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Partition 3

1947 Partition.

A blood soaked leaf, kept in history book of India.

Was 1947 Partition” really a non event just like a bite of a mosquito.
Was it, a devastating, crippling, major attack by a “beast” that has mutilated mother India, devouring a leg and an arm, claimed two million lives, uprooted many more millions of the natives and brought the frontier down from Khyber to Wagah, with gangrene spreading in torso?

Did the authors of partition serve or did they betray the Truth?

Were the “British Blue Boys” really freedom fighters or were they a
“Bunch of Cowards”
If not then, who were the real freedom fighters, who got disappeared from India’s history pages ?

Can the cowards really defy common sense and the entire wisdom of mankind, all the lessons from history, all laws of nature and still hold on to those lands as heroes or as freedom fighters, which they had, infact betrayed ?

Who were those sailors & officers of Royal Indian Navy i.e 1946 mutineers of  Navy  ?
Why did the Navy mutineers, disappear from the records of Indian Navy & Indian History books, consequent to the 1946 mutiny & 1947 partition?
Have political leadership of post partitioned India delivered justice to these Royal Indian Navy sailors and officers, till date, who became a major cause of British withdrawal from India ?

How long more, will Bharat remain under fraudulent “hindu bashing” Constitution, which had not applied in J&K State for more then seven decades. (A constitution, which does not mention the bogus partition of India,  through and had always been blind to multi marriage provisions for muslims, triple talaaq provisions, leading to exponential rise in Muslim population)

What stopped present  government to review & modify present constitution of post partitioned hindu India in toto ?

If UN or any other nation interferes, for the change of constitution, then why should they must not be told in black & white to review 1947 illegal partition ?
Why should GOI not address the grievances of the uprooted hindus from pakistan & Kashmir & compensate them for their losses ?

Whenever I had seen nostalgic tears flowing down the cheeks of survivors of partition, since my childhood days, I knew these were those incurable injuries where hindu leadership, especially Gandhi Nehru, had betrayed hindus.
My heart stopped beating for a second or two while comprehending the 1947 situation.
Horrendous mutilation of our ancient nation and the colossal loss of lives and degradation- rape, conversion, murder, of thousands of our girls and women, for no good reason, and yet these fools called it India’s Independence day.

Truth is that during 1946-47, none has stood up for the Bharat Mata’s defence and none demanded trial of Mr Jinnah for his act of high treason.
The whole hindu nation, had many “martial communities”
Had they not fooled them & had they not put the swords in the hands of the the leaders of Indian Muslims and begged to be beheaded, these butchers would not have been successful in the evil designs of butchering our nation.

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