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Extracts of my book

“I wanted, I was remembered for my courage & velour, by my batchmates, especially when I had fought back against some robbers at Lonavla & gave them bloody nose. This happened, while some of my colleagues, were seriously injured by these robbers & were crying in hospitals.

I desired, if my services had been rightfully honored by naval authorities, consequent to my controlling an armed drunk jawan, who had run amok, near ammunition depot at vishakhapatnam. One accidental fire would have destroyed half of the city.

I wished my ex squadron/batch mates had recognised me for my professional capabilities when I refused to clear an aircraft, which was being offered for a young pilot (who presumably has recently retired as CNS)& for saving his life though every senior technical officer of the establishment as well as officials of RAQA lab facilities had assessed aircraft serviceable in all respects.
(The aircraft fell like a stone after aircraft was cleared only for CTF (as insisted by me) This aircraft, was to participate in important exercises involving navies of different countries.
There were many other similar incidents during my service tenure for which I could have been remembered.

I had always desired that they remembered me, for modifying obsolete missile careers during early eighties so that they become capable for carrying modern missiles, for deployment at Indo Pakistan borders, during tense environment, those days.
I wanted people to remember my contributions for making very high serviceability level of a training aircraft for one year by working during extra hours.
I wished my colleagues had remembered me & appericiated my incomparable efforts for smooth induction of chukar III & also advising correctly about deployment of this aircraft especially at Mumbai, just like M/S Northrop, America, management had appericiated my work.
I wish my batchmates in one aviation major repair facility in Indian Navy, had remembered me, for writing “Standing Orders” for a major aircraft facility, in just 72 hours & the instructions in the book are still being followed ie three decades after my leaving this establishment.

I wish, I was remembered for making all obsolete PTA serviceable with available resources by carrying out several modifications & continued supply PTAs to all the fleets to check kill probability of different ship weapons.

I wish I was remembered for carrying out defect rectification of Islander aircraft at one major aviation facility at cochin & making all the fixed wing aircraft available for flying without any weight penalty (as was wrongly) recommended by high level technical committee of GOI.
I wished I was remembered for shifting & installing heavy machinery for aircraft repair facility, to another building without demolishing part of it. (which was recommended by senior officers of command)
I wish I was remembered for my many other contributions in the field of academic writing, reproducing research work of ancient Indias history & various other contributions as a quality professional & as a content writer.


Even they were my enemies,

They could have given me a bad name after I was court marshalled as I had behaved abnormally on one occassion after I was given drug laced drink by some over ambitious colleague on one occassion, at one of the IN ships.

Or they may have cursed me after I had signed a letter acknowledging severe displeasure of a CNS in big & bold letters in such a way that the signatures of the CNS had got lost under my signatures.

But I regret to state that some of the SOBs, preferred to hit me below belt & started making use of every opportunity to not to only insult me, but had also commented adversely & thus leading to demeaning of my military rank. I can understand that they may have been in competition during my active service & did everything to spoil my career. But consequent to my retirement form service, where do our interests clash. Why are they dishonest & have started spreading false rumours & disinformation against me.
Dishonesty should never be a strategy for personal matters, but if some of them, had behaved in dishonest manner then what should be my response. I know their conscious has got corrupted. I know this fact also, that some of these SOBs, are located at a safe distance. Even if i explode like a nuclear bomb, they shall be safe.
And this is the only reason they had been consistently farting & spoiling my social environment”

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