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Nandsa Fragmentary Pillar Inscription

Inscription number 150

Nandsa Fragmentary Pillar Inscription of Mahasenapati Bhattisoma
Provenance: A pillar not far from the Sacrificial Pillar of the Malavas in the village, Nandsa, Sahara
Distt, Udaypur, Rajasthan.
Script : Western Brahmi of the 2nd and 3rd centuries A. D.
Language: Sanskrit
References: A.S Altekar, Ep.Ind XXVII, pp256 ff, Inscription C.
From the facsimile in Ep.Ind. XXVII, facing pp.265, No letters are visible to the left of the first five lines and Altekar thinks, there were not any.
But as the lines 6 and 7 extend to the left as far as the edge along which the lightening stroke solit the
stone Pillar it is evident that the visible letters in all the seven lines belong to their end sections.
2. The turning of the curve or the medial matra u to the right is a peculiarity shared by this Inscription,
with the inscriptions. A and B Compare kupa in A 1.4 and B 1.10.
1. ———-यस्य
2. ———-[ राम ] ग्र-लोका: (I) -त
3. ———–स्व-देशे कोटी ती [ र्थे ]
4. ————- [ पा ] श्वें शात्मलि-वृक्ष: ।
5. ————- तापत श्रेम व ने
6. ————कु ल ल गौत्र विव द्वेना धी
पुत्र पौत्र प्रतिष्ठित –
7. ———-महासेनापतित्स्य ते: भट्टिसोमस्य सोगिस्य त-गे: [ म ]

हिन्दी अनुवाद
1. ————– जिसका
2. ————- सम्पूर्ण लोक ।
3. ————-स्वदेश कोटि तीर्थ में
4. ————-निकट में सिद्धल का वृक्ष है
5. ———— तापस आश्रम वन में
6.————कुल और गौत्र की वृद्धि हेतु पुत्र और पौत्रों में प्रतिष्ठित
7. ————–सौगि वंशी महासेनापति भट्टीसोम का

English Translation of the inscription
1. ————– Whose
2. ————–All the worlds
3.————– In his own country at kotitirtha
4. ————–Nearby a salmali tree
5. ————–In hermitage forest of the asceties
6. ————–For the growth of family and lineage, stable with sons and grandsons
7. ————–Of MahaSenapati Bhattisoma of the family of sogis

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