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Manchapuri Cave Inscription

Manchapuri Cave Inscription of Vakradeva

Provenance: Udayagiri Hills, Puri District, Orissa —- Manchapuri Cave, lower storey, front wall.
Script: Brahmi of about the end of the first century B.C.
Language: Prakrit.

Sanskrit, Hindi & English Translation of the Inscription by Dr Mehta Vasishtha Dev Mohan –
(Ancient Indian Inscriptions- Volume 1. Pages 71 & 72)
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Footnote: Name of the king sometimes read as kudepa (Banerji Ep.Ind, XIII, p.160) or Kadampa. He may have been a successor of Kharavela. Another record in the cave refers to a Kumara called Vadukha (Luder’s list No 1348)

References: Bhagwanlal Indraji, Actes du me Congress Qr. a Leide, III, pp.152 ff.; R.D.- Banerji, Ep.Ind., XIII,p.160, Barua, old brahmi Inss., pp. 63 f. I.H.O., XIV, p. 160; Lüders’ List, No. 1347 (for other references), DC Sircar, Sel.Inss, I, p. 222.
ऐरस महाराजस  कलि  [गाधिनतिनो  माहा ( मेघ ) वाह (नस ) व ?  कदेप-सीरी लेण 
संस्कृत छाया
आर्यतस्य महाराजस्य कलिङ्गाधिपते: माहा मेधवाहनस्य  
वक्रदेवप्रिय  ( = श्रीमता  वक्रदेवेन कारितं)  लवनम्

English Translation of the inscription
This is the cave of Arya Maharaja the illustrious Vakradeva, the lord of Kalinga and Scion of the Mahameghavahana family.

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