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DEMETRIUS – The king of Kapisa and Bactria

DEMETRIUS I- King of Bactria — (192 to 175 B.C.)

1. A – Attic Tetradrachm. Issued as sub-king before 192 B.C.B.M.
References: A.K. Narain, Indo-Greeks, Pl.I.5; M.V.D. Mohan, Indo Greek Coins p -182, pl.1, 5.
Obv.: In dotted circle, draped bust of youthful Demetrius I, wearing elephant-shaped cap, died with ends treated as on no. 1.
2. A – Attic tatradrachm. I.M. and B.M.
References: E.J. Rapson, C.H.I.. Pl. III.3; V.A. Smith, IM.C. Section I. p.9. no-1, Pl.1.9; M.V.D. Mohan, Indi Greek Coins, p. 182. Pl., 6.
Obv: In dotted airole, draped bust of Demetrius I r.. wearing elephant-shaped cap. died. as on no.5 above.
Rev.: Haracles standing facing, placing wreath on head with r. hand, and holding club and lion’s skin with 1. To 1. mon. 17. R. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ, 1. ∆HMHTPIOY.

Demetrius II- Sub-king in Käpisa and Bactria–186 to 170 B.C. B.M.
References : A.K. Narain, Indo-Greeks, PL.1,9, M.V. D. Mohan,
Indo Greek Coins, p.185, Pl.II.4.
Obv: Draped bust of Demetrius II r., wearing causia, died with floating end treated rather stiffly. Top : ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΙΚΗΤΟΥ.
Rev. Draped Zeus standing to front, holding sceptre in 1. and thunderbolt in r. hand. To r. mon. 121. Kh. legend,
Top: Maharajasa apadihatasa
Below: Dimetriyasa. 

About the sons of Demetrius 1
Dr. Tarn mainly based his
conclusions on the affinity of coin-portraits and
rules of nomenclature among Greeks. Of his four
sons Agathocles on a pedigree coin claims descent from Ethydemus Theos. Antiochus VII was his brother.
Another coin of his bears the head of Demetrius, proving thereby that he was the latter’s son. According to the Greek custom, Euthydemus 2 and Demetrius 2 shud be eldest &
second son resp of Demetrius
Then d faces of Euthydemus lI & Pantaleon in some of their coin
portraits resemble so much that they leave little room for doubt in accepting them as brothers. Agathocles face is practically that of Euthydemus II a few years older.”
Of the two extant portraits on Pantaleon’s rare coinage one is strikingly like that of Euthydemus II
though the face on other is rather heavier Demetrius 2 like Bactrian kings issued silver and mostly tetradrachms only Pantaleon, d rarity of whose coins points to rather a brief
reign cannot be separated from Agathocles their
coinages are practically identical Pantaleon, therefore,
was another brother. As the coins show that one must
have taken the other’s place and as Agathocles was king
when Eukratides arrived, it must have been he who
succeeded Pantaleon. Hence Dr Tarn’s conjecture that their Pantaleon was the elder brother. From her name Agathocleia appears to have been sister of Agathocles. Four of
her types representing her as a joint ruler with her minor son, Strato, have come down to us. These coins provide
us with clues to her relationship with Menander.
Of the four brothers Demetrius II alone had distinct features. His portrait does not resemble that of any of
his brothers.
According to the Greek custom, Demetrius second son
should have been named after himself. This fact can be
Confirmed from his rare coins. Two Or three of his
tetradrachms and drachms are known, where the
obverse displays a youthful bust with draped shoulders
and a novel arrangement of diadem ends, while the reverse
has a figure of Athena, standing to front with spear and
This difference in type and portrait from the usual types
of Demetrius I can be explained only by assuming the
existence of a second Demetrius.
The bead-and-reel border, found on one of the tetradrachms lying in the British Museum and attributed to
Demetrias II, had come into fashion rather late about the
time of the beginning of Eukratides coinage, when a
youthful portrait as found here.
Demetrius II, called Nicator, was one of the sons of Demetrius I Soter. His mother may have been Laodice.
DEMETRIUS 2 ruled Kapisa and Bactria empire from 186 to 170 BC

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