Mathura Stone Image Inscription

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83. Mathura Stone Image Inscription of the time of Huvishka
Saka Year 28 (- A D 10)
Provenance: Mathura, Mathura district, U-P.
Script Brahmi
Language Prakrit influenced by Sanskrit
References: K. P. Jayaswal, J.B.O.R.S, XVIII. pp-4 ff, H-K Deb. I-M-Q., VIII, pp-117 ff, Sten Konow, Ep.Ind, pp- 55f, D-C. Sircar, Salect Inss, I, pp- 151-52 (Number. 49)
सिद्धम् संवत्सरे 20+8 गुप्पिये दिवसे अयं पुण्य
शाला प्राचीनीकन सरू कमान पुत्रेंन खरासले
र -पतिन वकन पतिना अक्षय नीवि दिन्न तुतो वृद्धी

1. From the facsimile in J.B.O.R.S – XVIII, 1932, Pl. facing p-6 and identified as Giridharpur Pillar Inscription of the year 28 Huvishka’s reign- Huvishika
inscription dates range from 28 to 60.

2. Jayaswal : प्राचितीकनस and तीकन explains Turkish title denoting “Prince of the blood” and प्राचि as a proper name Turkish
3. H-W. Bailey. B-S.0.A.S.. XIV, p. 421, traces it from Iranian origin and explains as an official in charge
of temples (or, a temple) .But Kharasalera and Vakana both
appear to be place names. The letter may be identical present town of wakhan (37 N by 74 E) in Central Asia.
4 Read ततो
1. Read looks like in i.e below
2. Read : लवण
3. Read शुक्त
4. Separately घटका may mean pitchers.
5. Read सवाये

6. Macedonian month corpiaios. It roughly corresponds to the Indian Bhadrapade-Asvin.
D-C. Sircar. Sel Inss -.I. p-152, n-8 opines. that this date is earlier than the one recorded in Sanchi buddhist image Inscription of vasishka. namely fifth day of the first month of Hemanta
(Margasisha) of the year 28, But that will create confusion in the chronology of the two kings obviously the donor came from the country north of the Hindukush, where the Greek calendar was in use.

1. Permanent endowment which could not be withdrawn and whose interest alone could be enjoyed.
2. Konow takes (cleared off) with
and (opening towards the four quarters) with
3. Usually 256 handfuls ( 16 or 20 seers) 1 seer = 80 tolas
4. Usually 1 adhaka = 4 prasthas, But values of these weights and measures varied with time and place.
5. Jars of Mixed green vegetables.
6. An ancient punch-marked silver coin. also called Karshapana
welghing about 58.56 gr or 32 rattis
7. Banking or trading corporation-
(skt-)- wheat flour

English Translation of the Inscription

Success In the year 28, on the day 1 of Gorpiaios, this charitable rest-house (punya-sala = dharma-sala) was
given a perpetnal endowment by Prachinika the Son of Sarukamana
and the lord of Kharasaler and (also) lord of wakhan.
With the interest therefrom, month after month, on the fourteenth day
(Chaturdasi) of the bright half (Sukla-naksha) a hundred
Brahmanas should be fed in the dhamasala, and day after day
should be placed at the base of ( enterance)- door of the
dhamashala, fresh status measuring 3 adhakas, salt measuring prastha sour graueł measuring one prastha, three jars of mixed green vegetables and five cups.
This Should be given for the
sake of destitute people as also for the hungry and thirsty and what merit accrues herein may belong to Devaputra Shahi Huvishka.
Merit should also accrue to those to whom the Devaputra is dear.
and may the merit accrue to the whole earth. The perpetual endowment has been given to the raka guild
puranas 550, to the flour-maker guild puranas 550.

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