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King of Sauvira and parts of West Panjab – 135 B.C. to 80 B.C.
1. AR. Didracam. B.M
Reforences: E.J. Rapson, C.H.I. Pl. VII. 20 N.C., 1948, Pl. VIII.6, M.V.D. Mohan, I.G. Coins, p.190, Pl. IV, 4.
Obv: Draped, helmeted and diademed bust of boyish king.
Rev: Same as no. 3 above.
2. AR. P.M.
References: E.J. Rapson. C.H.I., Pl. VII. 21; R.B. Whitehead, L.M.C. Sec I, no. 355, Pl-V. M. V. D. Mohan, I.G. Coins, p. 190, Pl. IV, 5.
Obv: Draped bust of youthful bearded king r., died- both hands stiffy suspended. L top and r.
Rev: Same as above.
AR. P.M.
References: E.J. Rapson, C.H.I., Pl. VII. 23; M.V.D. Mohan, I.G. Coins, p. 190. Pl. IV, 6.
Obv: Bust of aged Strato I, died, both ends hanging stiffly. Legend.BACIΛECΩΣ CΩTHPC СТРАТΩNС (KAI ϕIΛO) CTPATΩNC.
Rev: Athene Promachos 1.. Kh. legend. Maharajanam tratarasa Stratasa potrasa chasa priyapita –
Stratasa, .
AR. Enlarged impression. B.M.
References: A.K. Narain. Indo-Greek, Pl. III. 11; M.V. D. Mohan, I.G. Coins, p. 191, Pl.IV. 7.
Obv: Draped and died, bust of strato I. r. at the fag end of life with lengthened nose and sunken cheeks. Indistinct Greek legend

Strato I Dikaios known as Stratha in Sanskrit, was a Yavana king & the son and successor of Menander. Strato’s mother, Agthocleia had ruled as Queen Mother and regnant for Strato until 120 BCE, when he was of age to succeed his father. He was dynastically succeeded by his son, #Milinda II. Strato II soter was an #indogreek king. He ruled c. 25 BCE to 10 CE as per a few historians. Numerous coins of #Rajuvula have been found in company with the coins of the Strato group in the Eastern Punjab and also in #Mathura area. For example, 96 coins of Strato II were found in Mathura in conjunction with coins of Rajuvula, who also imitated the designs of Strato II in the majority of his issues. Strato II ruled in the eastern #Punjab, while retaining, the capital Sagala (modern Sialkot, Pakistan. His territory was invaded by Rajuvula Indo #Skythian king of Mathura, and thus he became the last of the Indo-Greek kings, together with his son. During the last years of his reign Strato I associated his grandson, Strato II Philopator, in government. This joint rule is signified by their joint issues, on which the names of both, Strato I Soter and his grandson Strato II Philopater, are inscribed in Greek as well as #Kharoshțhi legends. In the Kharoshthi legend the younger Strato is described as the “potra” or grandson of the senior Strato. The bust is that of an aged man, who must be Strato. No issues of Strato II alone are known. Rather on certain types of Strato I alone his face shows greater ravages of time than on his joint issues with his grandson. Evidently he survived even Strato II. The end came suddenly during Strato’s helpless old age. Thus Strato lived long enough to witness the disappearance of the last traces Greek rule in north-west India. About 80 B.C. the Sakas led by king #Maues, spread all over the region previously under the control of the Indo-Greeks. Maues shares with him the monograms 173 and 88, indicating proximity in time.
References: E.J. RAPSON C.H.I P1.VII, 23
 Dr M-V.D Mohan Indo Greek Coins
Observation: Draped Bust of aged Strato I Died both ends hanging stiffly.
Enlarged impression BM
References: A K Karain Indo-Greeks Pl. III-11,
Dr M.V D Mohan
Indo Greek Coins. page. 191 Pl-IV 7,
Draped and died. bust of Strato I, at the fag end of life with lengthened nose and sunken cheeks.

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