Kurram Copper Relic Casket Inscription

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77. Kurram Copper Relic Casket Inscription
— (Saka) Year 21 ( A. D. 99)
PROVENANCE: Exact find-spot not known.Presented in 1917 by
a villager to a son of the Tehsildar of Kurran, near Peshavar, N..P. P, Pakistan
Script: Kharoshthi
Language: Local Prakrit.
References: Sten Konow C. I.I., II,i, pp- 152-55, V. Natesa Alyar with revised text by F.W. Thomas, Ep.Ind XVIII, Pp. 16 ff, DC. Sircar, Sel.Inss, I. pp-148-49.

1. From the facsimile in C.I.I, II, i, opp. pp-154, Pls. XXVIII and XXIX and Ep. Ind XVIII, PLS. between pp. 18 and 19. The four lines of the inscription are
inscribed in punctured dots in an unbroken stream on the four rectangular sided of the casket rising on a square base. Thus each line gets divided into four sections, marked here as A B. C and D.
2. Macedonian month Audunaios, which overlaps parts of Pausha and Magha.

3. Thomas reads त्शुत्रवमयश्पुत्रस नवकमिअस संघ
यठ एठ तष तष्ष तब तबे प्रचग शोय

1. This is the anuloma section of the text of the Pratitya-Samutpada or the Nldana-sutra, which the Lord Buddha
revealed soon after his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Bodh Gayaa. Time text given here is in the local
dialect as the Buddha had permitted every one to learn the sacred text in one’s own language (See Uldenberg’s
reference to the Chullavagga in his Introduction to the Vinayaka-pltaka, (pl- XLVIII) The litarary Pali version of
the satra is contained in the Mabāvagga of the Vinayaka-pitaka.
And this version is prefaced by an account of the incidents, which had up to the propounding of the
doctrine of causes and effects by Holy Sakyamuni.
Coming from the mouth of the Lord himself, the sanctity of the Sutra is considered at par with his relics. The shrines where its copy ie found, interred with. His
ashes are those considered as important by the Buddhists.
The complete sutra and its vibhanga, in Sanskrit were found incised on some bricks, unearthed at Nalanda in
Nidana Sutra is also found recorded in Sanskrit, in two inscriptions from Gorakhpur district of UP. One found in the Mahaparinirevana stupa in
Kasia. ancient Kusinagara and the other in Gopalpur. The Gopalpur version being fuller is reproduced as under:-
Anno 21, on the 20th day of the month of Awadunaka.
At this instant svaitravarman son of Yasas established a relic of the Lord sakyamuni (1-e the buddha) in his own
charming new vihara, in the acceptance of (occapied by) the Sarvastivada teachers. In a stupa, as it had been spoken by the Lord.
From ignorance spring impressions, from impressions spring consciousness. from consciousness
spring name and form, from name and form spring the six receptacles (of senses)
From the six receptacles spring contact, from contact spring
sensation. from sensation spring craving, from craving springs
attachment. from attachment spring existence, from existence

spring birth, from birth, spring old age, death, grief. lamentation, suffering, mental disturbance and tension.
From this series (of cause and effect) arises the mass of suffering.
(This body relic of the lord) and this Patitya-Samutpada have been established (by Svaitravaman for being
worshipped by all beings) It has been written (engraved) by Mahipatika for being worshipped by all beings.

1. in the text stands for Sanskrit य That is उपग्रस =उपायास
From उप +आ + यस
to heat, to strive oneself, to stretch,
Fatigue weariness, strain, tension
to heat. strive oneself, to stretch,
get weary
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