent individuals from being unfairly targeted. I had always displayed positive traits through out life & hated negative traits. I had never ever any inclination towards the criminal ways of life.

In summary, By staying informed, promoting transparency, and challenging baseless accusations, we can work towards a more informed and just society.
As during recent times, these rumour mongers, had made my life situation, so difficult that my own shadow, had started suspecting my existence & my credibility. That’s why I have thought of writing a white paper on my life i.e an autobiography.

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