EUTHYDEMUS II.Sub-king at Bactria

EUTHYDEMUS II. Sub-king at Bactria — 189 to 187 B.C.

Ario tetradrachm. B.M.
References: E.J. Rapson, C.H.I, Pl III, 4; M.V.D. Mohan, Indo Greek Coins, p.184, pl.II. 3.
Obv. : In dotted circle, draped bust of Euthydamus II, r.. diad. with both ends floating freely at the back.
Rev: Heracles standing to front. holding wreath in outstretched r. hand. and in 1. holding club and lion’s skin. To 1. mon. 15. R. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ. EYYΛHMOY

(Euthydemus most likely died young)

Euthydemus 2 was son of Demetrius 1 of Bactria Euthydemus II became sub king in the year 189 BC, The style and rare nickel alloys of his coins associate him closely in time with the king Agathocles . His successor was Eucratides 1 who overthrew the Euthydemid dynasty of Bactria (possibly killing Demetrius) and restored the Diodotid dynasty of Diodotus I, allied to the Parthian Empire.
God Apollo figures on two types of
Eukratides. On this silver coin of Eukratides the legend is only in Greek letters. Hence the coin type must be placed north of the Hindu Koh.The same is true of the
coins of Euthydemus II which are made of nickle in one series and copper in the other. These cheap coins could
not have been issued for the exclusive use of the Greek legionaries. All other coins with this device are bilingual,
indicating that they were issued south of the Hindu Koh.
There is a tendency to assign a geographical location to every type ; and for this purpose very fimsy arguments have often been pressed into service. The real position seems to be that some of the Gods on Indo-Greek coins were Kula-devatas or family divinities rather than Nagara-devatãs or city divinities. Such, no doubt, were Herakles and Dioscuroi. Herakles figures on the coins of Euthydemus and other princes of his family. This God cannot be localised. Euthydemus, whose dominions were confined to Bactria and the surrounding territories, could have issued his coins only from that city. His predecessors in Bactria, namely the two Diodoti, invariably had Zeus the Thunderer on their coins. Herakles was never depicted on their coins or on those of Eukratides 1, who succeeded Euthydemus in Bactria.
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