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Hindus are not meeting the conditions that ensure their survival in PARTITIONED India in South Asia. If THEY are gone, as they did with the speed of lightening from East Bengal and West Punjab in 1947, the tallest statue in the world, that of Sardar Patel, will go, too. Therefore, is the question not relevant: “What will ensure its longevity?”
First condition is to identify the ideological enemy since they are permanently around, and upon, us .
Our enemy prides himself in being a committed “but (“u” as in put)– shikann”! Our enemies are die-hard ICONOCLASTS. The Hindu nation has still to re-make and re-install all the thousands of statues they have smashed to smithereens across Bharat! And those very tall ones of Buddha, standing proudly and majestically in Bamyan, Afghanistan, had NO defender left alive in 2001.
Second condition is to bear arms for self defence and national defence. When our top leaders surrendered Lahore, Multan and East Bengal, the armed forces proved (damn) useless.
HINDUS, who were under attack, had to rise and RETALIATE. Unfortunately, the Hindus at that time had the awareness of the cattle. They put blind faith in MK Gandhi who believed in prompt surrender before Evil but not fight or resist.
One third of Bharat vanished from the maps overnight and none missed it apart from the millions of refugees fleeing Pakistan! One did not relate to the other. In fact, according to an eye witness, the residents of Delhi openly abused & cursed the Hindu refugees for spoiling their landscape!
Third condition is to love “dharti” that we call “mata” (mother). Had we regarded LAND as the dearest thing in life there would have been NO Pakistan since the Hindus, being the majority community, could have lynched Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who raised the flag of separation, on the spot.
The fourth condition is unity. A divided nation is the easiest thing to perish. That is what happened to the divided Hindu nation in 712. 1192 and 1947 AD. Our counterparts are only the donkeys who NEVER learn a lesson!
The fifth condition is to recall, remember and commemorate the defeats as we do with victories. Without recalling “Partition” day and night, there is no chance for the Hindus of surviving much longer.
We know the enemy well and the world has also seen “Nine Eleven”, the equivalent of Pearl Harbour attack, and the fate of the Yazidi community in 2015. And the world saw our “performance” in 1947- not a sigh of regret over the shameful frontier at Wagah!
Who will raise the awareness of the Hindus who still adore and worship Gandhi? And a 64-dollar question, “How long will the tall statue of Sardar Patel stand in the defeated land where the “but-shikann” have the last say?
We asked this question a Hindu from Noakhali, one from Lahore, another from Multan and yet another from Srinagar. Their answers were at complete odds with that from Modiji. They all gave the statue 40 to 70 years while Shri Modi said, “As long as the sun rises!”
Now YOU decide.

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