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1947 Partition, A blood soaked leaf kept in the history books of India”

How is it that those who captured one third of India by insisting on making of a nation exclusively for them, and those who slaughtered nearly two million Hindus and Sikhs, and dragged out many more millions of Hindus & Sikhs, from their ancestral homes, before 14 August 1947, suddenly became friends, on the morning of 15 August 1947.

How did the then political leadership of India, arrived at the conclusion, that those who had made waters of “Ravi & Jehlum” red by throwing bleeding dead bodies of hindus, after killing them, had suddenly started following “Ganga Jamuna tehjeeb” on the morning of 15 August, 1947.
I’m given to  understand that when British government sought referendum from muslims of India, close to 100 % muslims from all the states desired seperate home land for them, as proposed by Jinnah & Muslim league.
Why they suddenly changed their mind on the night of 14 August 1947.
Why did the authors of constitution chose to write discriminatory, muslim appeasement provisions, while at the same time, denying several opportunities for uprooted hindus, on some or other basis.
Why the leadership of hindu part of partitioned India, chose to kept quiet whenever hindus approached the government, for justice.
Was creation of the muslim nation, during 1947, a planned conspiracy, wherein the then leadership of both newly created nations, had planned large scale cold blooded massacres of hindus, & consequently loot their properties & business, with the help of the British, the United Nations, the International court of justice & ofcourse the then leadership of India & Pakistan.
They have to give satisfactory reply for the 1947 fraud & murders of our near dears, planned by the then Leadership. They should be made accountable by the international communities and should be prevailed upon, by them, to deliver justice, to the hindus, uprooted due islamic voilence, i.e those hindus, who were betrayed by the then leadership.
They shouldn’t have proceeded an inch forward, beyond the starting line, until partition was refuted or justified. But how can it be justified, if Muslims were given the land for making a nation, exclusively for them and then at the same time asked to stay back, by the then treacherous leadership?
It leads to another question, “Why was the property of all those who abandoned Bharat and went over to Pakistan voluntarily, but GOI did not  confiscate their properties. On this context,  one may think  of “Jinnah House” in Mumbai also,  that is being maintained at public expense of tax payers money.
And how is that the Pakistan government allocated, uprooted hindu properties & businesses to those local muslims, whose families, were not affected by the infamous partition at all.
Don’t we smell a big conspiracy, after knowing these facts.
it is high time to create “Bengal files” and “Punjab files”, too.
Wherein they may show the Ravi Sutlej Jehlum tehjib, to the people of Ganga Jamuna tehjeeb, the rivers, wherein Hindus’ and Sikhs’ blood was flown into these rivers.
After seeing the film “Kashmir Files” people were in tears, Just imagine the plight of, our elders, who had witnessed similar incidents, live in their life.
Surprisingly, GOI wants Kashmiri Pandits to go back to the valley. 
But can they really take chances, to
exist next to the stone age tribes.
Government of India, must fund these files with full commitment, if they are  really a secular government.
The tears of living members of our previous generations, are still flowing and this is the duty of government of secular India, to wipe the tears, of our elders.
At the same time, people of India must atleast, know that they are cows, living in a forest with so many “wolves and tigers” around them, who, are picking off their prey on daily basis, not only in Kashmir, Kerala and West Bengal, but in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu also and “relate” to them like the sheep in abattoir. There is this daily “drip drip”
but sometimes it is Tsunami, as in 1947, when over two million Hindus, men, women and children, were slaughtered and forgotten in one second, by the then hindu leadership.
For the fundamental reason of unrest, separatism and terrorism in South Asia, is not the Arabs or the Afghans. They are the rootless, brainless, pakistani Jinnahites, whose country is fast sinking in a deep quagmire.
We should all, only be convincing, the right thinking pakistanis, to research  their origins. Their ancestors were not muslims in hindusthan, before the arab  marauder, Mohammed bin Qasim, invaded Sindh in 712 A.D.
Their ancestors were forced to become muslims against their wishes and now their descendants are victims of Islam without even realizing it.
Don’t they feel ashamed, while living in Pakistan, that their country was once inseparable & integral part of Hindusthan, & that they have occupied it,  like the robbers, like the marauders, like the scavengers, like the vultures, like the foreign savage invaders, and now call it “Pakistan”!
It is only our wishful thinking that the coming generations of Muslims will discard or ignore some wrong teachings of their holy book for example “branding non-muslims as Infidels.

They must consider following facts:-

1.  There was no referendum over 1947 Partition. The birth of Pakistan was illegitimate.

2.  There were no conditions (not even the safety of minorities and the dignity of their daughters) attached to this unethical “Partition”.

3.  All the Muslims of India did not move with joy, enthusiasm and utmost speed to their newly acquired Islamic country (at the cost of Hindusthan). There must be a dubious top secret reason for all the Indian Muslims not to depart for their so-called “holy” land Pakistan. We must discover and expose this reason before even Delhi is lost to the incorrigible “jaahils”!
4.  No price was determined for the flourishing cities like Quetta, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Dhaka that were given gratis to the wild and savage followers of islam.
5. Pakistanis, with zero self esteem, may even “lick the Arabs’ shoes, but no Arab considers them worthy of a handshake. All the Arabs have a clear idea of the great indian civilization as well as pride in their own arab civilization. They will never give their daughters to lowly despicable “inferior” Pakistanis. And that is the litmus test of Pakistani slaves and their Arab masters. Do we know of a single Pakistani with an Arab wife?
6.  The only honourable way for them, is to do “GHAR WAPSI” and rejoin the big blessed (brown) family. 
It is just a cunning trick or psychological ploy by members of a dynasty/Congress Party founded by british, to forget those who gave us Partition.
We must not fall into their trap but demand their trial for high treason for surrendering one third of India, our sacred territory, without referendum, without condition, and without guarantees of delivering justice.
The faint hearted, or the stooges of dynasty, or their Congress Party, that ought to have been “disbanded in disgrace” on August 15, 1947. They should atleast now, take this courageous step and show loyalty to our country.

Alok Mohan

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