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Bandhogarh Inscription

Inscription number 120.

Bandhogarh Inscription (No.6) of Kochhiputa Pothasi. — (saka) Year 88.

Provenance: Right side of the back vall of cave No. 9 in the Ganesh Pahar, near Bandogarh fort, Ramnagar tehsil,
Rewa district, Madhya Pradesh.
Script Brahmi
References: N.P. Chakravarti, Ep.Ind., XXXI, Plate no II, facing pp.180.

English Translation of the inscription

Success ! In the year eighty eighty eight 88, in the reign of Mahraja Kautsiputra Proshthasri, on the fifth 5th day of
the second, 2nd fortnight of Hemanta season on this aforesaid
day as got excavated this cave-dwelling and the well, as an act of piety by the merchant Grihavriddhin, a resident of
Sapatnairika (and) the son of Sunita, (and) the grands son of Jivanaka, who was a merchant of Mathura.
May the lord, the Dharma and piety be pleased. And my religious merit
in this world may increase. This endowment has been given by
me as a religious foundation dharma-bhitti) with single
minded devotion and a sound body. ( and) the well, the water-vessel and the rope thar have been given by me or by sons, who are excellent (frontier-guards) and the dwelling (sandba): of tnese whatever be the merit ( accruing from) the well, half
of it is approved by me for the digger.
Text of the inscription
1. सिधम् महाराजस कोछीपुतस पोठसिरिस संवसरे अठा (सी ) ते 80+8 हेमंत पखे बि (तिये )
दिवसे पँचमे 5 ऐतायं पुरुवायं
2. यानिजक्स माधुरकस (ज़ि ) वनकस पौंत्तेन सुहीतस पुत्तेंन
सपतनैरिक वधवेन वानिजकेन गहवुधि (ना ) इमा धमचरणा
3. कूपि च खानिता प्रियतां भगवा चमो पुन्य च इह च मे
पुण्य वघेतु सध सरिरो च आनिन मानस निवि दिता धम भि ति
यो मये( व )
4. मम वा पुतेहि अंत पेही शतेहि कुप घटिक रजु च दत सोधो
य च तस कूपे फल ततो अधं अनुमंनति य च खानित्ता

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