Devnimori Stone Casket Inscription

Inscription number 143. Devnimori, is a Buddhist archaeological site in the Aravalli district of Gujrat. The site contains archeological evidences of several international trade routes. The excavations of this site, have yielded many Buddhist artefacts. Devni Mori also has some residential caves with water cisterns & stupas, as at uparkot in junagarh. The Buddha images …

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Unsung Heroes

Unsung heroes of Armed Forces. As we are aware, the soldiers in high-altitude regions like Siachen Glaciers, require extensive training, specialized equipment, and a strong support system to overcome the challenges for survival. Soldiers stationed in high-altitude regions like the Siachen Glacier face numerous challenges and difficulties due to the harsh environment. Extensive media coverage …

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Gadhwa Stone Inscriptions

The Gadhwa Stone Inscriptions, are early 5th-century Sanskrit inscriptions discovered in different parts of ancient India. These Inscriptions highlight the fact that the Indian kings were aware of their responsibility towards society, as these Inscriptions are the evidences, of existence of institutions, looking after the poor . The tradition of charitable feeding houses for Brahmins and …

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Ram Charit Manas

Ram Charit Manas. According to sage Valmiki, the Ramayana period was the golden age of India. Ramayana is the best book in all the literature of the world. Its impact has been deeply imprinted on the life of people. Shri Ram Chandra is considered to be the ideal embodiment of respect for parents, teachers, brotherhood, …

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Astronomy & Astrology

Astronomy and Astrology While astronomy and astrology share historical origins in India, they have evolved differently. Astronomy is now a well-established scientific field, whereas astrology continues to be practiced as a belief system for predicting human affairs based on celestial observations. Both, however, continue to be culturally significant in India. Astronomy and astrology have deep …

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Evolution of Bharat

The term “Bharat” is an ancient name for India, and its evolution spans thousands of years of history. While the word India originated during british colonial rule. History and cultural diversity of India are incredibly rich and complex, reflecting the contributions of numerous ancient dynasties, Sanatana cultures, and an advanced ancient civilization. Hindu part of …

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Satyamev Puram

History of Satyamev Puram. (Mewat) Mewat is a land of the descendants of Rama, Krishna and Arjuna. Once a brahmin named Kishandhaj had come from Indore and settled in this region, developed the city & named the city, as Satyamev Puram. Later, Alauddin Khilji snatched all the lands owned by him & other Brahmins, Jats, …

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Chima Jee Peshawa

Chima Jee Peshawa History of India, has done great injustice to the real sons of soil. Unfortunately our text books didn’t give any place in what the great patriots & brothers Bajirao Peshava and Chimaji Peshava, deserved. We can only imagine what would have been the future of our country, if God had granted extra …

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An Ancient City

History of An Ancient City. (Girzapur Now Mirzapur) According to recorded history of Mirzapur, the city was founded by the British East India Company in 1735, while the British had just renamed this ancient city, Girizapur. Mirzapur was initially known as Girijapur and was founded by Raja Nanner. There are others who believe that the …

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