Mathura Jain Image Inscription

85. Mathura Jain Image Inscription of the Time of Hukana
(Year 29)
Provenance: Kankali, Mathura.
Script Brahmi
Language Prakrit.
References: G. Buhler, Ep-Ind.. II, pp206, Number XXVI.
1. स्थम ह र ज स्य देव पुत्रस्य हुक्षस्य एकुनति श व
2. यसि नमदतस्य शिषो मिगको सि
B. C
1 अरह तो
2 हरवल प्रतिस

संस्कृत छाया
सिद्धम् । महाराजस्य देवपुत्रस्य हुक्षस्य संवत्सरे एको त्रिशे मासे ५ पञ्चमे नागदत्र्तस्य शिष्यो मृगक:
अहेत :

English Translation
In the year twenty nine of the month 5 of Maharaja Devaputra Huksha (Huviksha) Marigaka, the pupil of
Nagadatta of the Arhat.
1. From the facsimile in Ep.Ind, II, Number. 26.
The inscription is incised on a broken standing Jina. As Buhler has suggested. the inscription begins with
D-1, because it starts with स्थ
Skt सिद्धम
and the name of the king and continues in 1.1. The position of fragments B and C 1s uncertain.
2. Buhler वा सि क

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3. Buhler मि मक

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